On Site Optimization Tip: Weigh Time vs. Return

SEO best practice dictates that a full-optimized site means every single page of that site (from homepage to individual product/service pages to the About Us page) has been properly optimized for SEO. This includes conducting keyword research, possibly rewriting the content, writing Meta tags and descriptions, customizing the URL, developing an internal linking structure and more. A smaller site could easily spend 40 hours or more optimizing itself. But what about a large site with 1,000, 10,000 or more...

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Video: How do you define your brand?

This week’s Slice of Advice Q comes from Bonnie Bradshaw, a motivational youth speaker. She writes “When someone asks me what is my Brand I don’t have a clue what to say!”

As I tell her in the video below, don’t get all wrapped around the axle about defining brand. Brand is simply your reputation, it’s what you’re known for. It’s your hook that differentiates you from the thousands selling what you’re selling. Brand can be based on a lot of factors that...

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Tips For Keeping Healthy At Trade Show Events

Leave your trade show satisfied, happy and in proper health!

A lot of hard work and effort goes into the success of a company’s trade show booth―months of rehearsing  and strategizing a marketing plan before arrival, choosing a booth exhibit that successfully reflects your brand and message, and speaking with each and every attendee who stops by, hoping to connect with a qualified...

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Facebook Marketing Tips for SEO

We all know that Facebook is a great marketing tool because it allows businesses to interact with their customers on a daily basis. It’s a place to form relationships and share valuable content while building a brand in the ever important social space. Just because your Facebook Page is technically owned by Facebook, that doesn’t mean that you can’t do your best to optimize the Page just as you would optimize your own website. Remember, it’s important to always think about SEO when...

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Half Court Shot Nets Publicity for basketbal team

Portland Man Makes Half-Court Shot and Wins a New Truck

The Portland Trail Blazers were looking for a way to capitalize on the excitement of a Friday night game and garner unsolicited media coverage, all while promoting their sponsor. The solution:  an on-court promotion giving one lucky contestant the chance to attempt a half-court shot for a new Toyota vehicle!  Not only did the promotion generate  excitement in the viewing crowd, but the results had the media and fans buzzing for the remainder of the season!

The Portland Trail Blazers “Toyota Half-Court...

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Non-Profit Marketing in Tough Economic Times

Because we’ve done everything from brand development and event planning to fully integrated marketing communications plans for non-profits, we’ve been asked to do a number of seminar presentations dealing specifically with how non-profits should market their brands. With the economy still struggling and money tight among consumers and corporations, non-profits need extra help maximizing their fundraising and positioning themselves in a very competitive non-profit environment. So here are a few tips that have proved helpful for a number of non-profit organizations....

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New Social WordPress plugin from MailChimp

MailChimp has launched a new WordPress plugin which aims to assist bloggers with the whole integration of Facebook and Twitter. The aim is to allow you to collect everything and put it all in one place, in other words, your blog.

The plugin comes with a number of awesome features and functions, so if you’re not interested in just the basics, then it would make sense to read up on the features, as it looks like there’s something for everyone who blogs and is a little social.

Here are some...

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What interns think of SHMOOO’s

Oh man, I had such a good laugh when I watched this video, it’s a topic which so many of us in the social media industry can relate to and it’s communicated so darn accurately.

If there’s one thing you’re going to do today, take a list, if you’re a true social media geek, you’ll laugh hard!


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Skype WiFi comes to iOS devices

I’m sure you’ve all heard about mobile applications that allow you to make calls over WiFi rather than the normal way of calling. In other words, you’re “billed” for data rather than call charges.

Well, if you haven’t, it’s worth looking into because if you’re in a WiFi zone and you have your mobile on you, you can effectively call for free, if you’re on an uncapped Internet account.

Skype’s just announced that they too are targeting this market and...

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Bing Gives Link Building Advice

Bing Talks Link Building

There is no doubt about it — building links is important. What is more important is building the right links. A link on a site selling baby supplies when you are a tire manufacturer is not going to help even in the slightest. The...

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Do You Have the Right Video Marketing Priorities?

YouTube has made it very easy for anyone to create a video, upload it, and share it with others. Millions of people visit the site on a daily basis, which has resulted in numerous “YouTube sensations”: people featured in videos that have gone viral and achieved an astounding number of views in a short period of time.

Since it seems to happen fairly frequently businesses want to get in on the action. They think that if they create something crazy, funny, and attention grabbing it will result in a...

Time to get Business-Like with Social Commerce

Paul Fennemore – August 2011. 

Health Warning

Here are some home truths that creative social media marketing people will find outside of their brief, but CEO’s and Operations Directors should take heed of.

A project I ran with Oxford Brookes University that involved interviewing around 30 UK mid to large B2B and B2C organisations, found that those firms who were doing really well with social commerce had a lot in common.

Social Media is not just for Marketing

Social Commerce de-silos...

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This is the week that was: What of the future generation?

Despite the UK version of Big Brother bringing itself from the murky TV grave and the world economy continuing the get the odd bit of press for its catastrophic turmoil, the age old issue of A level results getting easier and the mad rush for University places dominated the headlines this week.

The up and coming generation of business leaders...

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