LinkedIn Bootcamp [infographic]

LinkedIn Bootcamp

For those of you not very sure on how to tackle the pages of LinkedIn with your marketing efforts here is a neat little infographic piece we recently came across for the wonderful folks over at Mindflash.

They have dissected a stellar approach to LinkedIn marketing and conveying your message on LinkedIn into these following sections:

  • Core...

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What is effective personalized communication?

Marchai Bruchey, CMO at Thunderhead discusses why it’s important not to forget the offline marketing channels when marketing to customers.

“Customers are key” is a statement bandied around boardrooms and offices globally. A cliché, yes; but true none the less. You could have the most sophisticated and innovative product or service, but without customers you’re a company with nothing.

However, it is one thing to acquire customers, yet quite another to keep...

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The Engagement Power of Video

Video is an amazingly powerful tool to engage audiences, if used correctly. Just like the written word can stir the soul and conjure emotions, moving images and sound are just as powerful, and I would argue even more powerful. But just as you can’t expect an IRS form to engage audiences, you can’t expect a boring talking head interview to grab them emotionally. While on a video production in Switzerland the other day, I grabbed a little extra footage, some photos and edited them together with...

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5 Customer Communication Facts That Should Be Heard

Truly listening to the customer is paramount. The ability to do so will help deliver the best customer experience, which is critical in today’s competitive environment. This is not always easy in a world where customers interact with companies through a variety of channels- be it voice, text, email, or web.

Recently reviewing the Convergys 2011 UK Customer Scorecard, I was struck by the clear opportunity companies have to shape the customer experience in an...

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All That Traffic – But Where Are You Diverting It?

In Marketing Week yesterday morning, there was an interesting piece on the diversion of traffic or ‘footfall’ on brand and company websites. There are a growing number of groups who maintain that having your company website as the first port of call is the right and proper way of managing your online branding.

However there are also new factions uprising against this point of view,...

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Top 5 Video Marketing Myths

If you aren’t using video to improve your brand visibility online and boost your SEO efforts, you should be. Every business has a website and is fighting for a prominent search engine presence, but there aren’t nearly as many businesses fighting for a YouTube presence.

That means that creating and posting videos provides you with more opportunities to target specific keywords. Many businesses are hesitant to create videos. Hopefully by clearing up some video marketing myths, you will feel more confident and...

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Poor mobile strategy hurting retailers

Retailers are losing out on a vast swathe of potential business because of poor usability of their mobile web presence, according to a new report.Only a third of retailers surveyed delivered a dedicated mobile optimised web presence, while many mobile sites were not transferrable across multiple mobile browsers.Ecommerce analyst dotCommerce studied 12 leading high street brands, scoring their mobile presence across 22 different metrics, from usability to security and integration with other marketing activity.Alarmingly, the study found the half of all the mobile sites assessed would not load on Android handsets,...

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Android Market Sees Continued Growth

Research2guidance’s latest report, ‘Android Market Insights’, examines download patterns and the number of new applications added to the Android Market over the last few months.

US Android Users Downloaded 240 Million Apps in September 2011

The United States remains the largest market for Android in terms of user base and number of apps downloaded with US Android users generating over 50 percent of all Android app downloads; totaling nearly 3.5 billion.

The US comprised 42.3 percent of all...

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How To Optimize Your Google+ Page

Google Plus

Optimization and SEO of your Google+ page is going to be an important effort once you get it up and running. Some people do it without really thinking about it and others miss great opportunities on their profiles to enhance the user experience and also their own SEO. The new

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Encrypted Search and What It Means for SEO

Not too long ago Google made an announcement that they would be making search more secure. It will begin sending users that are signed in to their Google account to a secure version of the site when they perform a search. Since search is becoming more and more customized the purpose of this change is to protect personalized search results for users.

While this seems like a...

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Cyber Monday SEO Tips

It’s almost that time of year again and retailers are getting ready for an influx of holiday business. While brick and mortar stores are preparing for Black Friday, E-Commerce businesses have their sights set on what has become known as Cyber Monday.

Now, if you are a follower of this blog or know anything at all about SEO, you know that SEO is...

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How Google+ highlights a new war on site speed

By Paul Cook, CEO TagMan

The tension between using all the amazing online marketing technologies and plug-ins now available to site owners and the effect implementing those things has on the speed of their websites has come to the fore in the last month. When Google launched Google+, we soon discovered that the plug-in to enable sharing of web content in the platform was a big one. It took a second to load, which, for large e-commerce businesses, is an absolute age in terms of user experience and, ultimately, sales conversions. In simple terms, every asset a site owner...

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Remembrance Day to be held on Twitter

Twitter will hold its first Remembrance Day service today, holding a two-minute silence on the social network.

Tweet Remembrance was created by a group of Methodists, in order to spread tribute messages to people associated with World War I, II and present wars.

The service's aim is to engage everybody with Remembrance Day that are unable to attend church, whilst encouraging followers to tweet in order to build awareness of Armistice...

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Google+ Brand Pages: Should You Create One?

Google+ has made numerous headlines since it was first launched in June 2011. It’s been in the news for being a potential “Facebook killer”, for its quick growth, for integration of the +1 button, and for its interesting strategy of holding off on allowing businesses and brands to use the medium at first. Now, all eyes are once again on Google+ because they have finally opened up the social network to brand pages.

As stated on a

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