Responsive navigation: Design ideas for your business

Recently, i’ve been working on creating a ‘dump’ of responsive navigation ideas in order to make it a little easier for me and the rest of the team, when it comes to creating a responsive design.

In order to do this I have had to do a fair bit of research into what’s hot right now and how I can push the boat out a little to create some more interesting responsive navigation’s. It’s been interesting seeing what else if out there. Hiding the nav behind the...

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The joy of stripping: Understanding mobile

How can looking to the history of cartography help us with our current dilemmas and understanding around “Mobile”? It has something to do with Eskimos, Romans and an ancient attitude deeply entrenched in being human. Let’s get retro.

Rediscovering the linear experience

The reduction of the spatially complex to simplicity though the application of topology is a wonderful concept. I have a small device, limited by width and height which can show information in a simple linear manner. It uses...

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Next takes on Google in the battle for your inbox

A few months ago a funny thing happened to my inbox – Google redesigned it.  I wasn’t expecting it but actually when I got used to it, I quite liked it.  If you’re not a Gmail user you probably won’t have seen it but it looks something like this:


(Note the 3 tabs across the top)

It’s quite a radical change...

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How retail is hitting the digital nail on the head

It is always great when digital seamlessly merges with its bricks and mortar counterpart.

This weekend I discovered just how great it is when the traditional shopping experience meets it’s digital counterpart.

Jumper shopping in Zara

Jumper shopping. I knew what one I wanted but couldn’t track down my pesky size. I was using the traditional method of trawling from shop to shop in the hope that my nose would sniff it out. It was becoming boring. Not one to want to stray from my traditional roots, I was doing...

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Why have brands taken so long to respond to responsive?

As the year draws to its conclusion the digital world has seen many transformations in 2013 with possibly none so great as the impact of the tablet and mobile browsing now becoming the preferred choice of the connecting with the web.

This year the world has seen shipment of tablets exceed that of the PC and it was also the year in which the smartphone dominated the US market by taking 64% of the market share (Nielson)...

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Is hidden text using expandable sections bad for SEO?

In a recent video, Matt Cutts, the head of the web spam team at Google, shared some insight into a question that I’ve always wondered about.

“Is hiding text in AJAX/JavaScript style expandable menus bad practice for SEO?”

Expandable sections for content is common practice, especially on e-com sites that need to present large amounts of content in a format that is easier for the user to consume.

In his video, Matt conceded that there were good reasons to implement expandable content. However,...

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Is Twitter self-fulfilling or a machine of serendipity?

People develop their Twitter around expectation and what they know but it often throws up the unexpected, which adds even more value for both user and brand.

We all absorb Twitter in very different ways but ultimately they read, curate and appreciate what we enjoy. We build our own Twitter. It’s our private place, be it on our phone, tablet or our desks at work. We’re all curators. We don’t follow whom we don’t want to hear from, its completely customizable and it feeds our needs. When...

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Can you prove social media ROI?

A recent article on Brand Republic stated that for each £1 a FMCG brand puts into Social Media, they receive an incredible £3 back.

This is really an interesting statistic and I wanted to find out more. How do they justify a bold claim such as this? The study states that (this is in FMCG) four out of five consumers would be more inclined to buy a brand more often and in the future after...

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How social media is like a tattoo

It’s fair to say that the generation who are just starting secondary school are facing a world that will forever be connected to the internet, forever looking anything up that they wish.
But from now, all the way through to the time that they retire, they will be involved in social media, posting videos, liking pages, tweeting for perhaps 60 to 70 years. That amount of information is amazing. It’s virtually a whole life that is reflected on the internet. It’s a second life.
However, just imagine your...

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Is there no room for the little guy in social media?

Tweetdeck has announced that from May, it is discontinuing Tweetdeck Air, its Apps for iPhone, Android and its Facebook integration. It is still going to support its web-based tweeter, but this is probably the beginning of the end for Tweetdeck.
This has left me a little misty-eyed. When I first got into Social Media, way back in 2008, Tweetdeck was one of the applications...

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Marketers must allow agencies to be creative

According to leading advertising executives, marketers and agencies need to work together in a better way to allow more time for campaigns to be creative, rather than over-relying on research and targeting data.
This thought came out of an event recently in London where concerns about marketers impeding creativity when there were budget and deadline constraints where raised.
The discussion was based on the concept that what’s often lost in the process with most ads is that they are overanalysed and...

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If you control the ads, you control the brand

There’s nothing better than sitting on the train, and playing with your phone by flicking birds against pigs in a series of ever increasing complexity. What can sometimes be annoying though is not the pigs laughing at you as you fail the task, but the pop up of the ads throughout the game that bear no resemblance or link to the game and just damages your user experience.
Well Rovio, the makers of Angry Birds, agrees with you and have created an in-house advertising division, with the ultimate aim of...

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Are some agencies biting off more than they can chew with mobile?

An internet advertising bureau study has claimed that mobile development, such as Responsive design, mobile privacy and tracking are among the biggest challenges for media agencies.
The study was undertaken through 350 UK media agency employees and demonstrated that 53% of those questioned stated that they lacked experience in responsive web design and mobile privacy. Whilst 49% have admitted that they have no real-time experience in advertising of NFC (near-field communication).

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How Facebook has finally got it right

Three years ago, I was sitting in an interview for a company as a social media manager. A social media consultant and a marketing manager were interviewing me.
They asked me what I thought the future of the internet and social would look like. I remember sitting back, looking up and talking about Facebook. I remember talking that a whole generation is slowly growing up with Facebook, embracing everything, from places to timeline, and ignoring the trivialities of privacy policies.I cited that inclusionism would be the Holy...

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Will digital marketing become just 'marketing' in 2013?

Research and analysis company, Forrester, has made a monumental statement for 2013.The term digital marketing will be dropped forever from the tongue as marketing continues to become inherently digital over the coming months and that digital marketing will account for 20% of budgets.
What is surprising is that it has taken this long for the word digital to be dropped, and that the amount put aside for online marketing is...

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How social media is changing journalism

There is one phrase that you hear more and more of as we canter through this decade: crowdsourced journalism. It’s the term that defines how the ordinary person on the street is now breaking news in a way that is incomprehensible for most journalists. Not tied by the rules and ethics of journalism, (there are some…) people on the street can name and shame people on a public arena in a way that just didn’t use to happen. 

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What are the best social media measurement tools?

As social media and marketing become more and more intrinsically linked, more and more measurement tools are appearing to help the normal marketer measure the all important ROI of social media.
Before, it was just Google Analytics and Excel Spreadsheets. Now you have Sysomos, Sprout Social and Brandwatch to name but a few social media measurement tools. But which ones are the best? Which ones give you the information that you need? And which just...

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How do you measure your social media ROI?

Social media is great for many things. It can help deal with your client’s queries, their issues and you can monitor what is going on in your industry.
However, social media takes an awful amount of effort to create a social buzz and get people interested. You need to build your likes and followers carefully and slowly, gaining good quality people that are ready to interact with you and are confident in your brand and your social presence. 
But all that time that it takes to get to this point, when done professionally is under the eye of management, wondering what the tweets about #FF are, considering, in this tight economy what the person is actually doing.
You need to be able to prove the return on investment of the exercise, and quickly.
And this is the problem. Ultimately, the social media needs to have a bearing on the business. Fortunately you can quantify this in varying...

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Responsive web design is the future

Responsive web design has taken the industry by storm.

Through the use of RWD, companies can develop a site which will work across the multiple platforms (iOS, Windows, Android etc). Everything is more flexible, layouts adapt to the resolution and screen size automatically, switching from horizontal to vertical, from large to small.

.net Magazine chose RWD as #2 on its list of Top Web Design Trends for 2012 and the term is regularly trending within the industry.

Although the evolution of the design is big...

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