We are at the tipping point in defeating mobile ad fraud: What more needs to be done?

Mobile ad fraud is an issue for everyone working in the programmatic industry, and it’s clear that there is an overwhelming tide of parties committing it.

Many sources suggest that 40% of a typical advertising investment ends up being fraudulent. Within this, global loss to mobile-based ad fraud is estimated to make up almost half of total digital ad...

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The imminent evolution of mobile measurement and the need for true ROI

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Many believe that when it comes to tools to effectively measure the effectiveness of a mobile campaign, we’re just not quite there. In truth, there are many vendors that offer data on consumers’ mobile device activity once they have viewed an ad.

So why does our industry still face a challenge when it comes to mobile measurement?

As with all areas of marketing measurement, it has become increasingly important to analyse the performance of campaigns across all channels,...

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