Making An iOS Specific Application

Swingball Pro iPhone App

Where do you start?

The App Store currently boasts 500,000 approved apps, there are almost 86,000 developers and almost 40% of iPhone apps are free. It’s already saturated with hundreds of redundant apps struggling for lime light. Do your research – Is...

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A little SEO trick for Google+

Something that I’ve seen a few people talking about this morning is the inability to create a vanity URL for your Google+ account. By vanity URL, I mean something like, instead, the URL is a jumble of numbers, so mine’s – This is obviously a nightmare for telling people and...

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Is Your SEO Content Royal Enough?

Yes, we all know that content is king. However, for SEO purposes, the only content that is mighty enough to be called “King” is content that is also keyword rich.

Here are 3 tips to creating SEO content royalty:

Conduct SEO Keyword Research People use search engines every day to find products, services, and information. They search using keywords or keyword phrases. In order to show up in a search result, your website (and web presence overall) needs to be optimized for these...

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PayPal Twitter account hacked

Yesterday Fox News’ Twitter account was hacked and today it’s PayPal’s account. I now do wonder whether there’s an exploit lingering in Twitter’s code, because these are two big high profile accounts that surely don’t have basic passwords.

The hack took place a little earlier this morning and is said to have been done by an angry customer. The user who penetrated the account sent out a...

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How to Optimize an E-Commerce Site

An e-commerce site could have thousands upon thousands of pages of products. Just look at the online shopping giant Amazon; they probably have millions of product pages. E-commerce sites that only sell one kind of product (cameras, shoes, furniture, etc) might have fewer pages overall, but by no means is it a small amount. On-site optimization is the process of going through you site, page by page, and tweaking each page so it is more search engine friendly. Many e-commerce sites fail to fully optimize their...

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Last Week in Mobile…

Amazon to sell 4 million tablets in 2011

Its a fairly bullish position that Amazon have taken and it seems more than likely a bankable one … the shift to tablet computing that we’re seeing daily should in itself be enough to propel sales, but when combined with their de facto status as online leaders of e-commerce you have a powerful proposition.

This announcement comes hot on the heels of their App Store strategy which will see users being able to run apps in an online simulator before...

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DM Twitter verified accounts without being followed

Twitter has been making some changes to their strict rules on who can DM who. What I mean here, is that they are reviewing the process of allowing verified Twitter users to receive Direct Messasges from users without having to follow them back.

Interesting idea and I’m sure there’s quite a bit more to it, I doubt Barak Obama wants me sending him DMs about the ice-cream and waffles I had last night. My guess, be it obvious or not, is that verified users will have a control panel that allows them to...

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How to import your Facebook friends into Google+

I remember when LinkedIn added functionality allowing you to invite your contacts from all over the place. This certainly played a huge role in the success that LinkedIn has gained, as in my opinion, success is determined by engagement on social networks, which boils down to having lots of connected people.

Google+ is no different, the more people and the more interaction, the more success and it would appear that others feel the same way. Mohamed Mansour is a developer who’s created a Chrome...

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Extreme Black Hat SEO: Hacking Your Competitors

Using black hat SEO is a way to get rankings in an unethical manner. It’s frowned upon by the search engines and can result in getting some big penalties. Black hat SEO tactics include meta tag and content keyword stuffing, cloaking (the search engines see the text, the visitors don’t), and paying for links. While those are the most common techniques, here’s one that might not be discussed as often: hacking the competition.

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How to Be Effective with Your Social Media Marketing

Like it or not, social media is here to stay. Facebook has over 600 million users worldwide; Twitter claims to have over 200 million and LinkedIn hit 100 million users back in March. Long before Facebook and Bing joined forces in May, both Google and Bing were incorporating social signals into their search results. Social profiles can rank in the search engines, increasing your online brand presence; trending topics on Twitter on complied in the RealTime results section of Google, Bing now shows you which of...

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All .com and .net domain sites under US jurisdiction

The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, (ICE) has said that any website with a .com and .net domain fall within its jurisdiction, regardless of where their servers are based in the world.

Erik Barnett, assistant deputy director of ICE, said that all such sites would be fair game if suspected in involvement of spreading US films, music and other media covered by intellectual property rules; and even sites liking to them.

He said that the agency would actively target sites deemed to be in ...

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Teens and texting infographic

Another really interesting infographic is doing the rounds at the moment and this time it’s all about text messaging. I remember when I was at school, there were mobile phones, but they weren’t as accessible as they are now. In about 1995 I got a Sony Ericsson 388 and it was the shizness! In fact, I think I still have it somewhere around here, hehe. I digress, back then we didn’t text each other, we’d pick up a...

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Web App testing tool WebSurgery

Ever released a web app? Did you test it thoroughly or did you just go for broke and pray that everything would hold up? If that was your attitude, then you’re not taking things seriously enough and if you haven’t been hacked, you really should jump onto things and start testing.

WebSurgery is a new application that has just been released by SuRGeoNix, a security enthusiast. SuRGeoNix releases all sorts of useful tools, WebSurgery being the latest one.

WebSurgery uses a fast and stable Web Crawler,...

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Why move from Facebook to Google+?

I came across an incredibly interesting post outlining reasons why you should move to Google+ from Facebook. I’ve been waiting for these types of posts for a couple days now and am thrilled to see then popping up.

I’ve been using Google+ for a while, but can’t say that I really have my mind around it, like I do Facebook, but I can see potential.

Anyway, here are the nine reasons as well as a link to the original website if you want a...

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Google+ stole the circles idea?

What’s a weekend without a chuckle?

Well, I came across this one whilst surfing around Google+ this morning and felt I’d share it with all of you, the social media junkies should have a decent laugh:

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