WWDC is tomorrow!

I’m super amped to hear what Apple announce tomorrow at the World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC)! From what I can tell, there are a few topics that we’re all waiting for: iOS5, Mac OS Lion and iCloud. Maybe we’ll even hear more about the Apple iPhone 5!

iOS5 is said to have deep Twitter integration, notifications overhaul, widgets, voice integration and an introduction to iOS OTA.


iCould is new and exciting, I...

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Is your marketplace REALLY listening to you?

It’s hard to build a community or a business, when you don’t have a voice.


  • If you follow the social media gurus and act like their outsourced retweeting machine, you lose your voice.
  • If you go with the flow, seldom seeking to express your own opinions, you lose your voice.
  • If you run a small business, which looks a lot like most other small businesses in your niche, you lose your voice.

The solution?

Do the...

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4 Types of Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a relatively new term that refers to marketing that is opt-in. Unlike outbound marketing, which consists of push techniques like TV, print, and radio advertising, public relations, direct mail, and telemarketing, inbound marketing is about joining the conversation that a prospective client or customer is already having with themselves. It’s not about trying to create a want or a need; it’s about satisfying a want or a need that already exists. So what exactly constitutes...

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What Liberty learnt this week at Google UK HQ

As Liberty is on the Google’s Engage for Agencies programme, on Wednesday, our Pay Per Click manager Chris had the pleasure of attending an event at their UK HQ.

The main focus of the event was to understand how best to improve the visibility of small businesses online. There were some very interesting topics discussed and some great insight into search trends. Here are the highlights from Chris’s notes on what Google was saying:Changes to AdWordsThere are quite a few changes in AdWords ad extensions this week. You will soon be charged for...

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If you don’t take a risk now you will hate yourself later!

Photo: takomabibelot

If you look at the world’s most successful businesspeople, none of them play it safe.

If you look at the people at the top of your profession, none of them play it safe.

However, if you look at the hundreds of millions of people, who live uninspiring, average lives, all of them play it...

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Facebook competitions: The Rules of engagement

Facebook recently placed some stringent rules in place that impact the way the brands and businesses can interact with fans on Facebook.

The key elements point to making sure that you do not confuse any people about who is sponsoring the promotion, not using any Facebook elements as entry elements to you competition (IE: using the like button to enter the competition) and to refrain from the use of the Facebook brand to promote promotions.

Here are the details straight from the

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What is Silicon Cape?

There has been a fair amount of buzz around this new initiative in Cape Town called Silicon Cape. The concept is pretty simple but pretty hard to achieve.

Their main objectives are:

1) Increase number and quality of tech startups 2) Increase number and quality of tech investors 3) Creating an environment where both can thrive

Rich People and Nerds

I remember a quote I heard ages ago. “Be nice to nerds, one day they’ll be your boss.”

Nerds have the ability to create new concepts and bring them to the table...

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Great social media brand tips from Nike

I have finally found a presentation at #SMWF that went deep into some branding ideas in social media. Kemi Benjamin spoke about social media as a key part in branding but not the main part. I have enjoyed seeing what Nike has been doing in the branding space and how social it is without being all about social media.

I think this is where Kemi has got it right with Nike. The focus is on being social. Making running social and this is not limited to social media only, however most of the campaign is underpinned...

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Social Media World Forum Africa – Day 1 feedback

It’s been interesting to see how far South African businesses have come with social media and how far they still need to go.

The two brands who impressed me today were Standard Bank and Cell C. Here is why. It’s clear that involvement in social media as brands is forcing each business to go from superficial involvement to an integrated use of social media in the organization. Both businesses are being forced to evolve as a result.

For social media to be used successfully it also needs to impact...

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Social Media Crisis Management

What if it hits the fan?

This fear is one of the main reasons why companies don’t get in social media. Companies are worried that if they enter the social media space, they will generate bad PR. The problem is that this bad PR, if it exists, is on those social media channels already. In other words, the conversation is already happening, you may as well join it.

Yoav Tchelet, from AVIS, had the following suggestions to be ready to handle a crisis in your social media channels.

3 building blocks of crises...

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Analyst firm Nielsen delves into neuromarketing

Marketing and consumer analyst Nielsen Holdings has purchased NeuroFocus, a company that specialises in measuring neural activity to gain insight into consumer behaviour.

The California-based NeuroFocus already serves a number of clients in the UK, Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.

It uses cutting edge neuroscience techniques to measure factors like engagement, consumer attention and memory retention through brainwave activity. The techniques enable marketers to understand the effectiveness of...

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The biggest benefit to monitoring online reputation and sentiment

Standard Bank did a detailed presentation around their listening strategies online. The presentation was very interesting and went into detail about crunching the stats in such a way to get valuable, workable results. Now for a few of the key points:

Tailoring your offering on different social media platforms

This was spoken about in the previous article but it deserves being repeated. Different networks have different environments. Standard Bank has spent time listening to their audience and have found that...

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Five steps to successful social media monitoring

Why should I bother monitoring social media?

Quite simply, monitoring social media allows you to track what the public is saying about you, analyse the comments and then identify opportunities to engage the public better with your products and services.

Here are Meltwaters “Five steps to successful social media monitoring”

Step 1: Start listening in

Start listening to social media sites to find out where your customers are and what their needs are. Hold back on the desire to respond straight away....

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Can social media attract customers and have they changed

Listening to the first panel at the Social Media World Forum bought up a few interesting insights in the role of social media in marketing plans.

The panel consisted of:

Moderator: Michelle Atagana, Editor, memeburn Garth Rhoda, General Manager Media, Habari Media Group Siphelele Sixaso, Head of Marketing, SAfm Bellinder Carreira, Senior Manager Digital and Direct Marketing, Standard Bank

As you can see this is a great panel of experts so the insight gathered here should carry some clout. There were two main insights that were...

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#SMWF – First Impressions

As the saying goes “first impressions last” and so far I have a great impression of the Social Media World Forum (#SMWF). Walking into the venue makes me proud to be a part of such a dynamic industry that knows how to do things right.

The biggest technical detail at the conference is the tweet wall. You can check it out here. Basically the tweet wall, sponsored by Nokia, is an aggregation of all things twitter related at #SMWF. A very cool tool that helps people track...

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Wooing search engines with fresh content

Wake up and smell the fresh coffee! Or in this case, the fresh content…

Whenever I look at search engine optimisation (the art of getting search engines to like you), I always come back to creating original content. Yes, I know that there are many other ways to achieve better search engine placement – like article directories, back linking campaigns and a host of other clever linking strategies – but not one of these can give you both long- and short-term growth in your website traffic.

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Twitter releases Follow buttons for your website

Twitter just launched a button that you can add to your website that allows twitter users to click follow from your website and follow your twitter profile.

To quote Mashable:

“Previously, website publishers had to redirect users to their respective accounts on Twitter.com before users could opt to follow them. The new feature will likely encourage publishers to increase the number of “follow us”...

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Is this common mistake crushing your dreams?

Will that new business idea of yours succeed?

Yesterday alone, 3 people asked me that question.  They wanted me to tell them “YES, go for it!” or “NO, it’s a bad business idea!”  The challenge here, is that the question itself is deeply flawed.

Will your next...

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This Week in Mobile…

Apple move to protect developers

Last week saw Lodsys try to enforce in-app payment patents against App developers and not against the platforms themselves … This week saw Apple reply with words akin to “not on our watch”.

Surely Lodsys saw this coming? We speculated as to what Apple’s reaction might be, but in hindsight it’s obvious. EVERY platform’s success hinges on an active developer community, so Apple weighing in should come as no surprise.

I think Android and...

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