How to keep on top of social media outlets

Let's Get Social

If you’re a blogger, you know readers don’t magically appear. Word of mouth and commenting on other blogs in your niche are a great source of exposure, but you know you have to do a little marketing yourself. The great thing about social media is that it’s free, but keep in mind that even though there aren’t any out of...

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How to use YouTube as part of your blogging strategy

YouTube Strategy

There are many ways to use YouTube as part of your blogging. The most important way of course is to customise it so that it is similar to your website and then to regularly create and upload video content to the site. The content you create will depend largely on your business, but there are very few people, even if you have no video editing skills at all, that won’t...

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Will 2013 be a game changer for search engine marketing?

2013 Game Changer SEO

Over the past few years, traditional forms of search engine marketing have been able to help a website achieve high levels of traffic and sales. However, the game plan looks set to change during 2013 because there are many search marketing trends that used to be popular that are no longer as effective as they used to be. The good news is that while there will be...

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How to fight the recent Google Penguin updates [infographic]

Have you been faced with a difficult choice lately involving the recent Google Penguin updates that have occurred throughout this year?

Google has been doing a great job trying to clean up their algorithm this year and it comes at the expense of many websites.

The truth is, if  you are taking a clean diverse web marketing approach there is a good possibility you have been able to dodge the penguin bullet but not everyone can be so...

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