Tumblr launches paid adverts for businesses

Tumblr has announced it will introduce paid advertisements for brands and businesses.

The blogging platform will sell branded blog posts under its existing ‘Radar’ function.

The tool currently showcases the most popular blog posts on the website, but will also feature the paid adverts.

Tumblr already has branded blogs, including IMB and EMI Music, but this is the first time the platform has offered a way to get content promoted.

Tumblr’s founder, David Karp, announced the new service during...

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LinkedIn Makes Social Media Connections A Whole Lot Easier

 [By:Andrew Gerbehy]

Social Media has been the biggest craze that has hit the internet in the past decade. Although most people are just using Facebook and Twitter, the business world has rolled out its own version of a social media page. LinkedIn gives companies a medium to connect with potential employees or potential customers in their given field.

LinkedIn is basically a networking convention over the internet. It allows you to meet other people or business you would be interested in networking with just...

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Twitter tried to buy Instagram months before Facebook

It’s been reported that Twitter tried to buy Instagram just months before Facebook bought it for $1 billion.

Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s CEO and co-founder, looked into investing in the photosharing app and showed a blatant interest by posting photos to his Twitter account on a daily basis. Dorsey has since stopped posting Instagram photos after Facebook’s deal was announced.

However, Twitter won’t be looking into similar moves in order to rival Facebook.

Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo...

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How do people feel about your business?

I heard a guy in my local coffee shop explaining to a friend, why he bought himself an iPhone. “I needed cheering up, so I decided to treat myself to a new iPhone. I had to wait 3 days for the phone to arrive and to be honest, the wait was pretty exciting.”

That’s an example of someone using...

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What is a Newsworthy Press Release Topic?

Online PR is a great addition to any link building campaign. Much like blog posts or articles, individual online press releases can rank in the search engines, increasing your overall online brand presence for both branded and non-branded keywords. When published through a trusted and paid distribution site, online press releases become a valuable source of inbound links and help round out your link portfolio.

I always recommend that site owners stick to 1 or 2 press releases...

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Facebook to allow more data access to users

Facebook will now let users download more previous data that has been shared on the social network over the years.

The feature, named Download Your Information, has been updated to give users access to expanded archives of friend requests, login IP locations and previous names used.

First launched in 2012, the feature gave access to posts, photos and other content, but campaigners argued that the social network was not sharing enough information to fit demands. The company has also faced criticism against its...

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The power of integration - Making Email Marketing Work with Social Media Marketing

It's tempting to think of social media and email marketing as different channels that don't compliment each other and certainly don't have the potential to augment each other. Don't fall to the temptation. Email marketing and social media can work together, help to optimise each other, and drive additional revenue.

Making social media work with email marketing isn’t automatic and it’s not easy. It requires careful planning and content management. Yes—many email service providers offer what...

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Google+ revamped after getting 170 million users

Google has revamped its Google+ service, after announcing it has more than 170 million users signed up.

Taking inspiration from Twitter and Facebook, the social network now features trending topics and cover photos. It also includes a new Navigation bar placed on the left hand side, which is customisable to the user’s needs.

The redesign came after Google announced that 100m of its users have used the network at least once in the last month, whilst 50m used Google+ at least once a day throughout the...

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Push versus Pull Marketing: Is Your Company Using Both Strategies?

This is a guest post by Amanda DiSilvestro of Business.com

Lately the buzz seems to be surrounding the term “pull marketing.” Because this term is becoming so popular, the term “push” marketing has also been brought to the surface. Push marketing is supposedly an approach that most marketing departments have been using in the past, while pull marketing is the latest and greatest. If you don’t know whether you are pushing or pulling your customers, consider some of the major differences...

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Let's Get Visual With Social Media

There are plenty of examples of unique ways to use imagery all over the internet, but all businesses are different, so which is right for you? 

With Facebook making their timeline feature permanent for business pages, and Pinterest and Instagram gaining traction in popularity and social influence, now is a good time to explore the ways in which social media is shifting toward a more visual experience and what businesses can – and should – do to take advantage of these new platforms and emerging trends. In...

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What is Viral Marketing? [infographic]

What is Viral Marketing?

What is viral marketing? Viral marketing is the process of your digital voice or a certain marketing effort getting sucked into the slip stream of your audience and growing exponentially by the work of your community (does that make sense?). For something to go viral there are certain touch points your marketing effort needs to hit in order for it to...

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The 10 Worst Marketing Campaigns in History!

Marketing is as much an intuition as it is a science. While research, data and technology drive successful marketing campaigns these days, the most memorable campaigns are those that rely more on intuition. A data driven campaign is smart business and mitigates risk, but an intuitive campaign often stands a better chance of being memorable and setting a new standard. However...it also stands a better chance of ruining careers and making a brand an industry laughingstock. While everyone has their own favorites, below are my picks for the 10 WORST marketing campaigns of all time.  10.Tom Ford Vaginal Fragrance Ad "Taking a page from Calvin Klein’s book, the fragrance line from Tom Ford decided to screw subtlety and launch a 2007 campaign that consisted solely of a woman with her legs spread wide, the only thing separating you from her special place being a bottle of their scent. Not sure what the message is, but the first thing that occurs to us is, 'This fragrance smells exactly like what it is covering up.'"1Sorry, I don't even feel comfortable showing the image used in this print campaign.  I have a young child.9. 7-Up Suggesting Feeding Babies the Soft Drink instead of Milk

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B2B Finally Embraces Social Media

B2B Finally Embraces Social Media

It seems like for so long, B2B companies struggled with the social media concept–how to get the attention of their customers through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and other social avenues.

But just give it time and most have found their social “voice.” This infographic from Insideview speaks to the great benefits B2B companies have received as they’ve embraced social media tactics.

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Should Your Blog Include Paid Reviews?

It takes a while to build up a business blog. You need to spend time developing it, brainstorming topics, writing great content, monitoring comments, etc. The work that goes into a blog never really ends as long as you want to keep your audience coming back for more. If you’ve taken the time to establish a blog that gets a respectable amount of traffic, you may decide that you want to start monetizing it.

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3 key trends for digital marketing strategy success

The social media space can be confusing and difficult when developing a digital marketing strategy. I believe there are 3 key trends that every company should focus on to help clarify, simplify and ensure a greater chnace of success: People bringing their real identities online; Discovery playing a bigger role and Role of Influencers.

There are 3 key trends that I believe that every marketer and company looking to be more active digitally should be thinking about. Of course, there are many trends and changes...

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9 QR Code Considerations

Leading from my earlier blog, quick response (QR) codes are a hot topic marketing item in 2012. This is the year where marketers and agencies are reporting that they are increasing their spend on core mobile channels including mobile apps and QR code programs.

Our clients are questioning how to use QR codes in their business and what strategy considerations should be applied for QR code deployments. How their content is best represented with this latest information opportunity, what content they deliver and...

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Social TV: It's important to put audience behaviour first #SMWF

The Social TV track in #SMWF last week kicked off with a great keynote panel examining the state of social TV and the changes going on in the industry.

The panel was made of Simon Miller, Chief Technical Officer at Zeebox (@simonmi11er), Sidharth Jayant, Content Service Manager of Samsung Electronics (@sidharthjayant), David Nahmani, Orange’s Director of BD & Partnerships (@davidnahmani), and Lloyd Salmons, Co-founder and Director at Outside Line...

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Presentation slides from the Marketing Tech track at #SMWF

We partnered with SMWF last week, a London-based social media event and exhibition looking at some of the latest tools and techniques marketers are employing across the industry. Thanks to all the SM practitioners who came down to share their expertise in the Marketing Tech track, and to everyone that came down to pick up some tips and techniques; hope you got what you came for.

We had a great couple of days meeting loads of you. Here are the presentation slides from our track, from speakers representing...

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Who is talking about my Brand & Developing Tailored Content #SMWF

Understanding the social consumer is central to building a successful social media strategy. You need to find the best ways to communicate to different groups, therefore understanding the different social behaviours out there is important for most social strategies.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from #SMWF this week, it’s that the understanding of social media among marketers has moved beyond simple ‘why’ and ‘how’...

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