Keep an Eye on Your Analytics for Trends and Insights

One of the most important things a site owner can do is keep a watch on their site’s analytics. I don’t recommend that you scour the data daily and panic over hourly dips in traffic, but it is important to know what is going on with your site. SEO is not a set-it-and-forget it kind of thing, so routine changes, tests and general tweaking becomes a critical component of ongoing success.

But you will never know what is or isn’t working for your site unless you look at your analytics and...

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Nick's top Blog Posts to Read for July 21, 2011

Below you will find our favorite blog posts that are related to SEO, search engine marketing and social media marketing from this past week. Please feel free to visit each, we hope you find them as helpful as we do! Want to Build Your Email List? Follow These Steps. This post includes ways to build your email list with the help of your current customers.

The True Cost of SEO

SEO is free because all you need is an Internet connection to do it, right? Not exactly. In order to implement a good SEO strategy it takes time. First, it takes time to learn the complexities of search engine optimization. Sure, there are tons of free resources out there to learn the basics, but SEO is really one of those things that you can’t truly “get” until you actually start executing it. It takes years to truly understand the process and even then, it’s always changing.


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Is Your Site Optimized for Transactional Search?

If you were to look at the average search engine user, their search history would boil down to three basics types of search—informational, transactional and navigational. An informational search is when they are looking for information, perhaps the answer to a question. Transactional searches are when a user is looking to take action, they’ll use words like “buy” or “download” in their search query. Navigational searches are when a user searches by brand or product...

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Find people on Google Plus

I came across a really useful tool this afternoon called Find People on Google Plus and guess what, that’s exactly what it helps you do. The website currently has just under 4 and a half million users who are searchable, and this tool allows you to search through all the users for a word of your choice.

I immediately performed a search on “SEO” to hopefully find some new potentials for the SEO...

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Getting Started With Google+ for iPhone

Apple has finally approved the eagerly awaited Google+ app for iPhone. While it’s definitely better than using the mobile web interface, the app has attracted much criticism from the social network’s users.

The application has been a little buggy from the start, tending to stall a little before really getting going. That being said, Google+ will certainly grow to be a much better application with all the user feedback. Besides, this is the first version of what could turn out to be the next...

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Are you commanding attention or demanding attention?

There’s a big difference between commanding people’s attention and demanding people’s attention.

Demanding attention

Most of the small business marketing we see is trying to demand our attention.

  • They send us emails we never asked for.
  • They pester us on social networking sites.
  • They call us in the office when we are busy and sometimes at home when we are relaxing with our family and friends.
  • They interrupt our TV and radio shows with their sales pitches.
  • They pursue us at business...

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The Interconnected World of Tech Companies

Imagine what google would look like if is owned Foursquare and Instagram? What would change at Apple if Reid Hoffman never left?

We found this on Mashable and wanted to share it with our readers. Hope you enjoy it.



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Get New Blog Post Ideas from Old Content

If you’ve been blogging for awhile, chances are you’ve experienced writers block. Let’s face it, sometimes it isn’t easy to brainstorm ideas that will translate into quality blog posts. If you’re ever stuck, why not look back at some old posts that you’ve written for inspiration? While the old posts may be dated, that doesn’t mean that they’ve lost all of their value.

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Categorizing Your Inbound Links

While it’s not fun or glamorous, it is important that site owners conduct a full link audit once a year. Depending on how long you have been engaging in link building, you might have thousands of links to sort through, but it has to be done. Digging through you link portfolio is important for several reasons. First off, it helps you identify any holes in your link building strategy. Do you have hundreds of links from blog commenting but only three local search profiles? Secondly, organizing your link...

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Crowd sourcing your music video #vaccinesvideo

Sony have come up with a digital marketing campaign, which aims to fuel the music video of The Vaccines new single called Wetsuit. The idea is fairly straight forward, but definitely something new:

The public are able to submit photographs in real-time by simply shooting and tagging with the hashtag #vaccinesvideo on Instagram. The director of the movie is going to then source all the content for the music video from what the public submit.

I’m a big fan of user generated content, I feel that it gives...

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New FourSquare for BlackBerry users

As the title says, a new version of FourSquare is available for all the BlackBerry users and it’s a big update, so take a read of all this goodness.

The look is a lot clear than before, you’ll notice this immediately and I can see you smiling from ear to ear! The user interface has been overhauled and presents you with a much better experience; there’s a new feature which gives you suggestions on places to go; there’s...

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How do you look?

How good an observer are you?

One of the lessons my mentor shared with me, was the commercial value of being a good observer.  This means observing what’s happening and looking for the beauty or lesson in what you see.  It also means looking at the subtext of conversations and the meaning behind what people say, rather than just the words themselves.

When we look at a...

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SEO Video Tip – Content Recycling Requires Synergy

Content recycling involves taking a great piece of content and re-purposing it across a variety of platforms to generate more SEO value. Unlike article spinning, content recycling means creating unique pieces of content that fits each medium. Here are 4 best practice tips to make sure you get the most out of your efforts:

Watch this week’s SEO video lesson here!


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Blog Post Optimization Tips to Follow

Blogs are the original social media outlet. They allow for you to share your ideas and expertise with a target audience in an informal manner and encourage communication. Businesses have long used blogs to their advantage to build brand awareness and establish their online identity as an authority figure in a given niche. Blogs are great tools to communicate with your loyal followers and readers on a regular basis, but they also provide a great opportunity to get noticed by new prospective clients or...

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Why 301 Redirects Are Important

I had been doing the link building for one of my clients for a little over two years. Not to pat myself on the back, but there were a lot of good, quality links pointing to this site. At the beginning of the link building campaign I laid out a strategy (as I do for all my clients) to help me stay focused and keep my link building efforts diversified. The site was doing incredibly well, ranking on the first page of Google for all its keywords and getting thousands of unique visitors a month. Their conversion...

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Most expensive AdWords categories

If you’ve ever worked with Google AdWords, you’ll know that some keywords are incredibly expensive. I’ve found it fascinating discovering that some areas such as credit, insurance and property can have cost per clicks of tens of dollars, if not hundreds. I remember the first time I was involved in a debt related search engine marketing campaign, a good few years ago and each click was up at $50 per click...

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Are you making this common mistake when selling your services?

How much do you charge per hour?

The reason I ask you this, is that I have a suggestion for you.  If you currently quote prospective clients an hourly rate for your services, I would like you to reconsider.  In my experience, you will almost certainly do a lot better, if you quote based on the value of the result you deliver, rather than how long it takes you to deliver it.

Here’s why:

  • People never pay for the hour.
  • People...

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GMail notifications in Google+

A new Chrome plugin has been released which integrates GMail and Google+, providing you with notifications when you receive new emails on your GMail account. I’ve said it before, “Google’s tying everything together finally, all small apps becoming one” and this is just another step in that direction for me.

I’m seeing a lot of people enjoying Google+, I’ve read articles on why Google+ is better than Facebook and we published an article right here on iMod about

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