#Londonriots – Fuelled By Mobile, Not Social Media

Social media sites Facebook and twitter were blamed today by Government and Metropolitan Police spokespeople for fanning the UK #Londonriots and looting over the weekend.  Fingers were pointed at these social networking sites for the fact that they enable people to send out calls for people to gather together.

The disturbances happened after the fatal shooting of Tottenham father of four Mark Duggan who was allegedly killed in a minicab on Thursday by police firearm...

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Learn from Other’s Twitter Mistakes

As social media has matured over the last few years, it has become more obvious that social media marketing has to power to make or break a brand. When handled correctly, social media marketing allows companies to connect with their consumers in a new and personalized way, learn insights directory from their target audience, and develop a strong and loyal network and much, much more. However, when mishandled, social media also has the power to completely ruin a brand’s online reputation.

Because of...

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Google Sent us a Package!

I always get excited when I check our mail and there is a package from Google. I don’t know if it is because Google is notorious for never really using any type of snail mail for communication but I get a warm and fuzzy feeling when I see a little white box with a giant Google sticker on it. Today it is a little package from Googles Engage program for agencies.

Photo 1

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Big Brother apps coming to a mobile near you

Big Brother fans will soon be able to access their favourite housemate info, games and live coverage after Channel announced it is to launch its first apps for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices on 18 August.

The reality show, which was bought by Five last year after ten years of success on Channel 4, kicks off with ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ on Thursday 18 August with the apps’ launch set to coincide with the first broadcast, pending approval from Apple.

In addition to pre-roll ads which...

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I now own a plot on Mars!

This morning I received a package that contains a certificate stating that I now own a piece of land on Mars. I’m totally stoked, I’ve just bought a house and now I own land on Mars, this property thing is going really well! I’m bleak though, I left my certificate at work, so you’ll have to wait for the photograph, but in the meantime, let me tell you more:

kulula.com is celebrating its tenth birthday by looking to a potentially intergalactic future. To mark ten years in business and a...

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More Myths Of Innovation

I’ve just read Steven Berkun’s ‘Myths of Innovation’ and Tom Kelley’s ‘Ten Faces of Innovation’ (both excellent books) – and a recent article by psychologist Art Markman also now helps to support their view – that our obsession with individual heroic endeavor and discovery can often hinder true progress. The cultural myth of lone genius, tortured artist and brilliant technician who solves the worlds problems is still alive and well.

I love a good myth me....

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Top 3 Video Marketing Musts

If we’ve learned anything from the success of YouTube it’s that people love to watch videos about just about anything. No matter what the content of the video is, it somehow seems more interesting or entertaining to watch a video about something rather than read about it. Marketers have realized this and are now beginning to incorporate videos into the mix more often, although they sometimes forget some important steps.

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10 reasons why people will talk about your business!

People love to talk, you just need to give them a reason and make it easy for them to spread the word.

word of mouthWord of mouth

If you want to develop word of mouth publicity or referrals, it helps if you understand a little about what motivates people to share information about you and your business.  Here are 10 reasons I have been...

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When Was the Last Time You Googled Yourself?

Online, your personal brand reputation may be your most valuable asset. The search engines are the first places people turn to when looking for information. Someone might be checking up on the weather in their area, someone might be looking for the cheapest airfare to Cancun and someone might be looking for information about you! We’re all guilty of Google-ing ourselves at one point in time, but when was the last time you actually scoured the Internet to see just where you name pops up and in what...

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5 Conversion Elements to Help Any Website

A company website is the foundation of an online marketing strategy. Every link building tactic sends users to the website to find more information and hopefully, to convert. The goal of a website is to get visitors to take some sort of action, whether that is to purchase something, fill out a lead form, or sign up for services. This means that every component of the website needs to make it as easy as possible for the visitor to do so. You don’t want to lose out on potential business because your...

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Should Your Site Include a FAQ?

A few months ago, I was toying around with the idea of developing an SEO FAQ and incorporating it into my company site. Over the years, I’ve found that potential clients tend to ask the same set of questions about SEO and my approach to SEO during our preliminary meetings. I thought that an SEO FAQ would be a valuable resource for potential clients, because they could find answers to their questions...

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SEO Video Lesson – Watch Out for Black Hat SEO Companies

Black hat SEO companies and spammers are the main reason the SEO industry has a bad reputation. If you’re a site/business owner looking to hire an SEO firm, make sure you don’t lured in by SEO con men! Avoid firms that “guarantee” results, stick to US based companies and be wary of a deal that seems to good to be true.

Watch this week’s SEO video lesson from Brick Marketing President, Nick Stamoulis, here!

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How to Find Sources of Content Topics

One of the biggest frustrations of content marketers is coming up with quality topic ideas on a consistent basis. A robust content strategy includes inbound marketing tactics like article marketing, blogging, social media networking, whitepaper and EBook distribution, and webinars. After awhile it sometimes gets to the point of wondering, “OK, what do I write about now? I’ve already covered everything.” Well,...

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Best Practice Tips for Creating Local Search Profiles

Not only do local search profiles provide valuable, quality inbound links to your site, they can also rank individually in the search engines, increasing your brand presence. Local search profiles are also incredibly important for mobile search. When conducting a search on their smartphone, must consumers are looking for quick information like a phone number or address. They aren’t going to take the time to dig through your site to find that information. If you aren’t listed locally, you are...

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comScore system measures marketing impact of social media

Breakthrough Measurement Capability Reports Social Media Reach, Frequency and GRPs

Ties Brand Exposure to Demographic and Behavioral Attributes to Understand the Value of Social Media Marketing

RESTON, VA, – comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world, announced the global launch of Social Essentials™, a new social media measurement platform that helps brands quantify social media brand impressions and incorporate them into a measurement of the marketing mix. Social Essentials...

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Top Three Social Media Lessons for Business

I have been involved in social media for the past few years and enjoy looking at new ways that social media can be adopted in business. I am a bit of a dabbler and over the past few months I have been researching a few ideas and wanted to share the outcomes with you.

1) Real life events are social media’s best friend

We have been running a number of social media campaigns this year for a number of different size companies and brands. In...

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This Week In Mobile…

Mozilla OS to threaten Android?

With their Internet browser Firefox, Mozilla shook up a market that was previously dominated by Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Now they look to do the same again by utilising their Gecko engine to create an OS for mobiles and tablets, threatening Android which is famed for its open source system.

So should Google be worried? Well, this is not Internet browsers anymore, it is an OS and users are much more particular about something that...

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