How to attract the best clients and the highest fees: Part 3

If you want to attract the best clients and the highest fees, you need to understand the commercial value of originality.

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The original Mona Lisa was insured in 1962 for a hundred million dollars and today that valuation would be closer to a billion dollars. ...

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“48 billion app downloads in 2015” Say Analysts

Research firm, In-Stat, have predicted that there will be 48 billion app downloads in 2015, according to the latest report from Flurry.

Flurry’s report focuses in-depth on the European smartphone app market and makes a number of predictions for the future of the market. Based on data from over 85,000 applications, the anaylsts at Flurry look at users sessions across the iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and J2ME platforms.

Active Users and Smartphone Penetration

The below statistics show the number of...

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How to Localize Your Keyword Research

Keyword research is undoubtedly one of the most important components of SEO. Forming the basis for your on-site optimization, keyword research will eventually determine who can find your website. Missing out on important keywords means you’ll be losing targeted traffic. The less traffic you have coming to your site, the lower your chances of conversion. Most keyword research tools are going to provide you with national search volume information. But let’s say you own a small business, like an...

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Find out more about those who checkin with you on FourSquare

I’ve said it a few times, I’m a fan of FourSquare – why? I’m not really sure to be honest, perhaps it’s my competitive nature, perhaps it’s finding out what places are most popular, what ever it is, I enjoy it.

Over the weekend I went to The Waterfront, and whilst being there and checking into a number of places, I kept spotting others that were there too. Heck, I could have been in Hugo Boss looking at a shirt and the dude next...

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FarmVille brings us GagaVille

The singer’s fans will be able to visit GagaVille, a specially designed farm inside the virtual farming simulation game, which will contain unicorns and crystals. It’s hard to think of a clearer sign that games are now entirely mainstream.

Lady Gaga’s choice of FarmVille makes sense: it’s an enormous market. The game has about 60-million players worldwide. And FarmVille’s demographic appeal is broad. The game is inoffensive to the point of being anodyne and unchallenging to the...

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This Week in Mobile

This week we had an additional Week In Mobile which focussed around the Open Mobile Summit which we attended, (read our thoughts here) however some pretty interesting things happened throughout the week…

WWDC 2011 sounded a lot a like a Military Taps

WWDC11 was one of the more interesting iOS launches yet … not for sexy hardware or ground breaking revelations (although iCloud is going to change everything … again) but the sheer amount of developers Apple managed to sideline.  The main losers seem to be online / cross machine storage, photo editing, todo lists and offline readers.

So I for one would like to say a big thank you to Dropbox, Camera+, Remember the Milk and Read it Later (amongst others).  I hope your place in history isn’t just as the innovators that got it...

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AoM's This Week in Mobile - Open Mobile Summit

This week’s roundup of the mobile world is going to take a slightly different angle as Harlan Davis, AoM Commercial Director, and I spent two hectic but informative days in London at the Open Mobile Summit.

From the outset this event looked to be crammed with industry experts and speakers and it certainly didn’t disappoint!

We take a look at some of the highlights…

eBay Mobile – Most Advanced Mobile Strategy

Possibly one of the nicest people we have ever met! Yankovich outlined...

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How to avoid making bad decisions

Photo: Michael Karshis

If you want to know why some business owners make such poor quality choices, you simply need to look at the lack of professional care they apply to the development of ideas.  I call this lazy thinking.

Lazy thinking?

Lazy thinking...

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What is driving the display advertising revolution?

Display advertising has long held the promise of a 1-to-1 communication between marketers and consumers. Today, advertisers – both large and small – are getting better results through innovations that make it easier for them to find the consumer they’re looking for, and deliver a relevant message.

Display advertising is going through the biggest and most important revolution in its history. The whole category is expected to grow by 19% in 2011, with online video alone growing by 38%. This...

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WPP’s GroupM steps up war on pirate sites

GroupM has blocked more than 2,000 US websites from displaying its ad content for displaying pirated content.

The media buying arm of marketing and advertising behemoth WPP Group has effectively cut these sites off from the massive online marketing spend of some of America’s biggest digital advertisers, brands like Ford, Unilever, Dell and Colgate.

Legislation aimed at shutting down sites that steal content has struggled to make it through the US Congress, but GroupM has compiled the blacklist in a bid...

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How to increase ROI on PPC Facebook ads

A study from TBG Digital has suggested that advertisers can significantly boost ROI on Facebook advertising by incorporating social context into their campaigns.

TBG tested social context ads, which list friend endorsements, detailing which of the users friends ‘like’ the specific Facebook page, group, event, or application that’s advertised, against ads with no social context.

The study revealed that social context resulted in a 29% reduction in CPC for advertisers. The data came from a...

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Don’t Be A Bad SEO Apple

Bad SEO Apple

Are you a bad SEO apple? You know, the type of person who guarantees rankings in less than a week by targeting awful spam like SEO tactics to increase rankings quickly? I...

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Social Media Timing Factors to Consider

One of the great things about using social media for marketing is that we have complete control over the message, including when it is sent. TV and radio advertising allows you to buy air time during a specific program, but it rarely allows you to determine the very minute when your ad will go live. It’s also much more expensive to purchase airtime during high volume periods, such as during TV prime time or radio morning drive hours.

The cost of using social media (mostly man hours) doesn’t...

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30,000 Followers Won’t Pay the Bills

Social media has earned a lot of attention in the past year for being the latest “must-have” of any integrated marketing campaign. While social media marketing is extremely valuable and can be tailored to work for almost any company in any industry, it is not the magic bullet that some businesses seem to think it is. Having a strong social presence is just one part of a well-rounded marketing strategy. If you’re focusing the majority of your efforts and budget on social media marketing, you...

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Blog Posts to Read for June 9, 2011

Below you will find our favorite blog posts that are related to SEO, search engine marketing and social media marketing from this past week. Please feel free to visit each, we hope you find them as helpful as we do! 3 Keys to Creating Social Media Content That Converts According to a recent study, the top B2B marketing priority for 2011 is lead generation. This post provides tips for creating social media content that converts....

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Social Networking Beyond the Big 3

Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. If you’re involved in online marketing at all, you know that the web has become a social place. It’s all about sharing and these sites have made it quite easy to do so. While it can be beneficial for many companies to utilize these sites and have an active presence, these sites are not the “be all end all” of social media.

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Preparing for Your SEO Consultation

Maybe you’re looking to handle the SEO for your website in-house, but none of your current employees (including you) have any real background in SEO. Since you may not have the available budget to commit to hiring an SEO agency full-time, you decide to start with an SEO consultant and see what you can learn. If that’s the course of action you decide to take, then you need to make sure you are prepared for your SEO consultation....

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