"Spray and pray" tactics should be long gone for big data analytics

In times when marketers have access to multiple sources to collect data and insights about their customers, it seems surprising that many business don’t know how to use these assets to better target their audience online.

Email marketing is one of the oldest tactics used by marketers. However, its evolution has been slow and many businesses continue to rely on “spray and pray” strategies that in many cases, stopped working a long time ago. Sending out thousands of emails in hopes that...

By Matt Asay, 08 May 2013, 0 comments. Categories: Data-driven marketing.

Big data comes with big challenges for marketers

With the rise of big data, companies have been primarily concerned with  their ability to access and store big data sets, debating about which solution fits their needs the best: Hadoop or NoSQL?, MongoDB or Couchbase? However, there are other issues to be considered when it comes to Big Data that involve other departments beyond the IT management team.

The question is, then, are companies using data sets to spot new opportunities and serve their customers in new ways? Are...

By Matt Asay, 18 April 2013, 1 comment. Categories: Data-driven marketing, Data Science, Social Media Marketing.