The Importance of Monitoring an Online Reputation

Nobody blindly hires a services company or purchases a product these days. Before spending any money consumers want to know who or what they are dealing with. So, what’s the first thing they do before doing business with your company? That’s right, they Google you.

If they see anything negative they will be hesitant to spend their money on your product or service. For this reason, businesses need to be proactive when it comes to their online reputation and hire an online reputation management...

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5 principles behind your brand’s mobile strategy

By Peter Swain, CEO, AlwaysOnMessage

‘When are we going mobile?’ - with the phenomenal growth of mobile this is one of the key challenges facing marketeers of global brands around the world, but where do you start?

As CEO of one of the UK’s leading mobile agencies, I’m constantly asked how brands should go mobile and there isn’t one answer. Developing an app is not as simple as just ‘sticking some code together and making it look pretty’. For...

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How to Deal With a Cranky Commenter

We all know the importance of inbound marketing techniques and creating content that will educate target audience members. Blog posts, guest blog posts, articles, and video marketing can help build a brand and establish an individual or company as a thought leader in a particular industry.

Given that the Internet has become a social place, the majority of inbound marketing content serves to initiate a conversation in the comments section or on social media properties. While...

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Meta Tag Copywriting Guidelines

The first phase of an SEO campaign is on site optimization which involves incorporating keywords naturally into all necessary components of a website. One of these components is the website meta tags. While meta tag elements aren’t the ranking factors that they once were, it’s still SEO best practice to include them on every page of the site and optimize them using researched keywords that are unique to each page of content. Here are some tips for each of the meta tag elements:

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Google Teaches Us How To Search

Google Teaches Us

Google has come a long way since their birth in the 90′s and with that evolution comes some education on how to properly search for different things.

Whether you are a marketer or just person looking for something specific Google has given the community...

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10 Comments That Make a Search Marketer Cringe


For all of you out there that work in the search engine marketing space you know what I mean when I say “things that make you cringe” when you are discussing in person or over the phone different topics and SEM strategies relating to search engine marketing. I know I have heard my share of comments over the years and if you...

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Stagger Social Posts for Maximum Exposure

There is a right way and a wrong way to use social media for business. Unfortunately too many companies think that “doing social media” means creating profiles on the big networks, and posting a few links whenever they feel like it. That is the wrong way.

If you want to use social media correctly to build a brand, communicate with target audience members, and improve SEO efforts, it’s necessary to have a strategy and goals in place.

One important goal should be to get your social...

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Google Chrome overtakes Firefox in browser race

Google Chrome has become the second most popular web browser in the world after overtaking Mozilla Firefox, according to new statistics.

The web browser holds 25.69% of the market, whilst Firefox has 25.23%. Google's percentage increased by nearly 5% since 2009. Microsoft's Internet Explorer is still number 1 in the worldwide market, holding just over 40% of browser usage.


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More sources point to Facebook Gowalla deal

Speculation is rife that Facebook is about to acquire the Texas-based social check-in service Gowalla.

Late last week, a source close to Gowalla confirmed to CNN Money that a deal was imminent. Earlier today, All Things Digital blogged about a letter sent to investors by Gowalla CEO Josh Williams that appeared to confirm that a deal was in the works. “This story was leaked from an uknown...

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Location-based mobile technology of the future

Geo-location marketing services haven’t reached anywhere near their potential, according to a panel session at Apps World Europe this week.

In fact, while the assembled industry experts all agreed that the technology was on the cusp of delivering something ground-breaking, no one yet has released a ‘killer’ product.

Sophisticated geo-location technology will be able to compose a predictive customised schedule  for your day, reacting not just to where you are, but also what’s...

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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Blog

There are many reasons to blog. A business blog can help build a brand, provides an outlet to communicate with target audience members, establishes a company as a thought leader and expert in a given industry, and improves SEO efforts. Seems great, right? As we know, nothing great ever comes easily and for that reason not every business is ready to start a blog.

If any of the following sound familiar, you aren’t ready:

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How Do You Get A Job At Google? [infographic]

Job at Google

If you have ever thought about getting a job at Google you better be prepared for a long winded process. Some candidates have experienced close to 30 interviews before an offer was even made and the infographic below explains it all.

The great folks over at

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8 principles behind an effective branded app strategy

A gaggle of experts were on the ‘Apps as Marketing Tools’ panel at Apps World in London this month, including Mike Anderson from the Chelsea App Factory, Oren Todoros CEO of Apps Marketing.Mobi, Ed Lea, CTO at Grapple Moblie and Bronwyn Martin from Imanao. The name of the game was how brandded apps can help your business.

Here are eight key points from their session, brand marketers, take note:

  • Analytics: You wouldn’t build a website without analytics, so why do it with an app? There are tools out there that you can build into an app from the start that will tell you who’s using it, when, and how. Going to a developer...

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Seasonal Marketing – using data and insight to create campaigns that work

By Helen Taylor, Data Analyst, Experian CheetahMail

We all know about the modern phenomenon of ‘Christmas-creep’. A few years ago, Christmas lasted a fortnight; but today -judging by when the decorations appear - it begins at some point in August.  If you haven’t started your Christmas marketing campaigns yet, don’t worry, there is still time. But to ensure maximum returns on their marketing campaigns, marketers need to act fast and use the data and intelligence...

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