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Keep on

  • Cash flow looks like it could be a real problem next month.  Speak with someone who knows how to fix it.  But keep on!
  • The last person you gave a presentation to didn’t buy.  Give a better presentation to a better prospect next time.  But keep on!
  • Your last newsletter or blog post flopped.  Write another one that’s better.  But keep on!
  • Your product or service is not generating enough inquiries.  Improve your message.  But keep...

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Survey Finds iPad Increases Business Productivity

A survey conducted by YouGov on behalf of engagement agency Seven has found that Apple’s iPad increases productivity for business users.

The survey, which asked over 1,000 ipad users about their device usage, found that even though 80 percent of iPad users also own a smartphone, 35 percent of them favoured using the iPad to work on whilst commuting and 40 percent use it whilst travelling for business.

Further results found that business iPad users interact more with magazines: 61 percent stated they were...

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UK’s First NFC Mobile Payments Service Launched

Orange and Barlaycard have launched the UK’s first contactless mobile payments system – QuickTap – allowing consumers to make purchases using their mobile phone.

The nationwide service, which has been rolled out to over 50,000 stores, allows for payments of £15 and under by tapping the mobile device against a specially designed reader.

The service can be used by those who have a Barclaycard, Barclays debit card or a Orange credit card and a QuickTap enabled handset, the Samsung...

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This Week in Mobile…

Blackberry launch the new Playbook … and promptly issue a recall


So RIM get their iPad beater to the US and Canadian market and then have to issue a recall due to a faulty operating system! Initially it was thought 900 devices were affected, although RIM later issued a public statement stating 1000 of the 16Gb models had been affected. Not a good omen, but I still...

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App Usage on Smartphones & Tablets

A study conducted by mobile analytics firm Zokem outlines how application usage differs between smartphone and tablet devices, and also compares the time spent using apps compared to web usage.

Unsurprisingly, the results found that application use is more popular than using web browsers on both smartphone and tablet devices. Smartphone users access a web browser 15 percent of the time whilst tablet users access one 39 percent of the time.

Interestingly the study also...

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Recruitment perks of a premium profile on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is without a doubt the leader in electronic recruiting.

LinkedIn for recruitersYou can seek, target and acquire qualified job candidates without having to wade through loads of unimpressive CVs and desperate job seekers. It’s also easy to integrate with your current recruitment processes.

The number of...

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How Are Consumers Interacting With Smartphones?

35 percent of smartphone users access information on their devices before getting out of bed, according to a recent study conducted by Ericsson ConsumerLab, with 18 percent checking their social network accounts before starting their day.

The study also provides insights into how smartphone users interact with their devices and when:

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DA dominates in digital space

The second formal website benchmarking survey of South African political parties was released today by World Wide Worx.

In the article, “DA leads in online race”, it was revealed that the Democratic Alliance is leagues ahead – in the online world – of the political pack competing in South Africa’s 2011 Municipal Election race.

Headed by South Africa’s leading expert on internet and...

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Apple Sets A Number of World Records

Apple have come up trumps after setting a number of Guinness World Records for the iPhone 4 and App Store.

The iPhone 4 was named the ‘Fastest Selling Portable Gaming System’ after selling an estimated 1.5 million units when it was first released in June of last year. This was in comparison to gaming devices Nintendo’s DS and Sony’s PSP which sold 500,000 units and 200,000 units respectively during the first week of launch.

Apple’s App Store has also received commendation...

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Minus keywords in search queries affect in-bound links as well as on-page text

Yesterday we made a discovery regarding one of Google's advanced search parameters. When you do a Google search, if you exclude a keyword by putting a minus sign in front of it (e.g. -keyword), you are not only excluding results that contain that particular word in their on-page copy, but we also now believe that it also excludes any webpage with at least one link pointing to it with that word in the anchor text.

Liberty team member Steve made this discovery when he responded to a

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Google AdWords showing URLs in top 3 advert headlines

Something we noticed this morning is Google AdWords showing a URL in the headline of an advert:

It looks like Google is:

1. Only adding the URL to the headings of the top 3 adverts2. Not adding the URL if the advert is taking advantage of the recent 'top ad' layout (where the first line of the body becomes the second half of the heading)3. Not taking space or characters away from the headline to add the...

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Yahoo and Bing reach 30% search share in the US

The latest comScore Press Release shows that between them, Bing and Yahoo! now have a 30% share of the US search market. The two search engines are set to merge later in 2011, which would create a serious competitor to Google.

Whilst Google is still far in the lead, with over 65% of all searches, the percentage of queries made using its system has...

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5 Things Brands Can Learn From The Apprentice

We eagerly tuned in to The Apprentice last night to watch how the teams would respond to the task of creating and launching a smartphone app … it certainly made for interesting viewing!

Whilst the internet is alight with comments (and criticisms) around the parties involved, we thought we would take a look at the lessons brands can learn from the show.

An App Is For Life, Not Just 24 Hours

If the show proved one thing it’s that an app cannot be thought of, designed, developed and pushed...

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IDC – Smartphone Market Shares

According to IDC the Western European mobile phone market grew 5 percent year-on-year to 45 million units in Q1 2011.

During this quarter, Samsung shipments increased 5.3 percent year-on-year to 13.2 million units, making it the biggest mobile phone operator in the region with 29.3 percent market share.

Nokia now owns 27.9 percent of the market share, dropping to second place with 12.6 million units...

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Apple: The World’s Most Valuable Brand

Whether or not you are an Apple fan boy / girl, there is a certain level of admiration for a company which has just earned themselves the title of the World’s Most Valuable Brand.

According to a recent study (entitled Brandz Top 100 2011) by global research agency, Milward Brown, Apple has increased its brand value by 84 percent to $153.3 billion.

The tech company are at the top of the ‘100 Most Valuable Global Brands’ list which...

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Banner advertising stats not matching Google Analytics?

I wrote about this on my blog a few weeks ago but thought it was worth sharing with our DigitLab clients. We often have clients asking why the traffic stats they get from google are so different to the traffic stats they get from their banner advertising service providers.

It is important to understand how Google Analytics works.

Google Analytics only measures the click from users who can accept a cookie on there computer system. GA also only measures the click once the entire page is loaded because the...

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Good news for online advertisers: Geo-targeting is set to get a lot smarter

A bugbear of Pay Per Click advertisers across the globe is how inaccurate geo-targeting can be. The thought of being able to display adverts to internet users in a tightly set location is ideal for local businesses but the unfortunate reality is that platforms like Google AdWords haven’t been able to accurately serve adverts a lot of the time.

Geo-targeting to date has mainly been based on the location of a users’ Internet Service Provider. This can often be very different to where that user...

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Marketers still spending on FB fans despite confusion over ROI

A new study has attempted to shed light on what people generally gain by becoming Facebook fans of brands, what marketers expect to achieve through this, and what the opportunities are for both groups in social media.

Millward Brown and Dynamic Logic in co-operation with the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) suggested key factors that drive a stronger response to fan pages.

It splits these into five basic, mainly unsurprising, expectations from fans, which apply to all brand pages, and five proposed...

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Android most popular smartphone platform in UK and US

Android phones are now more popular that iPhones in the UK, according to new research.

Around 28% of smartphone owners own an Android handset, narrowly edging out the 26% iPhone users for the first time, the study for digital banking provider Intelligent Environments found. Around 14% of smartphone users own a Blackberry, it said.

Over four million British people over the age of 18 own an Android handset. The greater variety of handsets available means that Android powered phones have a wider appeal, and...

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