Everything You Know About Digital Measurement is Wrong

Let's start at the top. The key to successful dashboarding and reporting is finding a small set of site KPIs that are understandable and immediately actionable. Your measurement department has probably delivered exactly that – a small set of key metrics like Site Conversion Rate, Total Visits Trend, Overall Site Satisfaction, etc. all laid out in big numbers with great fonts, pretty colors, big trend arrows and lots of Tufte-inspired whitespace.


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Are consumers more engaged by 'contextual' smart-TV ads?

Contextual, interactive ads delivered through connected TVs produce improved levels of brand association and favourability, according to new research involving a number of leading brands’ smart TV campaigns.

The UK study, carried out by Decipher Research on behalf of  the digital entertainment specialist Rovi, found that TV viewers exposed to ad placement on their smart TV noticed them 68% of the time, with a third actually clicking through to further ad...

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6 iconic bands and their social media startup twins

Joining a band was once the holy grail of coolness.  In a time when “seed funding” only referred to money set aside for growing weed, young people convened in garages and basements to bend out-of-tune guitar strings and hope for the day a cigar-smoking record executive would hand them a jumbo jet on which to tour the world and abuse groupies.

Nowadays, the institution of ultimate hipness is the social media startup.  The out-of-tune guitar is now a four-year-old MacBook Pro.  The...

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A Tale of Two Appeals to Guilt

I felt guilty twice today when I rejected marketers appeals to me. Both appeals used guilt. But they came off really differently. At roughly 10 AM I got a phone call from a pediatric medical organization — seeking a donation.

I could be (very) wrong… but I had the distinct impression that they had done some “tone-of-voice” testing and had settled on just the perfect way to say  the name of the disease and describe how it impacts kids.

It really got to me — too much, in...

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Attribution and Analytics need to pinpoint the top of marketers’ agendas

Attribution and Analytics technology is very much underused as an integrated marketing solution by marketers and as a result they are missing an easy way to get to know their customers better.

With the main motivation for marketers this year being integration, they need to understand which digital platforms customers use most and be aware of  what conversations they are having on these platforms, as well as being aware of consumer purchase behaviour if they are ever going to formulate an informed...

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You Don’t Own Your Social Profiles

Every now and then I come across a blog post or article recommending that website owner ditch their company website in favor of their Facebook profile page. The argument is that Facebook is really the driving force behind your consumers’ online actions, so why waste your time on a website when your audience is always hanging out on social networks?

While having a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn (for B2B businesses) and Google+ account is incredibly important, site owners can’t rely on their social...

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Tumblr launches paid adverts for businesses

Tumblr has announced it will introduce paid advertisements for brands and businesses.

The blogging platform will sell branded blog posts under its existing ‘Radar’ function.

The tool currently showcases the most popular blog posts on the website, but will also feature the paid adverts.

Tumblr already has branded blogs, including IMB and EMI Music, but this is the first time the platform has offered a way to get content promoted.

Tumblr’s founder, David Karp, announced the new service during...

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LinkedIn Makes Social Media Connections A Whole Lot Easier

 [By:Andrew Gerbehy]

Social Media has been the biggest craze that has hit the internet in the past decade. Although most people are just using Facebook and Twitter, the business world has rolled out its own version of a social media page. LinkedIn gives companies a medium to connect with potential employees or potential customers in their given field.

LinkedIn is basically a networking convention over the internet. It allows you to meet other people or business you would be interested in networking with just...

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Twitter tried to buy Instagram months before Facebook

It’s been reported that Twitter tried to buy Instagram just months before Facebook bought it for $1 billion.

Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s CEO and co-founder, looked into investing in the photosharing app and showed a blatant interest by posting photos to his Twitter account on a daily basis. Dorsey has since stopped posting Instagram photos after Facebook’s deal was announced.

However, Twitter won’t be looking into similar moves in order to rival Facebook.

Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo...

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How do people feel about your business?

I heard a guy in my local coffee shop explaining to a friend, why he bought himself an iPhone. “I needed cheering up, so I decided to treat myself to a new iPhone. I had to wait 3 days for the phone to arrive and to be honest, the wait was pretty exciting.”

That’s an example of someone using...

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What is a Newsworthy Press Release Topic?

Online PR is a great addition to any link building campaign. Much like blog posts or articles, individual online press releases can rank in the search engines, increasing your overall online brand presence for both branded and non-branded keywords. When published through a trusted and paid distribution site, online press releases become a valuable source of inbound links and help round out your link portfolio.

I always recommend that site owners stick to 1 or 2 press releases...

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Facebook to allow more data access to users

Facebook will now let users download more previous data that has been shared on the social network over the years.

The feature, named Download Your Information, has been updated to give users access to expanded archives of friend requests, login IP locations and previous names used.

First launched in 2012, the feature gave access to posts, photos and other content, but campaigners argued that the social network was not sharing enough information to fit demands. The company has also faced criticism against its...

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The power of integration - Making Email Marketing Work with Social Media Marketing

It's tempting to think of social media and email marketing as different channels that don't compliment each other and certainly don't have the potential to augment each other. Don't fall to the temptation. Email marketing and social media can work together, help to optimise each other, and drive additional revenue.

Making social media work with email marketing isn’t automatic and it’s not easy. It requires careful planning and content management. Yes—many email service providers offer what...

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Google+ revamped after getting 170 million users

Google has revamped its Google+ service, after announcing it has more than 170 million users signed up.

Taking inspiration from Twitter and Facebook, the social network now features trending topics and cover photos. It also includes a new Navigation bar placed on the left hand side, which is customisable to the user’s needs.

The redesign came after Google announced that 100m of its users have used the network at least once in the last month, whilst 50m used Google+ at least once a day throughout the...

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Push versus Pull Marketing: Is Your Company Using Both Strategies?

This is a guest post by Amanda DiSilvestro of Business.com

Lately the buzz seems to be surrounding the term “pull marketing.” Because this term is becoming so popular, the term “push” marketing has also been brought to the surface. Push marketing is supposedly an approach that most marketing departments have been using in the past, while pull marketing is the latest and greatest. If you don’t know whether you are pushing or pulling your customers, consider some of the major differences...

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