Four keys for laying your mobile marketing foundation

For many loyalty programs, mobile marketing offers the potential to reach new heights in record time, creating positive customer experiences and ensuring sustained customer loyalty. Like building a house, your loyalty program must have a solid foundation and be “up to code”...

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5 Customer Communication Facts That Should Be Heard

Truly listening to the customer is paramount. The ability to do so will help deliver the best customer experience, which is critical in today’s competitive environment. This is not always easy in a world where customers interact with companies through a variety of channels- be it voice, text, email, or web.

Recently reviewing the Convergys 2011 UK Customer Scorecard, I was struck by the clear opportunity companies have to shape the customer experience in an...

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Once the Bandwagon, Now the Band

As I boarded my first connecting flight last week for the 2011 Debt Connection Symposium, (Why can’t I find any good direct flights from Boston to Vegas?  A topic for another blog I guess), I could see that what was once a catch phrase is now reality.   Cloud solutions have not only gained popularity, but they are now prevalent.   

Companies like Apple, Google, Oracle, HP, even the federal government, are getting in on the...

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