Google+ Brand Pages: Should You Create One?

Google+ has made numerous headlines since it was first launched in June 2011. It’s been in the news for being a potential “Facebook killer”, for its quick growth, for integration of the +1 button, and for its interesting strategy of holding off on allowing businesses and brands to use the medium at first. Now, all eyes are once again on Google+ because they have finally opened up the social network to brand pages.

As stated on a

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5 B2B SEO Video Ideas

There’s a reason that YouTube is the second most popular search engine after Google. People like to watch videos, whether it be for fun or educational purposes. There seems to be a misconception that marketing videos are more of a B2C thing. Not true. After all, businesses are made up of people (consumers) and they all have different tastes in how they prefer to receive information.

Just because others in your industry aren’t making videos, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t make them either. In fact,...

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5 ways to Protect Your Site from Search Engine Updates

The search engines are constantly updating and tweaking their algorithms to provide their customers (searchers) with the best possible experience. Think about it. If Google search results were crappy, people wouldn’t use the service, meaning that Google wouldn’t be making a profit. Search engine algorithms are built to think like people that are searching.

Using a number of factors, the search engines determine whether a site is relevant and if it’s valuable. If it’s not, it won’t...

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What’s the Best Time for Social Shares and Likes?

If you’re going to implement a social media strategy, you might as well do it right. Right? That means that you can’t just sign up for an account, create a Page and sign in once in awhile or whenever the mood strikes. Like any other marketing strategy, you need to go in with a plan. Social media is about sharing, but sharing what, exactly?

Well, there are plenty of things that you can share. You can share your thoughts on a particular topic or event, information, company news, and links to...

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Spooky SEO Tactics to Avoid

In celebration of Halloween, here are a few spooky SEO tactics to avoid because they will certainly come back to haunt you!

Link Exchanges “Hey, I’ll link to you if you link to me.” While it may seem like an amazingly simple way to build your links, it won’t establish any trust with the search engines. What the search engines pay attention to when it comes to links is relevance.

If you have thousands of links out there on sites completely unrelated to yours and thousands of links to random...

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A Guide to Writing Great Blog Post Titles

There are millions of blogs out there competing for readers’ attention. Maybe they aren’t all direct competition, but it’s doubtful that you are the only blogger in your niche. People only have so much time to spend reading blog posts so what can you do to make sure that yours is one of them? The best way to improve click-throughs is to craft a blog post title that will catch their attention.

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Three golden rules for Content Development

I came across this great post the other day on Written by Stoney deGeyter, it’s 30+ SEO analogies that struck me as funny and yet so very true at the same time. I believe in having a sense of humor about your work and this post was right up my alley. One of my favorite analogies was this,

SEO is like a Michael Bay movie. It can look pretty, but if you’re just throwing a bunch of crap at your...

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Guest Blogging is the New Link Exchange

Back in the olden days of SEO website owners would participate in link exchanges meaning that both parties would place links to each other’s sites somewhere on their site. Since the search engines placed emphasis on inbound links, this seemed like an easy way to get a quick boost. Now, that kind of tactic is considered to be black hat and can actually result in search engine penalties. It’s no longer that easy to get your link on another site, but there are still ways to do it. One such way is...

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What SEO Companies Need From Clients

If you are a business looking to hire an SEO company, there is one thing that you need to understand from the start. When working with an SEO company, you can’t sign a contract and then disappear. If you want to see results from an SEO campaign, you need to remain an integral part of the process and provide the SEO company with information. If you don’t want to deal with SEO or have any involvement with your SEO partner,...

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5 Tips to Keep Your Blog Active

Every business should have a blog. Unfortunately the number of successful business blogs is much less than the number of business blogs that have failed. Failure is typically the result of blog owners not dedicating enough time to the blog.

They may start out with the best of intentions but once they realize how long it takes to actually create a post, edit it, post it, share it, and monitor it they give up. The absolute worst thing to do is to set up a blog only let it sit there, inactive, for months at a...

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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Keywords for Your Site

Arguable the single most important thing you can do for your site, keyword research and selection form the cornerstone of the rest of your SEO campaign. The keywords you choose will affect you can find your site and with what search phrases. Your keywords will also help shape the content you write, as you need to incorporate your target keywords into all the content you produce.

Here are 5 tips for selecting the right keywords to best help your site and SEO:

Go after the long-tail

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Is Meta Data Still Important for SEO?

Way back in the day, the meta data that you included in the code of your website played a large part in your search ranking. The search engine spiders used this information to determine what your website was about and ranked your site accordingly.

Of course, this meant that webmasters began taking advantage of the meta data by stuffing keywords and in some cases, included keywords that weren’t even relevant but had a high search volume just to try and increase their visitors.

The search engines...

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Keyword Research Methodology

Any good SEO company or consultant is going to tell you that keyword research may be one of the most important things you do for your SEO. The keywords you target will directly affect what searches you rank for and what kind of traffic will be directed to your site. Failing to include the right keywords means missing out on potential traffic.

Here is the process that I use for conducting keyword research for my clients. I hope you find it useful for your own.

Step One: Read Your Content Keyword research is done on a page-by-page...

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4 SEO Tips to Get Your Site Ready for 2012

For many companies across all industries, these last few months of the year get very busy very quickly. Strategies are being created, budgets are getting approved, performances are graded and ROI is evaluated. Everyone is getting ready for the big push into the first quarter of next year. Since SEO is so long term, it makes sense to start thinking about your 2012 campaign now and make sure everything is in order for the new year.

Make sure that your SEO is ready to go in 2012 with these 4 tips:

1. Revisit...

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How the Search Engines Personalize Your Search Experience

The search engines work to please their customers, just like any other business. For Bing, Google and Yahoo, this means providing the best results possible for any and all search queries. One of the ways they are working to improve their user-experience is by offering more personalized results.

Here are 3 ways the search engines personalize the SERPs:

Location Type “pizza” into Google; what does your SERP look like? Chances are the first results Google pulled are all pizza places near your town. After those come the...

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Why You Still Can’t Beat Your Search Competition

SEO is a long term process. You aren’t going to see results quickly, but within six months to a year of an SEO campaign you should start to see some improvement in your search ranking. What if you’ve been working at it for a year and don’t see any significant change? What if you just can’t seem to compete in your industry or niche, no matter how hard you try? When it comes to a stagnant SEO campaign, here are a few common culprits that can hinder success:

Your Content Isn’t...

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4 Types of Content – SEO Video Lesson

Once you decide to invest the time and energy in a content marketing campaign, you have to determine what kind of content you will focus on creating. It could be educational, informational, promotional or newsworthy or a combination of all four. Just make sure that the content you are creating is inline with your online business goals and is the kind of content your target audience is looking for.

Watch this week’s SEO video lesson here!

For more SEO video tips and lessons from Nick Stamoulis, check out the Brick...

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Another Way to Use Press Releases for SEO

Press release distribution should be a part of the ongoing relevant link building portion of an SEO campaign for any business. Any company information or event that is newsworthy should be covered in a press release and distributed online using services such as PRWeb, PRLeap, 24×7 Press Release, and PRLog.

The benefit of online press releases, in addition to sharing news, is that it provides an opportunity to include anchor text and full URL links in the body. As we know, the search engines use links...

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SEO Software Won’t Do the Work for You

SEO isn’t just something that’s needed for big websites or large corporations. Every website that exists needs to be optimized in order to increase its online visibility and build brand awareness. Think about how many websites there are out there. Without an optimized site, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. Every industry is competitive online and SEO can help give a site the edge it needs. In just the past few years companies have come around to the idea and are accepting that SEO is...

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