Why marketers need to understand behavioural economics

We all like to think that we are rational human beings. However, ironically, science has proven that we are not – we are all much less rational and much more unpredictable than we think.

As science fiction author Robert A. Heinlein once said: “man is not a rational animal; he is a rationalising animal.” In other words, we always try and explain our behaviour without knowing why we did it.

This unpredictability is what makes understanding the consumer psyche so important to marketers.


By Claire Walker, 02 December 2016, 0 comments. Categories: Best Practice.

European GDPR set to turn email marketing consent on its head

Even with Brexit looming, the likelihood is that the UK will apply the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) around May 2018, along with the rest of continental Europe.

These regulations will turn consent on its head and change how marketers and sales organisations collect, handle and generally process information. Put simply, a specific confirmation to opt-in is going to be required as the norm, not a reliance on people to opt-out.

And if

By Claire Walker, 01 August 2016, 2 comments. Categories: Email marketing.