Is Your Internet Marketing Strategy Annoying?

Internet marketers sometimes think the more content, the better off they will be. They think that they need to pump it out by writing multiple blog posts and articles a day and then promote them in social media by tweeting and posting links to Facebook 50 times a day and sending out an email newsletter every other day.

Even if you’ve hired a great staff of writers and content marketers and the content is of good quality- is it even being viewed, or are people getting sick of seeing your name...

How Google and Bing searches compare

Bing vs. Google

A recent study has shown that Google may be falling short of Microsoft's search engine, Bing, when it comes to the helpfulness and relevance of their search results. The study looked at just how many searches made using the search engines actually resulted in a visit to one of the suggested websites. The findings were very interesting;...

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Often Forgotten OnSite SEO Must Haves

When it comes to optimizing your site, there are a lot of things to remember to do. You have to conduct keyword research on a page by page basis, optimize the content, write meta descriptions, include call-to-actions in the content, create unique URLS, developing an internal linking structure and much more. It’s often easy to forget one or two things from your SEO checklist when optimizing your site, especially if your site has hundreds (if not thousands) of pages.

Are you guilty of forgetting these...

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Conducting Blog Research – SEO Video Tip

Blog commenting is an excellent form of link building for numerous reasons. However, the hardest part (and most time consuming) about blog commenting is actually finding good industry blogs to comment on. Here are a few tips to help guide your blog research so you can leave comments on blogs that are going to help your SEO.

Watch this week’s SEO video lesson here!


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Social Media is the New Focus Group

Ten years ago if a company wanted consumer insight they’d set up a focus group and provide some incentive for a small group of people to sit in a room for a few hours and answer questions about a product, service, or brand. Along with surveys, it was one of the only ways to find out what actual customers are thinking. Well, social media has changed all of that. Businesses that have a social media presence are now provided with customer feedback on a daily basis and the primary difference is that the...

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This is the week that was: When social media showed its good and bad side

This week there was only one thing dominating the news (apart from the small issue of the economy going down the pan) – the streets of London were taken over by baton and Blackberry wielding youngsters, ready to grab whatever they could get their hands on.

Is there anything the world of business, and B2B, could learn from this? Well not a huge amount, apart from of course a slap in the face that social media is truly the mouthpiece of the next generation...

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Monitor Your Online Reputation with Social Networking

One of the most important assets a company has is its online reputation. Your online reputation effects how customers view your company and brand, how much search engines “trust” your website and whether or not your company will be able to survive any negative attention. Monitoring what people are saying about your company online is a crucial component is maintaining your online reputation.

Social networking sites offer a bevy of information and online chatter about your brand. If you aren’t...

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Google’s Motorola Deal is About Patents Not Innovation

By now you’ve heard that Google’s agreed to acquire Motorola Mobility for around $12.5 billion. Google says it plans to run Motorola Mobility as a separate business, and is committed to keeping Android an open platform for other licensees. Android licensees such as Samsung, Sony Ericsson, and HTC are lightly praising the deal.

As the patent wars really heat up between Apple, Google, and Microsoft, this is perhaps a very smart move by Google to hedge its bets even more. But Google and...

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Keep Your Website the Center of Your Inbound Marketing

On more than one occasion I have come across a marketing blog post claiming that businesses should just do away with their company sites and turn their social networking profiles into final destination of all their inbound marketing efforts. For the record, I 100% disagree with this (and it’s not just because I am an SEO professional). While social media may be at the core of how we connect, communicate and grow online, a social profile cannot replace the value of a well optimized website. Your...

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Apple, Samsung, London Buses and iWorks: This Week In Mobile…

A mainly geographical themed look at mobile this week as we go down under, speak German and take a tour of London buses…

Samsung ‘Down Under’ Apple Lawsuit

If there’s one thing that can halt progress, it’s lawyers. That’s the problem facing Samsung after being forced to agree they won’t sell the newest version of their Galaxy Tab tablet in Australia until a patent lawsuit with Apple is resolved.

According to the Australian injunction won by Apple, the Samsung Galaxy...

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Blackberry brand under fire following UK riots

Blackberry's reputation has suffered this week after the mobile messaging service became embroilled in the national riots following reports that rioters used it to coordinate attacks during the violence.

Widespread attacks across Britain's cities including London, Birmingham, Bristol and Manchester has forced a spotlight onto Blackberry's messenger system which has been a popular means of the gangs coordinating the attacks. However Blackberry, which is owned by Research in Motion, has been quick...

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Use SEO with Your Trade Show Marketing

SEO is a form of online marketing and displaying at a trade show is considered offline marketing, so how the heck do you get any SEO benefit out of a trade show? Easy. It’s important to always have SEO on the brain when launching any marketing initiative, including offline marketing. The best SEO link building strategy integrates every aspect of your marketing, not just what you’re doing online. Trade shows, and really any event that you participate in or sponsor, can help with your link...

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3 Common Link Building Mistakes

After optimizing your site for both visitors and the search engines (visitors first!), you have to create a diverse portfolio of one-way, incoming links to your site to help drive targeted traffic through. That’s where link building comes in. It may seem like a relatively simple process, but it is incredibly important that you take a strictly white hat approach to your link building. This means no link exchanges, link farms, cloaked text, spamming blogs and so forth. But did you know you could still be...

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4 ways of thinking beyond Facebook and Twitter

Businesses are finally beginning to understand that they need to have a social media presence, but are still a little confused about where that presence should be. They see Facebook and Twitter all over the place and think, “Alright, that’s where I’ve gotta be too”. Facebook and Twitter are certainly the social media bigwigs and it makes sense for many companies to have a presence on these sites. But for many businesses, that’s not where social media involvement should end. ...

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