3 Tips for Starting Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

If you are still “testing the waters” when it comes to social media marketing, you are behind the times. Social media marketing has matured passed the trial-and-error phase and has become a critical component of any online marketing campaign. Some web marketing experts have even said they would be willing to give up their website over their social profiles if they had to choose (not something I would recommend doing, for the record). The point is that just about everyone knows they need to get a...

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Dos and Don'ts of Pitching a Journalist Using HARO

I've been using Help a Reporter Out (HARO) for a while to publicize my business and my clients' businesses.  But I also sit on the other side of the fence as a journalist when I'm looking for sources to add a punch to assignments or writing for Examiner.com (strictly as a labor of love).  Over time, drawing on my previous journalism background as well as my current work, I've found that there are several things to do (and not...

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Klout takes blogging into account now

Klout has recognized that they need to go deeper than just status updates and actually look into platforms such as Blogger, Tumblr, Flickr, Instagram and Last.fm.

Today Klout added these 5 platforms to their measuring influence algorithms. This comes after many requests from fans to have blog integration put in place.

It’s great to see Klout evolving its algorithm further than just the common quick update platforms like Facebook, Twitter,...

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Who Owns Social Media? PR or Marketing?

Marketing is all about pushing the company messages out to target audiences through a variety of channels, which can include Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. However, social media is about engaging in conversations with your target audience, something that push marketers aren’t that skilled at. Try promoting your business on Twitter and Facebook, and you will lose followers. Social media is not specifically for lead generation (marketing) but more for raising brand awareness and thought leadership...

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How Tesco used QR Codes to increase online shopping

I love it when clever people come up with simple ideas that change the way the world works. This example we will look at today is a subway advertisement that turned a South Korean subway into a supermarket.

The execution is so simple. Life size banners that display supermarket brands with QR codes on each item. Scan the item and get them delivered to your door by the end of the day. The idea was sparked by the need to create more sales without opening more stores. After extensive research into the market...

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The True Meaning of DNT

The widespread adoption of audience targeting by Madison Avenue has prompted the Federal Trade Commission to call for more oversight of the industry through a proposed solution named Do Not Track (DNT). While the government’s intention is noble, DNT has become somewhat of a misnomer by adding more confusion than clarity. It’s time that we set the record straight.

The conversations taking place about behavioral targeting is occurring between the wrong parties. As DNT stands today, the dialogue is...

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Video Host With The Most?

There’s no right answer to this question. You have to look at the pros and cons of each option, and see what’s right for you.

Self-hosting: Hosting is something you can do yourself. All but the most basic web-hosting packages give you the means. The most common movie format has been Flash, but it’s not longer as safe a choice as it had been. The burgeoning popularity of Apple’s iPad, iTouch, and iPhone — none of which play Flash at all — has made self-hosting in...

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Website helps identify London looters

Whilst watching Sky News I heard a reporter talk about CCTV publishing photographs of the looters and actually wondered to myself whether publishing them on Facebook would assist with finding and tagging people, but then I figured people would mess with it.

A new website called Zavilia.com has launched which publishes photographs of the looters and once several people have identified a looter, the looters name is sent to the police. They do have a

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Condom finding iPhone application

MTV launched a Staying Alive campaign to create awareness of HIV in the youth and through this campaign, they’ve done a number of great things.

MTV teamed up with iCondom to produce an awesome new iPhone application with a simple concept, but an incredible impact!

The iCondom iPhone application providers users with the world’s largest condom distribution map, meaning that no matter where you are, logging into the application would hopefully show you the closest spot to pick up some condoms and...

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5 Ways LinkedIn Can Help You Grow

Linkedin Tips

Social media is not just something that is planning on sticking around for a little bit with the plans of eventually moving on. Sites like LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter have completely changed the landscape of digital communication — forever....

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Fruity deal: Orange and Apple to offer iPhone film downloads

Orange customers will soon be able to download a free film each week via their Apple iPhones, thanks to a new partnership between the two multi-national companies.

Orange: Film to Go is set to launch on 11 August and will be supported by a multi-platform advertising campaign which illustrates films being watched 'on the move' via various devices including laptops and mobiles. In order to access the free service, customers will simply need to text the network provider, visit a dedicated Facebook page, www.facebook.com/orangefilmclub, or use a...

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How Social Media Affects SEO Success

If branding and the opportunity to communicate and form relationships with your current and potential customers and clients isn’t enough reason to get involved in social media, here’s one more: it affects your SEO. That’s right, SEO is about links and more and more links are being shared in social media. The search engines have taken note, and it’s time that you do too since your search engine ranking can really help to make or break you.

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Create a FourSquare page for your business

I remember when Facebook first launched Groups, thousands of businesses quickly setup groups and started inviting people. Then came pages and the remake of pages, which have proven to be incredible marketing tools for businesses big and small.

Most social networks create an element for businesses, it makes sense from a revenue point of view, even if it’s provided free. FourSquare has taken this approach too and now allows users to...

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This is the week that was in B2B: Wobbles a plenty

It was one of those weeks where the world wobbled. The US lost its AAA credit rating, the FTSE100 saw £150bn wiped off the value of its shares and a crisis of confidence struck the Eurozone – again. Thankfully, there was some respite and joy for B2B Marketers – well, those who weren’t crying into their dwindling pension pots.

Infographic of the Week

Holidaying world leaders may have missed it, but not us… the good people at Marketing Sherpa shared the latest findings on how B2B marketers are...

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#Londonriots – Fuelled By Mobile, Not Social Media

Social media sites Facebook and twitter were blamed today by Government and Metropolitan Police spokespeople for fanning the UK #Londonriots and looting over the weekend.  Fingers were pointed at these social networking sites for the fact that they enable people to send out calls for people to gather together.

The disturbances happened after the fatal shooting of Tottenham father of four Mark Duggan who was allegedly killed in a minicab on Thursday by police firearm officers.

Blaming these sites is just placing a distraction for the real reasons for the unlawful behaviour that took place, highlighting a lack of understanding or will to understand of how people...

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Learn from Other’s Twitter Mistakes

As social media has matured over the last few years, it has become more obvious that social media marketing has to power to make or break a brand. When handled correctly, social media marketing allows companies to connect with their consumers in a new and personalized way, learn insights directory from their target audience, and develop a strong and loyal network and much, much more. However, when mishandled, social media also has the power to completely ruin a brand’s online reputation.

Because of...

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Google Sent us a Package!

I always get excited when I check our mail and there is a package from Google. I don’t know if it is because Google is notorious for never really using any type of snail mail for communication but I get a warm and fuzzy feeling when I see a little white box with a giant Google sticker on it. Today it is a little package from Googles Engage program for agencies.

Photo 1

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Big Brother apps coming to a mobile near you

Big Brother fans will soon be able to access their favourite housemate info, games and live coverage after Channel announced it is to launch its first apps for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices on 18 August.

The reality show, which was bought by Five last year after ten years of success on Channel 4, kicks off with ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ on Thursday 18 August with the apps’ launch set to coincide with the first broadcast, pending approval from Apple.

In addition to pre-roll ads which...

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I now own a plot on Mars!

This morning I received a package that contains a certificate stating that I now own a piece of land on Mars. I’m totally stoked, I’ve just bought a house and now I own land on Mars, this property thing is going really well! I’m bleak though, I left my certificate at work, so you’ll have to wait for the photograph, but in the meantime, let me tell you more:

kulula.com is celebrating its tenth birthday by looking to a potentially intergalactic future. To mark ten years in business and a...

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More Myths Of Innovation

I’ve just read Steven Berkun’s ‘Myths of Innovation’ and Tom Kelley’s ‘Ten Faces of Innovation’ (both excellent books) – and a recent article by psychologist Art Markman also now helps to support their view – that our obsession with individual heroic endeavor and discovery can often hinder true progress. The cultural myth of lone genius, tortured artist and brilliant technician who solves the worlds problems is still alive and well.

I love a good myth me....

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