Omnichannel: Can you keep up with the customer?

With the proliferation of channels and devices available to consumers nowadays, the vision of omnichannel – a seamless approach to optimising the customer experience and engagement through all available channels – seems like an impossible dream for most. 

Organisations, however, cannot afford to avoid what is fast becoming a new reality. Customers are increasingly interacting with brands in a variety of ways, via multiple devices and channels - and they expect brands to deal with this new...

By Katharine Hulls, 06 June 2013, 0 comments. Categories: Data-driven marketing.

Digital database marketing – a marriage to celebrate

Businesses are striving for new insights and maximum ROI from their customer data available across multiple digital channels.

This data, and the way it is used for improved business performance, is constantly evolving. Whereby once web analytics and database marketing were used independently of each other, the two can now be brought together to provide powerful insights and value to an organisation’s marketing efforts.

Historically both disciplines were seen as highly valuable, but each approached their...

By Katharine Hulls, 06 February 2013, 1 comment. Categories: Data-driven marketing, Email marketing.

How to convert big data into big returns

Does this scenario ring any bells?

A senior level, multi-channel marketer is asked by the board to tell them about ‘Big Data’. The typical response would be “It’s a good concept, one which has huge potential benefits – but it is extremely costly and would require a complete overhaul of marketing processes and IT infrastructure – put simply it is not realistic.”

A few years ago that particular statement would have been true, but nowadays many of the technical obstacles...

By Katharine Hulls, 23 November 2012, 0 comments. Categories: Data-driven marketing.