Death to ROI: Rethinking your marketing strategy

Marketing is all about results. At the end of the day, the whole point of marketing is to drive sales, right? If your company isn’t getting sales, then your marketing strategy isn’t working.

Consequently, marketers are taught to focus on ROI, or return on investment. The thinking goes, if you’re spending x amount of dollars on your marketing campaign, and you get y amount of dollars in sales back, then you can calculate your ROI. If you’re looking for the...

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LinkedIn Makes Social Media Connections A Whole Lot Easier

 [By:Andrew Gerbehy]

Social Media has been the biggest craze that has hit the internet in the past decade. Although most people are just using Facebook and Twitter, the business world has rolled out its own version of a social media page. LinkedIn gives companies a medium to connect with potential employees or potential customers in their given field.

LinkedIn is basically a networking convention over the internet. It allows you to meet other people or business you would be interested in networking with just...

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Social Media Tips: Let’s Play Red Light, Green Light

[By Emily Carter] 

Happy Spring! I’m not sure how the first day of spring is treating the rest of the world weather-wise, but here in New Jersey we are being welcomed into the loving arms of warmth and sunshine. There’s nothing I’d rather be doing right now than running outside like a little kid, playing kickball or Red Light, Green Light (an old favorite). Instead, I am looking into the newest craze in Social Media Marketing: Pinterest.

Here’s a Pinterest-ing

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Harness the power of cause marketing

 Your brand is the foundation of all your marketing initiatives. From the way your receptionist answers the phone to the design of you newsletter, everything your company does reflects your brand. It's critical to stay true to your brand, so it's a good idea to review everything your company is doing to ensure a consistent message is being conveyed to your audience. Take a look at the following elements of your company:


  • Organizational values

  • Logo

  • Tagline

  • Mission statement

  • Sales collateral

  • Customer service policies

  • Staff member demeanor towards customers

  • Inbound marketing program (

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Hurricane Irene & the Power of Social Media

Hurricane Irene Tweets

[By Jeff Androsko]

Seriously, people straight-up freaked out this past weekend in the midst of Hurricane Irene; one of them being my girlfriend. She insisted on leaving because of the overwhelming sense of panic on the social media accounts in which she participates.

Every single medium of communication (television, social media, radio, print, etc.) was mobbed with emotions like fear and...

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