Social Media Tips: Let’s Play Red Light, Green Light

[By Emily Carter] 

Happy Spring! I’m not sure how the first day of spring is treating the rest of the world weather-wise, but here in New Jersey we are being welcomed into the loving arms of warmth and sunshine. There’s nothing I’d rather be doing right now than running outside like a little kid, playing kickball or Red Light, Green Light (an old favorite). Instead, I am looking into the newest craze in Social Media Marketing: Pinterest.

Here’s a Pinterest-ing

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Social media: It’s a matter of time

Last week the Financial Times ran a special report on digital and social media marketing. The theme was consistent – while there are clearly huge opportunities for marketers, companies are still feeling their way through the dark, windy corridors of Social Media Manor.

As well as being hugely informative, the report struck a chord with us as it mirrored the experience we have seen time and time again. The point is, organisations...

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Google to penalise over optimised websites in favour for content

Google has announced it will start penalising websites that are overfilled with SEO.

The major search engine told of the plans during SXSW, with Matt Cutts, Google’s Head of Search, speaking about how the company has been working on a new search penalty for websites that are over-optimised.

This means that websites with great content will be favoured in order to drive more traffic to them, rather than websites with strong SEO. Cutts said it was a way to ‘level the playing ground’ for...

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How social media influences market segmentation

Segmentation, the cornerstone of marketing

Few would disagree with the view that since the 1950’s, when the practice of market segmentation began, it has been the cornerstone of any marketing strategy.  If you define your market segments accurately, then the follow on activities of targeting and positioning are much more effective.

Have online social media networks and their ability to engage with individuals interactively and in real-time made the practice of categorising people into groups...

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Top tips to starting a successful blog

I’m a firm believer that blogging is both beneficial and key to include in a marketing strategy. It can be one of the easiest tasks to achieve, especially if you enjoy doing it. However, there are so many people out there who haven’t embraced the social phenomenon yet – Why? Are you one of them? Are you considering starting a blog but have no idea where to begin? I used to be the same, but by following these steps, you can get on your way to building a successful blog for your business or...

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Are you a social media marketer with no strategy?

New research has revealed that while over half of businesses are now using social media as a marketing tool, only half of these are actually employing any kind of strategy at all; with the rest sheepishly admitting to an ‘ad hoc approach’.

The report, compiled by the UK print and marketing specialists Catalogues 4 Business, also found that over a third of respondents were planning to add social media to their marketing mix this year, and not before time.

The alarming thing about this statistic is...

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Don’t start a social media bush-fire with your brand

In days gone by most channels of marketing and communications could be controlled by the brand.  Marketers could determine what messages are conveyed, to whom, where and when ensuring their precious brand reputation is kept in-tact.

Enter social media and a whole new tinder dry marketing environment. Power is being transferred to the consumer. They can refer, recommend, vote, score and comment on positively or negatively anything they feel or experience about a product or service.  And the big dose...

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The evolving ad model – new opportunities for brands to get consumer attention

The evolving ad model – brands need to wake up to new opportunities to capture consumer attention

Advertising used to be based on scarcity in a world of few television channels and limited magazine pages. It was simply about broadcasting to the masses, and it was easy to know where consumer attention was focused.

Flash forward to the digital age where this mass audience now spends hours consuming media across a multitude of interactive digital outlets on the Internet, opening the door for brands to communicate...

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Can Too Many Pages Hurt Your SEO?

Search engine optimization is about improving the search engine and overall web presence of a website, but not just the website as a whole. A good SEO campaign will improve the search engine and web presence of each individual page of a website. So, does that mean that there is a specific number of pages that a business website should have for SEO purposes? Is it possible to have too many and can that hurt your SEO? It depends.

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Twitter buys microblog Posterous to aid content sharing

Twitter has acquired microblogging platform Posterous, in order to improve content sharing.

Engineers, product managers and others from the Tumblr competitor team will be joining Twitter in a bid to make the social network better by working on ‘several key initiatives’.

Posterous Spaces, a service designed to allow either private or public sharing, will remain open and users will be warned if any changes are made to the service.

A blog post from Twitter said: “We’re always looking for...

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Yahoo sues Facebook over patent infringement

Yahoo is taking Facebook to court over alleged patent infringement.

The social network has been blamed to have broken 10 of Yahoo’s patents based on advertising, privacy and social networking.

Filed in federal court in San Jose, California on Monday, the lawsuit claims that Facebook uses Yahoo technologies, which are included in its News Feed, customisation options and how to view friends’ activity. Yahoo wants Facebook to get a license in order to continue using them.

Yahoo stated:...

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Why Google+ is Good for Business [infographic]

Google+ Action

Google+ is good for business if you really work your profile and engage your audience. Just building a profile out is better than nothing but you have to use it if you want it to help grow your business. Let’s not forget that your profile will rank fairly high for...

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The Most Important Thing Brands Should Know About the New Facebook Pages

Now that they have been rolled out, just what do the new Facebook Page changes announced at the Facebook Marketer Conference (fMC) mean for brands and social marketers? Quite a bit actually.

The changes not only affect design and strategy in the management of the brand Pages themselves, but the new opportunities in paid Facebook advertising potentially represent a sea-change in how brands will market on social going forward. Richard Beattie, VP of EMEA at Vitrue explains.

First, the obvious: the new Page is...

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Hootsuite & Adobe collaborate to aid social media ROI

Social media management system, Hootsuite, has partnered with Adobe to help marketers calculate their social media ROI.

The integration between the social media tool and Adobe’s Digital Marketing Suite will help connect social media messages with website conversions and statistics in order to measure engagement for businesses and organisations.

Marketers will be able to gather data that they can create effective strategies to in order to achieve the best results possible.

Ryan Holmes, CEO of Hootsuite,...

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The Five Cardinal Rules of Email Targeting

Relevance. It is what marketers are striving to achieve in their email marketing programmes today. But how that relevance is achieved is often answered by "it depends" which really gets us nowhere, fast. While it is true that targeting strategies for email are often driven by unique aspects of a brand's email programme, there are some hard and fast rules that will, at minimum, give you a place to start and something to think about.

Time is on your side

Look at the various points of contact and interaction...

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Potential SEO Client Do Not’s

This is a little rant type venting post for fellow SEO professionals. I recently wrote a blog post at the Search Engine Journal about my favorite worst SEO leads, this is an expansion on this topic a bit.

The following is a list of recommendations for people looking for an SEO firm of things NOT to do:

Don’t go looking for free advice. Would you ever go to a new doctor and have your first question be, “Do you...

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Don’t Forget to Market your Mobile App

Mobile Madness

Yes mobile apps are exciting, super exciting actually! But the reality is there are a lot of them and there are many more coming down the pipeline. Mobile apps are exactly where websites where in the mid 90′s, exploding. It is important to...

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Twitter sells old tweets to marketers - should users be worried?

There has been a lot of noise in the news about Twitter plans to expand their advertising model to mobile, but this is all very unsurprising. If anything, this distracts from a far more interesting and important development for brands using Twitter to engage with their audiences.

Twitter is offering access to its archive of billions of tweets dating back to January 2010 having recently teamed up with UK based company DataSift, giving brands the opportunity to use the data to spot shifts and trends. From sentiment...

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