I have a Schwedding problem: Ben & Jerry’s marketing nightmare

I’m a fan of Ben & Jerry’s, both their ice cream and their naming. Clever tributes to music greats (e.g., Cherry Garcia and Phish Food), loser spouses (i.e., Chubby Hubby), and off-beat, if annoyingly self-aware indie films (i.e., Neapolitan Dynamite) have earned the company a reputation for irreverent, provocative and exciting naming. And fortunately for their marketing department, even when they’ve served up a somewhat vanilla flavor name (Americone Dream comes to mind) their product development folks have delivered, and good. I actually like the name Karamel Sutra, but more impressive was figuring out how to keep a caramel core soft when surrounded by frozen ice cream during manufacturing and distribution. Pure genius. You go, geeky science food guys!

So what to make of their newest...

By CatchWordBranding, 12 September 2011, 0 comments. Categories: Campaigns.