B2B Finally Embraces Social Media

B2B Finally Embraces Social Media

It seems like for so long, B2B companies struggled with the social media concept–how to get the attention of their customers through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and other social avenues.

But just give it time and most have found their social “voice.” This infographic from Insideview speaks to the great benefits B2B companies have received as they’ve embraced social media tactics.

By Terri Rylander, 05 April 2012, 1 comment. Categories: Campaigns, Social Media Marketing.

Should Your Blog Include Paid Reviews?

It takes a while to build up a business blog. You need to spend time developing it, brainstorming topics, writing great content, monitoring comments, etc. The work that goes into a blog never really ends as long as you want to keep your audience coming back for more. If you’ve taken the time to establish a blog that gets a respectable amount of traffic, you may decide that you want to start monetizing it.

By Nick Stamoulis, 04 April 2012, 1 comment. Categories: Content Marketing.

3 key trends for digital marketing strategy success

The social media space can be confusing and difficult when developing a digital marketing strategy. I believe there are 3 key trends that every company should focus on to help clarify, simplify and ensure a greater chnace of success: People bringing their real identities online; Discovery playing a bigger role and Role of Influencers.

There are 3 key trends that I believe that every marketer and company looking to be more active digitally should be thinking about. Of course, there are many trends and changes...

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9 QR Code Considerations

Leading from my earlier blog, quick response (QR) codes are a hot topic marketing item in 2012. This is the year where marketers and agencies are reporting that they are increasing their spend on core mobile channels including mobile apps and QR code programs.

Our clients are questioning how to use QR codes in their business and what strategy considerations should be applied for QR code deployments. How their content is best represented with this latest information opportunity, what content they deliver and...

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Social TV: It's important to put audience behaviour first #SMWF

The Social TV track in #SMWF last week kicked off with a great keynote panel examining the state of social TV and the changes going on in the industry.

The panel was made of Simon Miller, Chief Technical Officer at Zeebox (@simonmi11er), Sidharth Jayant, Content Service Manager of Samsung Electronics (@sidharthjayant), David Nahmani, Orange’s Director of BD & Partnerships (@davidnahmani), and Lloyd Salmons, Co-founder and Director at Outside Line...

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Presentation slides from the Marketing Tech track at #SMWF

We partnered with SMWF last week, a London-based social media event and exhibition looking at some of the latest tools and techniques marketers are employing across the industry. Thanks to all the SM practitioners who came down to share their expertise in the Marketing Tech track, and to everyone that came down to pick up some tips and techniques; hope you got what you came for.

We had a great couple of days meeting loads of you. Here are the presentation slides from our track, from speakers representing...

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Who is talking about my Brand & Developing Tailored Content #SMWF

Understanding the social consumer is central to building a successful social media strategy. You need to find the best ways to communicate to different groups, therefore understanding the different social behaviours out there is important for most social strategies.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from #SMWF this week, it’s that the understanding of social media among marketers has moved beyond simple ‘why’ and ‘how’...

By Dani Millward, 30 March 2012, 1 comment. Categories: Advertising Technology, Social Media Marketing.

Is the term 'engagement' meaningless? #SMWF

Is the term engagement meaningless? What are we really chasing when we start measuring it? This was a key theme of social media engagement session at #SMWF this week.

A great panel, including Allister Frost, Head of Digital Marketing Strategy, Microsoft, Reggie Bradford, CEO, Vitrue, Jonathan Bean, COO, Mynewsdesk and Patrick Salyer, CEO, Gigya, took part in a wide ranging discussion, packed with prescient points and insightful questions.

The session...

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Transparency and trust is key for brands, explains Scott Monty, Ford #SMWF

Social media is blooming across the world. With the increasing number of social networks, Scott Monty, Global Digital & Multimedia Comms Manager from Ford, found a few challenges when establishing social media in the automotive industry, but pointed out that these problems occur in other industries too.

Businesses aren’t trusted as much anymore by their customers. Academics, analysts and the media are some that now have the upper hand when it comes to levels of trust, because customers trust people...

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Chris Brogan video: Get mobile - Smartphones are the new smoking #smwf

The personal, ubiquitous and indispensible perception of mobile phones has created the “best social network in the world”, said Chris Brogan at #SMWF this week, with SMS and email contacts still representing the gold standards for marketing.

“The laptop is no longer where we live and die,” he told a packed keynote theatre on Tuesday, emphasising the importance of the mobile channel. “Smartphones are the new smoking - and QR codes are not the answer.”

In a far ranging,...

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Who will nail Social TV? #SMWF

The integration of social media into TV has not yet hit the nail on the head, according to Dan Patton, VP of digital media at MTV UK & Ireland.

Looking at how TV audiences can be bolstered using social media at #SMWF yesterday, Patton said we were yet to see a service that had tied the two together in a truly effective, innovative way.

Emma Marlow, Director of New Media, IMImobile said that trying to drive engagement through social media represented a huge...

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dot Brand Decision Time

In 2013 we can expect to see a number of .brands, alongside more familiar top-level domains, such as .co.uk or .com. However, the short window of opportunity for businesses to own and manage their own TLD will soon close, with the deadline for applications closing on the 12 April. Roland LaPlante, CMO of Internet infrastructure solutions provider Afilias, discusses the issue and highlights what benefits the brands will receive as a result.

Earlier this year, the newest and, arguably, most innovative change...

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Can Friends Reunited rise from the ashes?

Friends Reunited, the site widely cited as the world’s first online social network and rekindled a thousand old school romances has been relaunched, 12 years after its inception.

Focusing on nostalgia and memories, the new site will invite users to gather images that represent memorable events in their lives, culminating in a feast of curated memories, both their own images and those from copyrighted libraries, a few of which have already agreed to partner with the site; the Press Association and the...

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How Publishers Can Effectively Monetize Mobile Content

A number of content publishers are doing tremendous work bringing their content to mobile users, seizing the opportunity brought on by the adoption of smartphones and tablets.

However, others have been slow to make that full commitment. Many are still learning how to adapt their business to mobile, evaluating how to present content and monetize it. Some of these publishers have extraordinary online content, yet it doesn’t translate as well on mobile.

Knowing that their audiences are consuming content on...

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How journalists use social media

Understanding how journalists use social media to research articles can be key to your PR strategy, ensuring your efforts are targeted in the right places.

Some interesting research into just how they do this has shed some useful light on how social media marketers and PR folk can best utilise the various social channels.

On average journalists use three different social media channels for each article they research. They find corporate blogs the most useful, while Wikipedia and Twitter were the second and...

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Facebook Timeline and your brand

In just over a week from now, Facebook will switch to the much talked about Facebook Timeline.

It was first talked about in the f8 conference last year, and until as late as February this year, it was still unclear when this shift would definitely happen. But now it’s upon us. So what are the new features that Timeline brings to your brand or business?

By Mike Saunders, 23 March 2012, 1 comment.

Google Analytics aims social media reporting at the bottom line

Google has announced the addition of a new feature to its analytics suite that aims to tie together two traditionally slippery bedfellows, social media and demonstrable bottom line ROI.

The company says its new social reports shed light on the conversion rates generated by social channels. Group product manager Phil Mui said the initiative aimed to help marketers do three things:

  • Identify the full value of traffic coming from social sites and measure how they lead to direct conversions or assist in future conversions 
  • Understand social activities...

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British TV viewers more influenced by social media

Almost a fifth of TV viewers use social networks to discover new TV programmes to watch.

The report, released by PR and social media agency Diffusion, found that 17% of viewers use social media to find new TV shows. The percentage has risen to 39% for 18-24 year olds, possibly due to being the target audience for UK station Channel 4.

The Social TV Trends report was released the same day as Channel 4’s announcement of it launching a a new TV channel called 4seven, enabling people to catch up on...

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