Why marketers are looking at digital transformation


Plan, execute, analyse and adjust.

For marketers these were the four distinct steps of their campaigns. Nowadays though, the market and customers are far more fickle and if you don’t move quickly it’s too late. There’s always a newer, cooler and more agile business that is ready to take your customers.

In response to this, marketers are looking to change their approach through digital transformation; taking a more evidence and data-driven approach to marketing...

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How to become a more agile marketer

Bob Dylan once sang “the times, they are a changin'"; and while he might not have been thinking about marketers when he wrote the song, the sentiment is apt.

When it comes to campaigns, marketers used to plan, execute, analyse then adjust; but that leisurely place won’t cut it today. Consumers expect immediacy and because of this, so do businesses themselves. If you’re taking time to think, you’re already too late.

Agility is crucial

Planning, analysis and execution have to be carried...

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