Video didn't kill the radio star

Even with the rising popularity of satellite and Internet radio, terrestrial radio — your standard AM/FM radio — is here to stay. Despite the fact that AM radio began broadcasting nearly a century ago, it is still a popular communications medium. Yes, it has been edged out slightly by television and, more recently, the Internet, but terrestrial radio is readily available in a wide range of locations and on several types of devices. Best of all there are no exorbitant service fees or expensive...

By John Coogan, 14 September 2011, 0 comments.

5 key principles of mobile marketing

If you are an advertiser looking to mobile as a potential channel for the delivery of product offers, then make sure you take a look at “Mobile Couponing Guidelines” published by the Mobile Marketing Association in March 2011.

In this guide, MMA introduces the following five principles to the effective development and distribution of mobile offers to wireless devices and platforms:

  • Honest, True and...
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