KLM: The 3 pillars of successful social media strategy - #SMWF

KLM has been known as a social media savvy airline for some time, and we managed to pin down its social media manager Karlijn Vogel-Meijer, ahead of her appearance at #SMWF in London later this month, to get some advice and insight.

KLM has done some impressive stuff with social media in the past. Some may recall its scheme to allow people to choose who they would sit next to on a flight via Linkedin profiles, or the “Surprise” random acts of kindness campaign, see video below. But how is the...

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How to hire the right marketing agency: The integrated Vs specialist debate

The integrated Vs specialist marketing agency conundrum has been around for longer than many of us can remember; but what do the various pros and cons tell us about how this ever-changing discussion should influence marketers’ agency procurement decisions?

The argument is this; should brand marketers hire a large integrated marketing agency; a diverse team with bulging toolkits, the experience to provide joined-up, carefully aligned solutions, devised with a full 360 view of all available channels?


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Global mobile ad impression report shows 'two horse race'

Apple and Samsung are locked in a two horse race to dominate the smartphone advertising market, with nine of the top ten devices in terms of mobile ad impressions attributed to the two manufacturers.

Adfonic, which serves over 100 billion global ad impressions a month, drew the data from its global ad network, and claims in its latest Global AdMetrics report that both firms increased their market share over Q3.

Apple and Samsung devices accounted for nine of the top ten by share of ad impressions, and the...

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Email marketing: Why do female senders perform better that males?

Not only do women have neater handwriting than their male colleagues, new research suggests that automated email campaigns perform significantly better when the sender is female, according to a study involving over 13 million email recipients.

The report, from CleverTouch marketing, showed that, on average, emails sent from women achieved an 18% click through, as opposed to just 10% where the sender was a man. Emails sent from a generic address achieved even better results, averaging over 23% click...

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Location marketing: Boosting mindshare as well as footfall - #AppsWorld

With smartphone penetration edging 50% in the UK and the US, marketers are spending an increasing amount of time thinking about how to harness the relevance and immediacy these devices allow, by reaching out to peoples at the right time and, crucially, in the right location.

Ahead of his October appearance at Apps World in London, MarketingTech checked in with Omid Ashtari, director of business development at Foursquare, one of the leading location-based...

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Google supercharges social ads with Wildfire acquisition

Can Google set the world of social media marketing alight with its latest acquisition?

Google has acquired Wildfire Interactive, the New Zealand-based Web2.0 marketing startup, adding a much needed social element to the search giant’s digital advertising arsenal.

Wildfire employs around 400 people, running ads for at least 30 of the top 50 brands. It was acquired for a reported $350m.

The company’s marketing software allows brands to serve social marketing content and ad...

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Opera: Rich media and iOS most lucrative for mobile advertising

Rich media mobile advertising has seen a rapid increase in popularity among marketers over the last six months, according to a new industry report from Opera Software.

Opera, probably most well known for its virtually ubiquitous mobile browsing services, had made a quiet splash in the mobile advertising space after paying out around $100m on a series of acquisitions like Mobile Theory, AdMarvela and 4th Screen Adverising.

The firm now claims to have dished out over $240m to mobile publishers, serving over 35bn ad...

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How to increase Facebook reach by targeting friends of fans

Brands can significantly increase their reach on Facebook by effectively targeting the friends of their fans, according to a European study from Comscore.

The report found that  the majority of European Facebook users’ time is spent scanning their Timeline page. This isn’t surprising in itself, and tallies with a recent similar study into the habits of US Facebook users, but what does it tell us about how brands can interact with their fans and, perhaps more importantly, their fans’...

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The #NeverSeconds PR debacle: What should they have done?

In a classic example of how not to respond to social media criticism, Argyle and Bute Council in Scotland was forced into a confusing climb down on Friday, after provoking a worldwide backlash by banning a nine year old girl from photographing her school dinners to post on her blog.

In Martha Payne’s NeverSeconds blog, the schoolgirl documented and rated her lunch every day, scoring her meals out of ten on a ‘Food-o-meter’, and noting important information...

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Prestige brands struggle to inject 'social' into Facebook

Rates of Facebook engagement among the top 100 US brands has fallen by almost a half as brand managers struggle to incorporate the ‘social’ into social media, a new report has claimed.

Despite strong growth over the last couple of years as brands began to invest in Facebook advertising, a combination of lack of interaction and poor response times have eroded user engagement. In fact, more than 20% of prestige brands still do not engage in any two-way conversation and one-third prohibit fan posts...

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Blanket porn opt-in filter would be a mistake, says Google

Forcing UK internet users to opt-in for access to online porn wouldn't be very effective and would do nothing to help parents educate their children on the dangers of the internet, a Google spokeswoman said this week.

The UK government has been wrestling with the question of adult content on the internet; specifically how to protect innocent children from the heaps of filth available online.

It is currently consultation with ISPs is the suggestion that internet smut filters be imposed across the board, and...

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Ignore social media complaints at your peril

Over two thirds of companies are ignoring the fact that social media is now the preferred channel for unhappy customers to make complaints, according to a new survey.

A.T. Kearney’s Annual Social Media Survey has shown that 70% of complaints are going un-answered simply because social media is not connected to the customer contact centre.

“The fact that so many brands are failing to recognise social media in their customer service strategies is a clear signal that they are finding it difficult to...

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Facebook IPO: How will Zuck bring home the bacon?

Shares in the social media behemoth Facebook will begin trading on the Nazdaq in just a few hours, signalling a turning point in one of the tech world’s most exciting sagas.

Mark Zuckerberg’s mind boggling audience of approaching a billion users has had investors salivating at its sheer immensity; ‘that many people can’t fail to make us money, surely’.

Ringing the bell to open trading in New York today, the 28 year old hoodie-wearer, whose laid back attire riled Wall Street...

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The money making potential of Facebook? [infographic]

"In-site advertising is the money-making engine for Facebook, and it hasn’t even been unleashed. Facebook is just starting to put ads into the newsfeed," said Justin Kistner, Director of Social Products, Webtrend.

"If it puts one ad per person, per day, and sells that inventory to 500 million daily active users at $0.02 per person ($20 CPM), Facebook could rack up $3.6 billion in extra revenue. If Facebook releases one ad per person, per session — which is still very noninvasive — it...

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Bing integrates social search with nifty new sidebar feature

Microsoft is introducing deep integration with social networks to Bing, aiming to bring more personal relevance to its user search experience.

Bing has been steadily chipping away at the dominance of Google over the last three years, and yesterday its software giant creator Microsoft announced the new deep integration with Facebook.

Successfully weaving social...

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Are consumers more engaged by 'contextual' smart-TV ads?

Contextual, interactive ads delivered through connected TVs produce improved levels of brand association and favourability, according to new research involving a number of leading brands’ smart TV campaigns.

The UK study, carried out by Decipher Research on behalf of  the digital entertainment specialist Rovi, found that TV viewers exposed to ad placement on their smart TV noticed them 68% of the time, with a third actually clicking through to further ad...

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Presentation slides from the Marketing Tech track at #SMWF

We partnered with SMWF last week, a London-based social media event and exhibition looking at some of the latest tools and techniques marketers are employing across the industry. Thanks to all the SM practitioners who came down to share their expertise in the Marketing Tech track, and to everyone that came down to pick up some tips and techniques; hope you got what you came for.

We had a great couple of days meeting loads of you. Here are the presentation slides from our track, from speakers representing...

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Is the term 'engagement' meaningless? #SMWF

Is the term engagement meaningless? What are we really chasing when we start measuring it? This was a key theme of social media engagement session at #SMWF this week.

A great panel, including Allister Frost, Head of Digital Marketing Strategy, Microsoft, Reggie Bradford, CEO, Vitrue, Jonathan Bean, COO, Mynewsdesk and Patrick Salyer, CEO, Gigya, took part in a wide ranging discussion, packed with prescient points and insightful questions.

The session...

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Chris Brogan video: Get mobile - Smartphones are the new smoking #smwf

The personal, ubiquitous and indispensible perception of mobile phones has created the “best social network in the world”, said Chris Brogan at #SMWF this week, with SMS and email contacts still representing the gold standards for marketing.

“The laptop is no longer where we live and die,” he told a packed keynote theatre on Tuesday, emphasising the importance of the mobile channel. “Smartphones are the new smoking - and QR codes are not the answer.”

In a far ranging,...

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Who will nail Social TV? #SMWF

The integration of social media into TV has not yet hit the nail on the head, according to Dan Patton, VP of digital media at MTV UK & Ireland.

Looking at how TV audiences can be bolstered using social media at #SMWF yesterday, Patton said we were yet to see a service that had tied the two together in a truly effective, innovative way.

Emma Marlow, Director of New Media, IMImobile said that trying to drive engagement through social media represented a huge...

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