Market research is a vital tool in helping brands invest wisely in loyalty marketing

The practice of customer loyalty marketing has become commonplace for many brands. However, by not pushing boundaries it is true to say that apathy can develop among people who feel increasingly less loyal to favored brands. As competition becomes ever more fierce in the battle to win over these customers, it can send them fleeing for cover from the deluge of loyalty tactics. To overcome this, brands have to think smart and focus more on delivering the customer touch points that matter most to their target...

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Google now includes website security as new ranking signal

It is a well-known fact that the Internet is not always the safest place for people looking to keep their computers or information secure. However, Google being one of the most popular websites in the world does its best to keep those who use it safe when browsing the Internet. Of course, Google cannot guarantee the security of the millions of sites it links to, but the search engine is now being updated to make using Google a more secure experience for everyone.

Base security

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5 reasons you shouldn’t ignore Bing with organic search marketing

Sometimes it’s easy to ignore Bing. Google is still the giant in the world of search engines, and because of that, many businesses have come to believe that they should focus all their attention there. However, there are several big reasons why it pays to focus on Bing marketing as well.

1. Bing has nearly 20% of the market share

While Google does have the biggest audience, the number of searchers who use

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How SEO and content marketing go hand in hand

Okay, we all know content is important and we all understand SEO is a must, right? Sounds simple but for many the thought of piecing these two puzzle pieces together can be a daunting task. The truth is that content plays a vital role in the way the search engines view a websites authority.

The folks over at Brafton recently put this great infographic together discussing the importance of the two and how they actually go together.

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Brandignity case study: How one promoted Facebook post increased our reach by 57000%


Facebook reports that it has 757 million visitors a day, and this number has increased by 22% from December 2012 to December 2013. Businesses of all sizes are aware that they need to build a presence in this virtual social space; however, they are often not clear on how to go about doing this. This article focuses on a real scenario, where a savvy...

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How retailers are influencing mobile sales in 2014

Mobile Marketing

Businesses are trying to find new and novel ways to keep people in their stores so they will buy more of their products. It is becoming more and more difficult to keep the attention of today’s savvy consumers. They are usually well researched and know exactly what they want. In order to keep their attention you...

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8 email marketing resolutions for 2014

2014 Email Marketing Resolutions

With the New Year comes an opportunity to do things differently (and better) than you did the year before. While personal resolutions such as losing weight and getting in shape are important to your personal health, why not take the time to make a few resolutions with your career health in mind too?

If you work in

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How retail startups should be using social media


Retail startups are becoming more popular by the day all around the world, and as the market expands, so does the need for marketing when keeping up with the competition. In terms of marketing, the best shot a retail startup has is social media. Cost effective, quick and easy to use, social media is a great way for retail startups to interact with their...

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How to maximize your Pay Per Click ROI


Considered as one of the tactful marketing methods on the web, several companies are utilizing Pay Per Click to get better visitors and conversions. It is a cost effective orientation because you only disburse when someone clicks on your ads. Really, PPC campaigns will substantiate...

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15 best ways to promote your content effectively

15 Content Marketing Tips

There are those who stubbornly hold on to the view that if you generate great content then you do not need to work that hard to promote it. If this were true once when there wasn’t so much content online then it is certainly not true anymore. The harsh reality today is that the World Wide Web is full of great content that never gets seen.

You really do not have a choice but to very aggressively promote your content if you want it to reach a significant audience as you build up your website.

Here are 15 of the very best methods you can use to promote your content effectively.

1) The right keywords

The vast majority of people find the content they are looking for online using keywords. That means that nobody can ignore keyword research and hope to get away with it. While it is true that keyword research can be cumbersome and extremely time consuming the truth is that everything and anything you do to ensure that you have used the right popular keyword phrases on...

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Why you should audit your backlinks following Penguin 2.0


High rankings in the search engines for competitive keywords in your industry are extremely valuable. You can practically guarantee a steady stream of targeted visitors to your offer and convert that traffic into new customers for your business.

But actually getting those rankings is a completely different story.

Search engine rankings

Google continues to have significant market share in the industry. New data shows Google accounts for over two-thirds of search traffic leaving search rivals Yahoo and Bing in the dust.

Ranking for just a single keyword can have a profound impact on your business.

But search engines such as Google use complex algorithms to determine where pages rank. Aside from on-page factors including page structure and...

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Technical know-how an essential element in online marketing

Be a Little Technical

When the online marketing industry was in its infancy, success came from simple link building campaigns for SEO. Today, that is just a little bit of what you need, to thrive. Technical know-how is now the most valuable thing in the industry, and it does not come easily. The industry is now diverse, and many factors influence success on all scales. Anyone with aspirations of succeeding as an online marketer now needs to embrace the following tools and features as well as understand their significance.

Data and Tracking Tools

Data is playing a huge role in determining...

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Why you need to focus on Google+ to increase your rankings

More than half of all internet searches are completed through Google and some estimates put the figure even higher than that so if a business wants its website to be visible in search results it needs to use all of the tools and tactics at its disposal – and that includes Google+.

Often referred to as the poorer rival to the Facebook juggernaut, Google+ is actually a powerful and unique tool in the world of content marketing and search engine optimisation. As Google owns both the search engine and the social media network, it stands to reason the two will be closely linked. However, effectively using Google+ as part of a search engine optimisation strategy is still neglected by many brands and their social media agencies. Unlike...

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5 legal tips to protect your brand online

As a business owner, protecting your brand should be your top priority. When you’re starting a company it’s a good idea to take the appropriate legal steps to make sure your business is off to a good start. This is true for any company, especially today where companies can experience all sorts of issues online that they wouldn’t have faced years ago. Here are five legal tips that will help you protect your company’s brand online.

Establishing your business

The first step to legally protecting your business is making sure it’s a formally established entity. This means choosing a business structure and setting it up. You can choose to incorporate, set your business up as an LLC, sole proprietorship, or general partnership. It all depends on your needs and which scenario best suits your business. Most states require that you formally...

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Can you predict the next social memes?

Social Memes

Over the past few years internet memes have been growing in popularity among social media websites. Some have found huge success, while others quickly faded into internet obscurity. A recent study decided to look into what turns a meme into a success or a failure with the hope of predicting the next popular meme.

The study was performed by Michele Coscia, a Harvard fellow. He analyzed a wealth of memes registered on the Quickmeme website. By charting the popularity of the various memes over time, He was able to create a set of...

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