18 Ways To Add Trust To Your Website

Trust Building

Trust is something that is very important in today’s online business world. People no longer make purchases on impulse like they once did years ago from random ranking web pages. The game has changed folks and having an outdated website with...

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The Marriage of Social Influence and Shopping

Online influence is a very powerful force and when you got it, boy you got it. Influence online is probably one of the more important goals for a business looking to really tackle the social media space. Being influential online means your business voice can carry a great deal of weight.

High profile bloggers tend to have a lot of online influence because people who follow them really take to heart what they have to say. The same goes with...

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Want to See The Google London Office?

Google is notorious for having an amazing work environment for the employees to spawn and foster only the best ideas. The Google London office is no exception to this rule. This office is probably one of the coolest work places anybody can work at. Stuart Miles put together this wonderful article with photos on Pocket-lint showcasing the Google office just in case you are interested in seeing what it is all about.

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Google Teaches Us How To Search

Google Teaches Us

Google has come a long way since their birth in the 90′s and with that evolution comes some education on how to properly search for different things.

Whether you are a marketer or just person looking for something specific Google has given the community...

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10 Comments That Make a Search Marketer Cringe


For all of you out there that work in the search engine marketing space you know what I mean when I say “things that make you cringe” when you are discussing in person or over the phone different topics and SEM strategies relating to search engine marketing. I know I have heard my share of comments over the years and if you...

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How Do You Get A Job At Google? [infographic]

Job at Google

If you have ever thought about getting a job at Google you better be prepared for a long winded process. Some candidates have experienced close to 30 interviews before an offer was even made and the infographic below explains it all.

The great folks over at

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LinkedIn Bootcamp [infographic]

LinkedIn Bootcamp

For those of you not very sure on how to tackle the pages of LinkedIn with your marketing efforts here is a neat little infographic piece we recently came across for the wonderful folks over at Mindflash.

They have dissected a stellar approach to LinkedIn marketing and conveying your message on LinkedIn into these following sections:

  • Core...

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How To Optimize Your Google+ Page

Google Plus

Optimization and SEO of your Google+ page is going to be an important effort once you get it up and running. Some people do it without really thinking about it and others miss great opportunities on their profiles to enhance the user experience and also their own SEO. The new

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