5 reasons you should encourage consumers to call you

With the ever-rising usage of technology and digital platforms, there are growing concerns over which marketing platforms are working and which aren’t.

Whether you’re marketing across online or offline platforms, it is vital that you measure your data to determine which methods of marketing are proving useful.

However, one of the most important areas marketers aren’t collecting relevant data from is customer phone calls. Businesses should be encouraging more verbal interaction with customers because calls...

By Natalia Selby, 17 October 2017, 0 comments. Categories: Customer Experience.

Four Google Ad updates to watch out for


Just when you thought you’d finally learned everything there is to know about Google AdWords, the platform will soon be implementing some major changes to its features which you’ll need to master.

Frustrating? Yes? Typical Google? You bet.

But, these new updates will turn paid search into the omnichannel experience we’ve all been dreaming of – so at least it’s worth the hassle.

Here are the four major changes to Google AdWords that you’ll need to...

By Natalia Selby, 24 August 2016, 0 comments. Categories: Advertising, Advertising Technology.