Learn from the introverts and their branding style

Think Like an Introvert

Wouldn’t it be great if your business has the same kind of effect that an introvert has to its community?

Even though introverts are not much of a talker but more of a listener, people still flock towards them not realizing that they are drawn to them. That’s how amazing an introvert’s branding style is!

Now before I even start sharing the things that we can learn from introverts and their branding style, I want you to know that I am as much interested to hear from you and what you have to say about this.

I urge you to share your ideas (anything about branding styles will do) in the comments section below so we can start creating a large arsenal of high impact branding tips that we can draw from for our marketing campaigns.

These are my two cents about what we can learn from introverts and their branding style:

1. Introverts are more of a listener than they are talkers

You’d be amazed at how adapting...

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How to deal with tough online competition

Roll Up Your Sleeves

Nowadays many businesses are selling their products online. They have discovered that it’s easier and convenient to sell stuff through the internet than physical shops. Nevertheless, there’s tough competition in the virtual business platform and only those with fresh and original ideas can attract more clients.

Below are some tips that can be used to boost your online presence:

Produce constant quality content

The information posted on your website should be fresh, original and precise. This way your visitors would feel confident to read what you have on offer, and probably procurement. Remember to regularly update the page if there are any developments such as the launch of a new product, client incentives...

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Is organic link building really brand building?

Brand Building Links

Organic link building is an essential part of any business’s online presence. The process of building links will not only improve a company’s search ranking in browsers like Google, but it can also act as a promotional tool by triggering earned traffic for the company’s website.

Process of Link Building

The method of building organic links can, in many ways, be compared to playing dominoes. For instance, a web developer will craft a link that is meant to set off a chain reaction whereby other sites link to the original link, resulting in “ripple...

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Four effective ways to protect your blog content

Content Protection

Content scraping is one of the biggest challenges facing the blogosphere. No matter how hard ones tries to protect their content, scrapers will find a way to steal it. This can be disturbing, considering that your content is all over the web, with no credit for your efforts. Sometimes, stolen content might even outrank your own creation, which is truly stressful. Luckily, a few open routes can help you can help you protect your content from scrapers.

First, it’s very important for you to understand how scrappers manage to steal your content and get away with it. This is because; this understanding will be a good starting point to help you know what loopholes exist and how to seal them.

Scrapers operate in two main ways to steal...

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5 SEO pitfalls that you still might be making

SEO Pitfalls

Whether you are optimizing your site alone or getting help from others, staying abreast of recent algorithm changes is a vital measure to take. You should be constantly overhauling your strategies and revising your campaigns to reflect new requirements. This is vital for avoiding costly penalties, but it will also help you to get better returns on your investments of money and time. Following are 5 SEO pitfalls that you still might be making, if you haven’t evolved your SEO.

1. On-Site Redundancies

Search engines have become far more

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Creating a company wide social media policy

Social Media Policy

Social media is in full flight these days, and companies are scrambling to figure out the best ways to use the channel to engage prospects, without having to devote a significant amount of bandwidth to do so. Companies both large and small are actively trying to use social media to increase their brand awareness and build their online presence.

Despite all the hype surrounding the fluidity and casualness of social media these days, rules still apply when it comes to managing your social media campaigns. Having a formal social media policy in place protects your company, empowers your team by providing structure, and sets...

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12 must haves when writing a blog post

Be a Better Blogger

Writing a blog post is not just about slapping up some content and crossing your fingers. It is about strategy, implementation and execution. There is a reason why some blogs are so much more successful than other blogs.

The folks at DivvyHQ recently put together this helpful infographic piece showcasing all the major steps each blog owner or writer should be taking when constructing new blog posts.

Here is a quick break down of the info below:

  • Always use keywords in your post
  • Use syndication to further spread the...

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5 golden nuggets on creating online content

Golden Nugget of Content Writing

Having a blog or a website can be very profitable. Whether your goal is to be an affiliate marketer or you have a business with a website, you really need to know the importance of creating quality effective content for the visitors who visit your site. In this article, you are going to discover some simple tips regarding how to create great online content. You will learn about the 5 golden nuggets to creating content that is interesting to your readers. You won’t become an expert all too quickly, but it can take place very quickly if you know what to do and you present yourself well.

1. Grammar and...

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3 basic factors to look at when your site doesn’t convert

three conversion metrics

Over the past few years online business has evolved by leaps and bounds, to the point where today one doesn’t need to have extensive knowledge of programming in order to create a site. Pretty much everyone can start an online business, but as it’s always the case, the allure of easy money isn’t what it seemed in the first place. There are numerous factors to take into account when managing an online business, and one of the most frustrating hurdles people come face-to-face with is a low or non-existent conversion rate. In other words, even though...

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Elements of a successful social media marketing campaign


Everyone aspires to succeed in their social media marketing efforts. These platforms are considered as the best medium to carry out your marketing efforts since they are quick, inexpensive and imminently scalable. Social media could be called as the guerrilla marketing with steroids, which happens to be an enticing sea of potential consumers dwelling over the sites like, Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus, who seems to be a click away from your brand. In many...

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5 indispensable social media business tools to engage customers

Do you own an online business? Apart from the things that are included in your busy agenda, you need to research on the relevant influencers of the social media.

From them you will be able to learn, connect and utilize the communities and engage in conversation. You need to advocate your brand and through storytelling and the publication of the niche of your knowledge. In order to influence the research and the content, you have to distribute the ideas and the content.

Unless you have fascination to spend your whole day on the social media sites, as they are time consuming, you won’t be thinking for social media tools. So to help you out with social media management and yet save your time we bring the 5 important social media tool to keep your business engaged all the time.

1. exploreB2B

It is difficult to stand up as an expert in today’s world of social 2.0 exploreB2B, which is a publishing platform for the professional. This helps to assert the thought and leadership by scribbling down some exciting articles that gather industry knowledge and connect to the relevant influencers.

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The responsibilities of a social media consultant

Social Media Consultant Responsibility

Social media has become a growing online trend and almost every business – online or not – is establishing a social media presence for their business. Consequently, there are many social media consultants that can help your business improve and maximize their online presence.

A social media consultant needs to be familiar with industry trends, and know exactly how every social media tool works; in order to provide a quality service to his clients. Added to that, he needs to know exactly how to utilize these social media profiles in a way...

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8 SEO predictions for 2013

2013 SEO Predictions

Among the predictions of various kinds read in recent days, could not miss the ones on the EES. Here are the 8 Predictions for SEO in 2013, according to the authoritative Rand Fishkin SEOmoz.

1. Bing will grow slightly in the U.S., but will remain below 20% while Google will increase to more than 80%

According to comScore, Bing + Yahoo! constitute about 30% of the North American market, compared to 65% of Google. Personally I think these numbers are not real, and I trust more than those of Statcounter (which takes the data traffic from Web sites and not from a sample). According to Statcounter Google is about 82%, while Bing + Yahoo! are about 16%. And I think these numbers are very similar in a year.

The main reason, in my opinion, is not the only brand loyalty and...

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Could your email marketing use a facelift?

Email Clean Up Tips

Email marketing is one of the best ways to reach out to your prospects and kick up your company’s sales. Everyone is focused on social media, PPC ads, and any other method that will get sales right now. The problem is that your customers will buy when they’re ready to buy, not when you’re ready to sell. Often, there’s a time duration mismatch between when you want to sell something and when your prospects are ready to buy.

To overcome that, you have to get intimate with your prospects. You have to stay in touch without looking desperate....

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Social media and the future of your business

Social Growth

If you would have had an inkling of social media’s vast success only a few short years ago, then the odds are good that you would have put stock in companies like Facebook and Twitter and would be wildly rich now. The truth is that few saw this social media invasion coming. And what’s more: Even in 2010, when the large social networks were already thoroughly established, many still believed they were simple come-and-go trend sites.

Maybe a site like MySpace gives precedent for believing that social media is a fad you can afford to pass up, but...

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How to keep your social media channel active even when you don’t blog

Stay Active

Just like constant updates are vital for success when it comes to blogging, the same applies to social media and that is why learning how to keep your social media channel active even when you don’t blog is so critical.

Fortunately this is something that is a lot easier to accomplish than you think. Do not be scared by the sheer volume of content and updates...

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