5 tips to improve blog conversion rate

What is the point of having a business blog?

Well, there are many reasons to have a business blog. It can help boost SEO efforts, fuel a social media strategy, and help a business establish itself as a trusted thought leader in a particular niche.

Just getting someone to visit your blog is important, but ultimately you want that person to not only become a regular visitor, but also to take some kind of action when they visit the blog. You want them to convert. Here are five tips to improve the conversion rate...

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Ignore social media complaints at your peril

Over two thirds of companies are ignoring the fact that social media is now the preferred channel for unhappy customers to make complaints, according to a new survey.

A.T. Kearney’s Annual Social Media Survey has shown that 70% of complaints are going un-answered simply because social media is not connected to the customer contact centre.

“The fact that so many brands are failing to recognise social media in their customer service strategies is a clear signal that they are finding it difficult to...

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Google squares up to CNIL for round three of privacy row

Google’s difference of opinion with the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertes (CNIL) over its privacy strategy is to reach a head next week when representatives will meet to discuss the issue.

The dispute is over Google’s updated privacy policy, which allows Google to collate data from all their outlets, including Youtube, Gmail and Google+, and seamlessly assimilate them. The CNIL is concerned about how the change will affect users from a legal standpoint.

The change was...

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Facebook IPO: How will Zuck bring home the bacon?

Shares in the social media behemoth Facebook will begin trading on the Nazdaq in just a few hours, signalling a turning point in one of the tech world’s most exciting sagas.

Mark Zuckerberg’s mind boggling audience of approaching a billion users has had investors salivating at its sheer immensity; ‘that many people can’t fail to make us money, surely’.

Ringing the bell to open trading in New York today, the 28 year old hoodie-wearer, whose laid back attire riled Wall Street...

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How often should I check analytics?

Every business today should have a website, but just setting up a website really isn’t good enough. If you’re going to invest in website design and hosting, it’s important to monitor the success of the website in order to look for ways to improve it.

That’s why it’s necessary to set up a Google Analytics account.

Google Analytics is a free tool...

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The money making potential of Facebook? [infographic]

"In-site advertising is the money-making engine for Facebook, and it hasn’t even been unleashed. Facebook is just starting to put ads into the newsfeed," said Justin Kistner, Director of Social Products, Webtrend.

"If it puts one ad per person, per day, and sells that inventory to 500 million daily active users at $0.02 per person ($20 CPM), Facebook could rack up $3.6 billion in extra revenue. If Facebook releases one ad per person, per session — which is still very noninvasive — it...

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GM reassesses marketing campaign after dropping Facebook ads

General Motors has announced it is to stop advertising on Facebook after claiming their current social media marketing campaign is not influencing potential customers.

Earlier this week the global manufacturer posted a survey on its official Facebook page asking for “ways to improve our Facebook community”.

This move adds fresh fuel to the debate of social media advertising: does it actually pay off? Not according to General Motors, it appears.

GM spends...

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3 Blog Posts That Draw Visitors

In order to drive traffic to your blog, you need to post frequently. You also need to choose the right type of blog posts for your readership. Depending on your blog's subject, this might mean regular news updates, opinion pieces or something else, but there are a few types of blog posts that are almost always successful. Here are three types of posts that can bring more visitors to your website.

1. Interviews Your readers will always appreciate interviews, because interviews change the tone of the blog temporarily and bring another perspective. Format interviews with...

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Bing integrates social search with nifty new sidebar feature

Microsoft is introducing deep integration with social networks to Bing, aiming to bring more personal relevance to its user search experience.

Bing has been steadily chipping away at the dominance of Google over the last three years, and yesterday its software giant creator Microsoft announced the new deep integration with Facebook.

Successfully weaving social...

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Don’t Judge Your Social Success From One Update

When it comes to social media marketing, it’s easy to lose the forest for the trees. We get so hung up on the daily numbers (how many times this piece of content is shared, how many people Liked our Facebook page, how many reTweets this link got), that we lost sight of the bigger picture.

I’ve heard it from many site owners — “Well I posted this update to Facebook and nothing happened, so I don’t think social media marketing will work for my business.” When it comes to...

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Caffrey’s and Spotify’s partnership to draw in younger drinkers

Caffrey’s is hoping to “attract a lost generation of smooth ale drinkers” in a digital marketing campaign with Spotify, it has been announced.In what may appear to be two unlikely bedfellows, the Irish ale brand, headed by Molson Coors Brewery, has created four exclusive radio shows only available on the digital music service in an attempt to modernise the company image. This is the final piece of the £1 million jigsaw of Caffrey’s redesign. A print campaign was launched in last month, which included adverts in several national newspapers and magazines, as well as a...

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Why is Internal Linking Important?

The search engines don’t rank websites as a whole in the SERPs; they rank individual pages. For most site owners, their homepage is going to get the lion’s share of traffic and inbound links, but that doesn’t mean that deeper internal pages can’t also be useful from an SEO standpoint.

However, in order for those internal pages to effectively compete in the search results they need their own (albeit smaller) link portfolio and search engine trust. That’s where internal linking...

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Google changes AdWords ad rotation: Not for the better

Yesterday on the Inside AdWords blog, Google announced a new change to AdWords and the way adverts are rotated.

Advertisers have the option to rotate adverts in three ways. Optimise for Clicks, Optimise for Conversions or Even Rotation. We always test adverts on the Even Rotation setting as it allows you to split test your adverts and find out what copy works.

Over time, this can...

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Ways to Ruin the User Experience on Your Site

Great SEO cannot save a bad website, no matter how strong off an offsite link building campaign you invest in. If your site doesn’t have a good user experience, you’ll never see the increase in conversions you were hoping for, even if your traffic does improve.

Here are 5 ways your site might be ruining the user experience for your visitors:

1. No contact information. While having a “Contact Us” form is great, you really should list your full address, phone number, fax number...

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Everything You Know About Digital Measurement is Wrong

Let's start at the top. The key to successful dashboarding and reporting is finding a small set of site KPIs that are understandable and immediately actionable. Your measurement department has probably delivered exactly that – a small set of key metrics like Site Conversion Rate, Total Visits Trend, Overall Site Satisfaction, etc. all laid out in big numbers with great fonts, pretty colors, big trend arrows and lots of Tufte-inspired whitespace.


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Are consumers more engaged by 'contextual' smart-TV ads?

Contextual, interactive ads delivered through connected TVs produce improved levels of brand association and favourability, according to new research involving a number of leading brands’ smart TV campaigns.

The UK study, carried out by Decipher Research on behalf of  the digital entertainment specialist Rovi, found that TV viewers exposed to ad placement on their smart TV noticed them 68% of the time, with a third actually clicking through to further ad...

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