Social Commerce: Signs of the Tipping Point

Paul Fennemore

Having met with many major international organisations over the last few weeks about how they are adopting social media, I can see that they have recognised that they stand to gain so much more by making social media strategic.

Up until recently, most firms have been going through the experimental phases of social media adoption, otherwise known as trial and error. However, many brands are setting to make social commerce strategic in 2012.

Nokia are a good example. They have a very courageous...

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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Keywords for Your Site

Arguable the single most important thing you can do for your site, keyword research and selection form the cornerstone of the rest of your SEO campaign. The keywords you choose will affect you can find your site and with what search phrases. Your keywords will also help shape the content you write, as you need to incorporate your target keywords into all the content you produce.

Here are 5 tips for selecting the right keywords to best help your site and SEO:

Go after the long-tail

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Google Plus reaches 40 million users

Google’s new social networking platform, Google+, now has 40 million users, according to the company’s Q4 results, released today.

The company opened Google+ to the public on 20th September, offering the latest challenge to Facebook.

Over 3.4 billion photos have already been uploaded to the social network since its launch.

Chief executive Larry Page said: “People are flocking to Google+ at an incredible rate and we are just getting started.”

Page also revealed that Google’s web...

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Is Meta Data Still Important for SEO?

Way back in the day, the meta data that you included in the code of your website played a large part in your search ranking. The search engine spiders used this information to determine what your website was about and ranked your site accordingly.

Of course, this meant that webmasters began taking advantage of the meta data by stuffing keywords and in some cases, included keywords that weren’t even relevant but had a high search volume just to try and increase their visitors.

The search engines...

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Keyword Research Methodology

Any good SEO company or consultant is going to tell you that keyword research may be one of the most important things you do for your SEO. The keywords you target will directly affect what searches you rank for and what kind of traffic will be directed to your site. Failing to include the right keywords means missing out on potential traffic.

Here is the process that I use for conducting keyword research for my clients. I hope you find it useful for your own.

Step One: Read Your Content Keyword research is done on a page-by-page...

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4 SEO Tips to Get Your Site Ready for 2012

For many companies across all industries, these last few months of the year get very busy very quickly. Strategies are being created, budgets are getting approved, performances are graded and ROI is evaluated. Everyone is getting ready for the big push into the first quarter of next year. Since SEO is so long term, it makes sense to start thinking about your 2012 campaign now and make sure everything is in order for the new year.

Make sure that your SEO is ready to go in 2012 with these 4 tips:

1. Revisit...

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What businesses can get from gamification

Customers are more likely to respond to a gamified response, according to research by global marketing company Upstream.

Around three quarters of marketers believe that customers are likely to respond to game-based marketing mechanics, but only 27% have put this into practice.

The research, which focused on the understanding and use of game mechanics in marketing strategies, was collected at ad:tech London 2011. It found that 66% of marketers didn’t understand the term ‘gamification’, but...

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Here comes FourSquare Radar

With iOS 5 being released today, iPhone application developers are once again able to unlock awesome new features in their applications. The first one to jump up with something new is FourSquare.

FourSquare have just launched a new feature called FourSquare Radar – The premise is simple, if you follow a list on FourSquare and you come close to one of the items in the list, FourSquare will popup a message and let you know – the beauty – you don’t even have to have the application...

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Dominoes does £1m of online orders in a day

If anyone was still in need of evidence of the power of mobile and online commerce, Dominoes Pizza has reported a benchmark success with its online pizza ordering service, taking over £1m of pizza orders in the UK alone in one day.

The fast food chain, which implemented a series of improvements to its IT system earlier this year, is currently taking 13% of its order across mobile devices.

That’s a staggering £130,000 in...

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How the Search Engines Personalize Your Search Experience

The search engines work to please their customers, just like any other business. For Bing, Google and Yahoo, this means providing the best results possible for any and all search queries. One of the ways they are working to improve their user-experience is by offering more personalized results.

Here are 3 ways the search engines personalize the SERPs:

Location Type “pizza” into Google; what does your SERP look like? Chances are the first results Google pulled are all pizza places near your town. After those come the...

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Interactive Audi experience on YouTube

Audi’s launching the new A6 with a banging YouTube interactive experience campaign. The campaign uses a fancy indexing feature allowing you to control the video with your keypad, which jumps you around from section to section giving you the feeling that you’re actually driving the car.

It’s a sweet idea and all, but when I started trying it out, I quickly found that it was a little annoying. Big kudos’ to Audi for being the first to create a driving experience through social media...

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B2B Marketing Benefits From A Consistent Program Of Press Releases

B2B marketing efforts benefit from a stream of Press Releases, issued at least monthly. Readers see your press release, a.k.a. news release, in many media outlets: online, in print, on tablets, and formatted for mobile devices. Social networks and social media tools leverage the distribution of press releases on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and on social bookmarking websites, such as,,,, etc. With MediaFirst as your PR firm, know that we leverage these...

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Twitter Advice – Trending Topics, Algorithms and a few Helpful Tips

Ever since the conception of Trending Topics, Twitter has long been accused of tampering with them, given the inordinate amount of coverage given to some subjects, while others are ignored or treated with solid indifference. Recently, these concerns have been raised in the direction of the Occupy Wall Street protest which have now spread to cities worldwide.

But how does Twitter regulate Trending Topics – if indeed they do? And how could they be made useful? The truth is, Trending...

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