Songs of Innocence: The Apple gift that backfired horribly

I’ve often written about the damage that can be caused, when you push your marketing at people. No matter how great your product or service is, how great your offer is or how good your intentions are, people hate having things forced upon them.

Apple learned this recently, with a poorly judged marketing decision to help promote their new iPhones.

The gift that backfired

As part of the launch for Apple’s new iPhones, Apple pushed a copy of the new U2 album Songs of Innocence, into 500,000,000 iTunes...

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Take this remarkable marketing lesson from Steve Jobs and Malcolm Gladwell

Today, let’s look at one of the key factors in building a remarkable, profitable business.

Your business and doing it your way

Malcolm Gladwell was once asked how to write a best selling book. His answer was as follows:

“The moment you write a book hoping it will be a best seller, your chances of it becoming a best seller go downhill. [...] You write the book you would want to read.”

Gladwell went on to explain that Steve Jobs never brought a product to market, because he thought the marketplace wanted it.


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How to market your business… like Apple

Here’s a valuable marketing tip, from one of the world’s most successful companies. I’m going to share a marketing lesson from Apple, which you can apply directly into your business.

Throughout the last recession, Apple managed to break its sales records again and again. Whilst its competitors were floundering and cutting prices on far less expensive devices, Apple’s sales...

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Facebook Business Pages: Why your results just nosedived

As some of you may know, the new Facebook Business Page strategy was recently leaked. It has prompted an outcry from business owners.

Here’s why

A leaked slide deck shows that organic (unpaid) posts you share via your Facebook Business Page, will reach fewer and fewer people. As Advertising Age put it:

“If they haven’t already, many marketers will soon see the organic reach of their posts on the social network drop off, and this time Facebook is acknowledging it.” [

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Content marketing: Is your design killing your content?

content marketing designThe primary design task of any newsletter, website or blog, is to ensure the content is as readable as possible. The design should work like a picture frame and enhance, not hide, your work.

I was on a site earlier, where the design was so loud and busy, that it was hard to find the actual content. When trying to read the...

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Content marketing: Get better results by removing these 3 words

In my opinion, there’s no real need to insert the first 3 words of this sentence into your newsletter, blog or social networking update. What you write is, by default, your opinion.

Here’s why I want you to reconsider using those words in your marketing messages, unless you have to.

Hands up time!

The reason I am sharing this with you, is that I just caught myself writing the words ‘in my opinion’, in a blog post I am working on. It immediately dawned on me, how totally redundant those words are.

Moreover, they...

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Is your business making a difference?

If you want to say goodbye to fee sensitive clients or cost conscious customers, this post is just for you!

The Apple Mac difference

During the worst economy in decades, Apple Inc. managed to achieve record breaking profits, whilst others in the same industry selling lower priced alternatives, really struggled.

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Don't sell the product or service, sell the idea

The most successful business owners have discovered that you do not sell a product or service: You sell the idea. Today’s post explains why they do it and why YOU should consider doing the same!

sell ideas, features and benefits

Steve Jobs famously said that the iPhone was not a product, it was a lifestyle.

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Bloggers: Social search and the freedom to focus on quality

Social search is changing the game for business owners who blog and create content. Thankfully, it’s changing things in our favour and that’s what today’s post is all about.

Even the best search engine is flawed

Whilst regarded by many as the best search engine available, even Google search is extremely easy to fool and still often rewards frequently updated content, over high quality content. As a result, people like myself who find it easy to write regularly, and those who use super-smart SEO to...

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How to compete successfully in a crowded marketplace

I’d like to take a moment, to talk to you about your competitors – even if you think you don’t have any!

I have always been an advocate of moving away from the direct competition model of business. My model is about developing a business, which is very different from what’s currently available in your industry and a perfect fit for your niche – those people who want exactly what you are...

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Blogging, social networks, newsletters: Your clients are watching you

Thanks to social networks, blogging and newsletters, your prospective clients or customers can see what you’re doing, like never before. As a result, the basics of developing your business today are extremely simple.

It’s all about DOING rather than SAYING.

  • If you want to be regarded as a leader, stop talking about leadership and start leading.
  • If you want more followers, stop asking people to follow you and do something worth following.
  • If you want people to talk about your business, stop pestering them for referrals and build a business worth talking about.

Hard to...

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Social business: Before you publish, press pause and think

online reputation

I want you to think about the following for a moment:

  • The last tweet you sent.
  • The last blog post you published.
  • The last marketing email you sent.
  • The last blog comment you made.
  • The last Facebook status you wrote.

First impressions count

Each of those actions, could easily be someone’s first exposure to you. If so, it will form their first impression of you. First...

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Quick marketing tip: Stop trying to appeal to everyone

One of the golden rules of successful marketing, is to identify exactly who your customer or client is, then focus exclusively on them. This is the opposite of what we see most small business owners doing. They try and be a little relevant to everyone and succeed in being directly relevant to no one.

Don’t do that. Really. Stop it. It’s hurting your marketing and hurting your business.

Here’s a smarter alternative…

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5 steps to increase the success of all your written marketing

Today’s post will show you a way to massively improve the effectiveness of any important content you write. It will also show you how to avoid one of the most common and damaging copy writing errors.

5 steps

Stop limiting your options

Most people will write their initial piece of content, call it their draft copy, then...

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How to protect your business from 'freebie seekers'

free-tagIf you use free offers as a way to generate genuine interest from prospective, paying clients, it’s essential that you take freebie seekers into account.

Freebie seekers are those people who grab every free offer in sight, with

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Social media smoke blowers: How to stop them hurting your business

I recently wrote a post asking you what your main marketing challenges were, so I could cover them in future posts.

One of the most common questions, was to do with the ocean of information being offered online, by people claiming to be social media experts. Today’s post is all about how to tell those with genuinely useful information, from the fakes.

Social media smoke blowers

It’s extremely easy for someone with little social media skill, to pretend they are a social media expert. All they need...

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