LinkedIn passes 100 million members

LinkedIn, the social networking site for professionals and job-seekers, has passed the 100 million member mark.

The company said its membership base was growing at a rate of roughly one million people a week, or one every second.

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner blogged about the milestone this week, revealing that Brazil and Mexico are the company’s fastest growing countries, with Brazil alone growing by over 428% year on year.

More than half of the new members are...

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UK brands pumping more cash into mobile advertising

The mobile advertising market in the UK grew dramatically in 2010 to £83m, according to a new report from the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB).

The adoption of smartphones has boosted traditional marketers’ confidence in the mobile space, it found, prompting the rapid 116% growth, compared to 32% growth in 2009.

While the market has been dominated by entertainment and media content, more recently, this position has begun to shift as financial, telecoms and consumer goods brands begin to take...

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Social Media for Business – where do we start?

We get asked this question often and it’s a very good one. Many executives know social media is something they need to give attention to, but get overwhelmed and then end up settling for the next best – outsourcing their voice.

With this post we would like to outline what you need to do if you are looking at integrating social media into your daily business operations.

In some recent research by the Altimeter Group entitled 

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Up to 80% of paid search conversions invisible to marketers

Up to 80% of paid search conversions may not be counted by devices using Apple iOS, according to a new report from marketing platform specialist Marin Software.

Devices like iPhones, iPads and iPods are more or less invisible to marketers using ad networks and ad monitoring tools that use third party tracking cookies to count conversions, clicks.

The report said that while marketers have historically assumed that a level of undercounting was more or less uniform across all browsers, Apple’s focus on...

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Android now serving over half of all US mobile ad impressions

The Android mobile platform served over of the US smartphone market in February, according to a monthly report from Millenial Media which found Google’s OS captured 51% of all mobile ad impressions.

Apple’s iOS was the next most popular, with 27% of impressions, then RIM with 17%.

The report also revealed the increasing popularity of smartphones, with those devices representing 62% of mobile ads served, 25% served through ‘feature phones’, and 14% through connected devices.

However, it...

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F-word tweeter says TweetDeck to blame

Scott Bartosiewicz, the man who shot to fame earlier this month after mistakenly tweeting the F-word out on the official Chrysler Twitter account, has blamed the Twitter application TweetDeck for his unfortunate indiscretion.

Bartosiewicz, formally an employee of New Media Strategy, the social media agency formally employed by Chrysler, tweeted the unforgettable line, “I find it ironic that Detroit is known as the #motorcity and yet no one here knows how to f*cking drive”.

A statement from the...

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The police to chase link brokers and link buyers?

As we prepare for the introduction of The Bribery Act 2010, agencies and companies that pursue a paid linking strategy could end up in deep water.

Paid linking has always been a somewhat dubious technique and one that Google specifically singles out as being against their guidelines. The

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Are you missing important updates in your Facebook news feed?

Have you noticed lately that you are missing updates from friends and pages? Awhile back Facebook made some changes to the News feed and in this post we’d like to show you how you can adjust the settings in your news feed so you don’t miss those important updates.

First, while logged into your Facebook profile click on the Home tab, the default setting for the news feed is Top News (this option will only show posts from friends and Pages you interact with the most.)

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What’s the secret to social media business success?

We get asked this a lot – so here it is: you need to be a social business. What that means is that internally the culture of your business must be social, your whole team needs to be comfortable engaging in real-time to accomplish daily tasks.

Social tools can dramatically change how agile your business is and how quickly you can respond to a competitive business environment. Research is piling up that organizations that become internally networked are able to move much faster than competitors who are...

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U2 and the mobile generation

So South Africa hosted U2′s 360 World Tour this past week and it was nothing short of spectacular, with the band breaking an attendance record for their Johannesburg show.

During their performance in Cape Town, Bono asked the crowd to turn on their cellphones to create some magic, the lights dimmed and this was the scene.



Thanks to Alan Hammond of The Skills...

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Free Groupon?

groupon tibet 300x188 Free Groupon?So by now you’ve probably seen or heard the fallout from Groupon’s Super Bowl ad. The one where actor Timothy Hutton voices over the suffering of the people of Tibet and then shows his excitement over getting a huge discount at a Tibetan Barbeque restaurant.

I like dark humor and I...

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