Putting Together an SEO Report

If you’re actively working on an SEO campaign, it’s important to be aware of how that campaign is performing. The first thing to understand about SEO (and SEO reporting) is that SEO is long term. While it’s recommended to pull reports on a regular basis, it’s highly doubtful that you’re going to see monumental gains within a short period of time. Instead, there should be slow and steady growth over the long term. Some months may see an increase in organic traffic, others may see a decrease (especially for seasonal businesses) but...

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Google pushed Penguin 3.0 live: What you need to know

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On October 19 Google officially confirmed they pushed Penguin 3.0 live. Even though it’s called Penguin 3.0 it’s actually the 6th iteration of the link spam fighting algorithm update.

This is the first time Google has updated Penguin in almost exactly a year, so many site owners have their fingers crossed that the last year of link cleanup and link building is enough to put them on the right side of...

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The four key reasons why your content isn’t getting shared

There are many reasons to be creating content on behalf of your business. Content informs your target audience and establishes your business as a thought leader in the industry which generates trust. This is the top goal of content, but another goal of content should be to get it shared. Content that is shared in the form of links on other web pages or within social media helps to improve your SEO efforts. If you have a respectable social media following but notice that your content is getting very few...

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Find the amount of content that’s “just right” for your marketing

We’ve all heard the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. She sneaks into the house of three bears and tries their porridge, chairs, and beds only finding one of the three in each instance to be “just right”. The options that were “just wrong” were the extremes. The hot and cold porridge. The small and large chairs. The hard and soft beds. When it comes to content creation we recommend that website owners find the amount that’s “just right”. Unfortunately,...

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Content marketing shouldn’t be about you...

Content marketing is a necessary part of an online marketing campaign today. Unfortunately, far too many companies are missing the boat. Either they aren’t doing enough (or any) content marketing or they aren’t doing it correctly. Companies need to understand that their online content marketing isn’t an avenue for self-promotion.

If you are responsible for your company’s content marketing efforts, keep in mind that it’s not about you! If all you do is publish content that is...

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Even Matt Cutts says backlinks count for something

With all the changes Google has made to the algorithm (Panda and Penguin are just the biggest ones of many) and Webmaster Tools Guidelines in the last two years, many site owners (and more than a few SEOs) are left wondering if link building counts for anything anymore.

In a perfect SEO world, the kind Google wishes we all worked and searched in, no site would actively build links. They would instead focus all their energy on content creation and let links come naturally as people found and shared that...

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Will big brands automatically win the SEO race?

By Shawna Wright

More than one small business owner has lamented over the fact that it takes them months of back and forth with Google to recover from a manual action penalty, yet bigger websites/brands seem to recover in just a matter of weeks. Will larger sites automatically win the SEO race simply because they are too big to fail?

Some SEO experts have pointed out, and I...

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Why not all B2B content should be gated

An important component of a B2B online marketing campaign is sharing informational content with your target audience. Unlike many B2C products that are fairly straightforward in nature, B2B products and services tend to be more complex and in order for target audience members to understand what it is that you offer and how it will help them perform their jobs better, there needs to be an adequate amount of informational content for them to consume. B2Bs often use their content as a form of lead...

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What to focus on with limited content time

If our B2B SEO clients had unlimited budgets we’d recommend that they hire a full time content writing team that could produce a never ending stream of blog posts, press releases, white papers, case studies, videos, podcasts, etc.

After all, content is what really makes an SEO campaign work today. It’s what gets optimized to appear within organic search, gets shared in social media to generate traffic and social signals, and is linked to naturally within content that appears on other sites...

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SEO won’t work unless your product is consistent

When first speaking with a potential SEO client to get a sense of the history of their business and their business website there are certain things that stand out that tell us either 1. This website and company will be great to work with and we will be able to get them SEO results or 2. There are red flags present that could hinder the success of an SEO campaign.

One important thing that we take into consideration is the consistency of the company. How long have they been around? How long has the website...

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Does your Web Developer understand SEO?

As SEO professionals we can’t help but cringe a little bit when one of our clients mentions that they want to redesign their site. If the website is generating a significant amount of traffic from the search engines and other sources, and those visitors are converting we would prefer that a client take the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it approach”. But on the other hand, we get it. The look of a site is important, and it’s important to refresh the site every few years just...

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Why blog posts should be lead generation tools

Blog posts serve many purposes for a business or organization. They provide current and prospective clients or customers with information that can assist with their decision making. It’s an avenue to share some brand personality and showcase specific employees within the organization, allowing target audience members to feel more “connected”. From an SEO perspective, blog posts provide an additional opportunity to target keywords, specifically long tail keyword variations that will generate traffic...

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5 things the best SEO clients understand

Just like there are good and bad SEO firms, there are also good and bad SEO clients.

When a prospective client comes running to us complaining about their current or former SEO firm, we always make sure to ask the right questions to determine whether it actually was the SEO firm’s fault that the SEO program wasn’t working or if it in fact might have been the client that was the culprit all along.

The SEO client tends to think that they can never be the one to blame, since after all they are the...

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Marketing folks, check your SEO ego at the door

There’s lots of content out there about how to go about selecting an SEO firm that is the right fit for your company. We’ve even written plenty on the topic ourselves. This is all well and good but what potential SEO clients need to understand is that it goes both ways. Just as you are checking out the SEO firm and have a list of credentials that you want fulfilled, the SEO firm is scoping you out as a potential client too. The relationship between an SEO firm and a client should be viewed as a...

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Consider the competition in an SEO campaign

An SEO campaign is like any other kind of marketing campaign in that it involves conducting research before getting started. It’s necessary to research the market online which includes target audience behavior as well as a competitive analysis. If your business and/or website is relatively new to the market or at least new to marketing the business online and implementing SEO, it’s necessary to have an understanding of what the SEO competition is doing in the space in order to find a niche or an angle...

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Why SEO writing requires an additional skill set

Not everybody has the skills required to be a good writer. You need to be able to understand what people want to read and convey it in a proper manner.

Of course there are different kinds of writing. Formal writing requires citations and research while less formal writing can be written just as if you were speaking to someone.

Business writing can include both of these types of writing styles, and of course business writers need to understand when each is appropriate. While writing can be difficult enough as...

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The real social media management happens in-house

While we don’t know for sure how much of an impact social signals have on the SERPs there is definitely a correlation between an author’s social authority (which is influenced by social signals) and how well their content and website does organically. In addition to boosting your SEO program, social media management can also help drive targeted traffic to your content; increase your organic brand presence, expand your potential reach to new and existing customers and more.

Many small business owners have enough...

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Interview with global SEM expert Bill Hunt on all things SEO

Recently I had the chance to interview global SEM and social media expert Bill Hunt. Bill is currently the President of Back Azimuth Consulting  and writes a blog on search and social media marketing at whunt.com. Bill is currently on the Board of Directors of the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization and is active in growing SEMPO’s international base of members.

Thanks to Bill for taking the time to answer my questions!

Question: You got your start in SEM...

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Social media expert Greg Finn on promoted tweets and the rise of G+

Recently I had the chance to interview search marketer and social media expert Greg Finn. Greg is an Internet Marketer at Cypress North, a company that specializes in social media and search marketing services and web-based application development. He has been in the Internet marketing industry for 9+ years and specializes in Social Media Marketing. Greg is also a contributing editor for both Search Engine Land and Marketing Land.

Thanks to Greg for taking the time to answer my...

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