Google+ Brand Pages: Should You Create One?

Google+ has made numerous headlines since it was first launched in June 2011. It’s been in the news for being a potential “Facebook killer”, for its quick growth, for integration of the +1 button, and for its interesting strategy of holding off on allowing businesses and brands to use the medium at first. Now, all eyes are once again on Google+ because they have finally opened up the social network to brand pages.

As stated on a

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Why marketing technology must make technical sense

Whether consumers are up to speed on technology or not, they all need to understand and react to marketing messages in order to buy goods or services, writes Richard Stephens, managing director, DirectionGroup. Getting the right reaction is key to the success of any marketing proposal and yet brands still lead and dominate their communications with ‘tech speak’, or in old marketing terms, they sell attributes rather than benefits.

Digital marketing provides brands with abundant data on each...

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5 B2B SEO Video Ideas

There’s a reason that YouTube is the second most popular search engine after Google. People like to watch videos, whether it be for fun or educational purposes. There seems to be a misconception that marketing videos are more of a B2C thing. Not true. After all, businesses are made up of people (consumers) and they all have different tastes in how they prefer to receive information.

Just because others in your industry aren’t making videos, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t make them either. In fact,...

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5 ways to Protect Your Site from Search Engine Updates

The search engines are constantly updating and tweaking their algorithms to provide their customers (searchers) with the best possible experience. Think about it. If Google search results were crappy, people wouldn’t use the service, meaning that Google wouldn’t be making a profit. Search engine algorithms are built to think like people that are searching.

Using a number of factors, the search engines determine whether a site is relevant and if it’s valuable. If it’s not, it won’t...

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Google makes search engine 'fresher'

Google Inc has upgraded its search ranking algorithm in order to offer fresh and up-to-date results more easily.

Impacting on around 35% of searches, the change will help people find relevant results, without the need to add extra information.

Searches for reviews, new and recurring events and trending topics will also offer the latest, high-quality information.

However, the new algorithm ensures that information will be based on what users...

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How are Brands Interacting with Apps?

91 percent of top brands have a presence in at least one of the major app stores according to a recent publication by Distimo. This has increased compared to 18 months ago when only 51 percent of brands published or licensed an application.

The report, ‘2011 Top 100 Global Brands and their App Store Status’, draws upon the ‘Interbrand 2011 Best Global Brands’ as its source for the top global brands and covers the Apple App Store for both iPhone and iPad, Google Android Market, Nokia Ovi...

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How 1 Tweet Saved A Bookstore

Twitter Success Story Video

Listen up folks, social media is important especially when it comes from the heart. There have been many success stories with Twitter over the years and that is primarily because the site really works when you use it for its intended purpose.

In this new...

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What’s the Best Time for Social Shares and Likes?

If you’re going to implement a social media strategy, you might as well do it right. Right? That means that you can’t just sign up for an account, create a Page and sign in once in awhile or whenever the mood strikes. Like any other marketing strategy, you need to go in with a plan. Social media is about sharing, but sharing what, exactly?

Well, there are plenty of things that you can share. You can share your thoughts on a particular topic or event, information, company news, and links to...

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Spooky SEO Tactics to Avoid

In celebration of Halloween, here are a few spooky SEO tactics to avoid because they will certainly come back to haunt you!

Link Exchanges “Hey, I’ll link to you if you link to me.” While it may seem like an amazingly simple way to build your links, it won’t establish any trust with the search engines. What the search engines pay attention to when it comes to links is relevance.

If you have thousands of links out there on sites completely unrelated to yours and thousands of links to random...

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Google Street View goes indoors

Google Inc will bring indoor business photos into its Street View service. The pilot project will allow users to view inside various businesses from around the world.

Businesses, including shops, hotels and restaurants, can be involved with the process, although big-brand chains such as hospitals and lawyer’s offices have been excluded for the time-being.

The new extension will invite businesses with high search hits to participate and submit images,...

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A Guide to Writing Great Blog Post Titles

There are millions of blogs out there competing for readers’ attention. Maybe they aren’t all direct competition, but it’s doubtful that you are the only blogger in your niche. People only have so much time to spend reading blog posts so what can you do to make sure that yours is one of them? The best way to improve click-throughs is to craft a blog post title that will catch their attention.

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