Email newsletters: the secret to knowing your customers

Email newsletters are a useful sales tool, but are highly underutilised as a way of creating conversations. Sending out a regular newsletter is a wonderful way to send information to customers, but communication is a two way street.

Collecting information at sign up isn’t the only way to obtain valuable information from customers; there are several other methods to glean wonderful customer insights from newsletters.

Imagine Every Newsletter is a Test

Sending the same newsletter to the entire contact...

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Which industries are best suited to using apps for brand building?

As the app economy has exploded, every business or entrepreneur has at one time or another asked if they should "create an app for that".

Having an app for your business could in some cases help you build your brand, and effectively market your products. But an app may not be the right next step in the product evolution of every company or every industry.

So which industries are best suited to benefit from using apps for branding, and which aren't? 

The big...

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Why B2B content should promote thought leadership

B2B decision makers spend time doing research online. In order to stand out above the rest of your competition and get noticed, it’s important to invest in content marketing. Content is what helps fuel SEO and social media strategies. Without content, it’s difficult to find success online today. Many B2B marketers understand this concept, yet are still creating the wrong kind of content.

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Why peer recommendations are critical for marketing success

I am very intrigued and interested in the topic of what influences someone to make the decision to buy your product or service. As all marketers and brand owners be!

It's an important and increasingly pressing challenge for marketers and agencies, as it is clear that traditional paid for advertising is slowly becoming less effective. So what next?

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What does your social media activity say about you?

The world is full of mixed messages, and the world of business is no exception.

When someone spam emails us selling their SEO services, it sends us a mixed message. We wonder why they need to send us spam, if their SEO is supposed to be able to generate stacks of sales leads.

When a small business owner claims to offer a professional service, yet they operate behind an amateur or cheap looking website, it sends us a...

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The #NeverSeconds PR debacle: What should they have done?

In a classic example of how not to respond to social media criticism, Argyle and Bute Council in Scotland was forced into a confusing climb down on Friday, after provoking a worldwide backlash by banning a nine year old girl from photographing her school dinners to post on her blog.

In Martha Payne’s NeverSeconds blog, the schoolgirl documented and rated her lunch every day, scoring her meals out of ten on a ‘Food-o-meter’, and noting important information...

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What is the real business value of Pinterest?

Pinterest: What is it?

Pinterest is picking up speed like a locomotive. Most insiders have already signed up. Probably because they are afraid to miss the next big thing. Those who have not are probably afraid to ask the "what is Pinterest?" question aloud. 

Pinterest is ultimately a virtual pin board where consumers can grab images from their web surfing activity and ‘pin’ them up on categorical boards that allow them to share and revisit the information as necessary....

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What is the future for big data analytics?

The Problem

Digital measurement at the enterprise level has been driven by two major trends - the use of tags to collect user behaviour and the reliance of SaaS vendors to provide aggregated reporting on digital marketing - both of these trends are at crisis point in 2012.

Tagging represented a significant breakthrough in measurement data collection, enabling widespread access to Web analytics data throughout the organisation. Unfortunately, real drawbacks to the use of tagging have emerged. Customised...

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Are the new top-level domains going to give brands more power?

The news that two companies are willing to pay $185,000 for .sex may seem shocking at first glance, but it becomes perfectly innocent with the news of the new “top-level domains” available to companies.

The announcement from the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (Icann) of a new generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) program which will hugely extend the list of potential domains and web pages has been praised...

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Prestige brands struggle to inject 'social' into Facebook

Rates of Facebook engagement among the top 100 US brands has fallen by almost a half as brand managers struggle to incorporate the ‘social’ into social media, a new report has claimed.

Despite strong growth over the last couple of years as brands began to invest in Facebook advertising, a combination of lack of interaction and poor response times have eroded user engagement. In fact, more than 20% of prestige brands still do not engage in any two-way conversation and one-third prohibit fan posts...

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Link exchanges: bad for SEO and usability

The search engines use links (along with a multitude of other factors) to help determine a site’s reputation.

Since Google has the ability to crawl the entire web as needed, the search giant knows exactly how many links a website has, where they are coming from, what other sites those sources link to, what “neighborhood” links are...

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5 localization steps for global brand loyalty

Too often, companies don’t recognize the competitive nature of the global market and aren’t aware of the impact of a flawed localization effort. To initiate an international marketing effort that is successful, recognize the importance of communicating with people accurately in their native languages — and demonstrate that you know something about their local cultural preferences. That, essentially, is what localization is all about. And that effort is what a sufficient share of your overall...

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Does your SEO optimisation need a spruce up?

Here’s a useful resource for marketing executives: an SEO audit checklist from digital marketing agency Evolve Digital Labs.

The St Louis-based company has published the checklist, downloadable as a PDF, as both a guide to their own auditing standards and a step-by-step run-through for brands to utilise when assessing their SEO pulling power.

The checklist features three specific areas of...

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Is a paid blog review worth it?

I’m on the fence about paid blog reviews. I think one every now and again is a great way to get valuable inbound links, generate new visitors to your site, build your online brand presence and more, but you have to be careful to not rely too heavily on paid reviews.

If you are thinking about paying for a blog review, it’s important that you pick a blog that will actually help your brand.

Here are five things to look at when considering a paid blog review:

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Google+ - Not a no-brainer but a different kind of brain

Last week, Marketing Tech contributor Neal Schaffer argued that Google+ is a ‘no-brainer’ for business marketers. His evidence: Google Knowledge Graph, enhanced Google search listings, and live on-air Hangouts.  I imagine that the new Google Plus Local would be a notable addition to his argument – and the argument is convincing. Google is the king of search engines, and businesses can now use free...

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Amazing Getty Images short marketing film

Running a Digital Marketing Agency puts me in front of stock photography websites on a fairly often basis and a lot of the time when I can’t find something on iStock I’m not too sure which one to turn to next. Well, Getty Images have launched an awesome marketing video which will put them on my list next time I’m looking for some photographs.

Have a watch:

Let’s wait and see if the other stock photography houses will catch on and launch their own campaigns to try and stay ahead...

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Captcha got your tongue?

SPAM, no not the popular English canned meat, but the online nightmare that most website owners face every day.

What exactly is spam you ask? A quick breakdown of the intention of spamming:Spam and Captcha codes


  • Advertising on a massive scale
  • Manipulating online voting systems
  • Destabilising a critical human equilibrium (i.e. creating an unfair advantage)
  • Vandalising or destroying the integrity of a website
  • Creating unnatural,...

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Blanket porn opt-in filter would be a mistake, says Google

Forcing UK internet users to opt-in for access to online porn wouldn't be very effective and would do nothing to help parents educate their children on the dangers of the internet, a Google spokeswoman said this week.

The UK government has been wrestling with the question of adult content on the internet; specifically how to protect innocent children from the heaps of filth available online.

It is currently consultation with ISPs is the suggestion that internet smut filters be imposed across the board, and...

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