The marketer’s next challenge: Seamless digital integration


The way in which people consume content has changed dramatically in the past decade. The uptake in mobile media consumption has created a diverse range of platforms, and marketers now have incredible opportunities for reaching target audiences. However, these technological developments have proven to be somewhat of a double-edged sword; people consume content so rapidly and in so many ways, that it can be hard for brands to catch the eye and convey their message.

Because of this difficulty,...

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Life after adblock: Why you must maintain your audience's trust

With the recent swing towards mobile, digital advertising increasingly means reaching mobile devices; video marketers need to find ways of effectively engaging a mobile audience, but they’re getting harder and harder to reach.

Apple released advert (and data-tracking) blocking capabilities for their products in the iOS 9 update, which allows users to opt-out of all adverts, and the prolific uptake of adblocking services has made it increasingly difficult for advertisers to reach consumers.

In Europe,...

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Why video is key to winning the mobile marketing war

Marketing managers the world over will appreciate the power of moving pictures, knowing that a well-planned, target-oriented video campaign can deliver fantastic results.

The vast majority will agree that video marketing has become increasingly key to business growth, as video content continues to dominate mobile Internet usage and brands try to put themselves in customers’ hands.

Research from eMarketer indicates that the average UK consumer engages with

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