Surviving a crisis with a digitally connected leader

A digitally connected leader who engages consumers in a two-way dialogue online is more likely to help a business survive a crisis, research by Sitecore indicates.

Effective two-way communication, also known as ‘The Personal Touch’, is when a CEO enters into direct conversation with consumers via digital platforms.

The research reveals the extent to which CEOs and leaders of FTSE 350 companies are embracing digital communication channels, and the demonstrable commercial...

By Shawn Cabral, 12 September 2013, 0 comments. Categories: Campaigns, Social Media Marketing.

Why every business leader should understand digital

As the influence of the internet continues to play a larger role for a majority of businesses, having a digitally connected leader who is confident with using digital channels to support their business strategy is essential.

With 33 million people in the UK using the internet on a daily basis, with half of this total using social media every day, it has never been easier for business leaders to interact directly with their audiences by adopting a ‘Personal Touch’ method of communication.


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