Blog: Confession - I didn’t watch this week’s Bake Off, I watched Twitter instead

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It’s time for me to confess something. I didn’t actually watch this week’s episode of Bake Off. I know, I know. I feel like a traitor too.

Let me explain: I was out at a community singing show (which I feel is probably the second best and closest thing to watching GBBO) and didn’t get in until after Selasi had been evicted in a flurry of fondant fancies. And yet, I happily filled my colleagues in this morning on last night’s tent...

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Blog: How GBBO’s #TudorWeek became a modern romcom on social media

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Benjalisi is no more. This week the nation is not only mourning the loss of Benjamina from the GBBO tent, but also the breakdown of the dynamic duo - Benjamina and Selasi - as a result. For me, this Tweet sums it up perfectly; the Brangelina of Bake Off are no more. 


The GBBO production team are getting a bit carried away with their theme ideas, I feel. First we...

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Blog: #GBBO's Selasi remains king of Twitter mentions as Bake Off heats up

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I’m still not sure what my favourite moment from this week’s episode was; whether it was Tom wielding a mini pink fan or Jane photobombing him with a comedy moustache. Oh, Bake Off.

Unfortunately, neither prop could do anything to save Tom and despite being named as Star Baker two times previously, he was evicted from the tent.

Not to rub salt in the wound, but Tom didn’t even make being the most talked about contestant on Twitter.

The pink fan,...

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Blog: The Great British Bake Off effect on sales and searches

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It’s a sad day for the country. Our Mary has said goodbye to Bake Off, claiming a fond ‘farewell to soggy bottoms.’

The judge and national treasure has stated that her decision is out of loyalty to the BBC ‘as they have nurtured me, and the show, that was a unique and brilliant format from day one.’

Mary, you’ll never know how much I’ll miss your facial expressions.

This week, I thought I’d take a look at how Bake Off phenomena...

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Blog: The Great British Meltdown: How Twitter reacted to the Channel 4 takeover

Well. I was expecting to be writing about informal yorkshire puddings this week. But I’m inevitably going to have to talk about the Twittersphere going into Bake Off meltdown as the nation’s most quintessentially British programme fell into the clutches of Channel 4.

As if that wasn’t shock enough, we then received the news that Mel and Sue would be stepping down from their roles as presenters as a result.

David Cameron quitting politics, what?

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Blog: What can we learn from #GBBO’s user generated content?

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What this year’s Bread Week was missing in bread lion masterpieces, it certainly made up for in Val’s argumentative elephants and Paul’s moodiness.

After a disagreement with Benjamina, he launched into jabbing his fingers into any under-proved and under-baked dough he could lay his hands on, as well as deploying the infamous ‘Hollywood stare.’ Twitter users didn’t disappoint and were quick to pick up on his crummy mood:

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Blog: Five times GBBO perfected ‘in the moment’ tweeting during #BiscuitWeek

Collapsed churches, sticky carpets and the deployment of the Hollywood Handshake. Biscuit week had it all. What it also had was a whole load of innuendos, but I won’t go into those.


Let’s just say, if anyone was doing an innuendo drinking game at the same time, they’d have been in trouble.

Yet again, it was Selasi who was one of the bakers to take Twitter by storm in this week’s episode. His laidback demeanour has led many to think he may just have wandered into the Bake Off tent by...

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Blog: How the Great British Bake Off is heating up social

(c) shepherd

This week saw the return of the nation’s (and my) favourite TV show – the Great British Bake Off.

With more soggy bottoms and baking innuendos than you could shake a rolling pin at, it’s safe to say the first episode definitely didn’t disappoint. 

In 2015, we saw Nadiya take the title, but now there’s a fresh batch of bakers lined up ready to try...

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