3 ways publishers and advertisers can optimise display ad strategy

The online display industry is attracting some deserved attention, following figures from Forrester which predict that the marketing investment in this space will increase by 17 per cent year on year in the US until 2017 – closely followed by Europe.

Obviously, marketers want to maximise return on investment on their increased online display investment, while publishers need to maximise the new opportunities presented to them as a result. Against this backdrop, a win-win situation can be engineered for...

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5 ways to spice up your email marketing strategy

No one likes spam, and small companies trying to reach their clientele hate spam. That is because they are genuinely trying to reach out to their target audience with a message they probably want to hear, but due to spam, their words end up in the trash, unread. In order to keep out of the trash and stay clear of being labeled as spam, companies need to spice up their email marketing strategies, and here are five ways on how to do it.

Have a meaningful subject line:

Your subject line is the first thing your...

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What are the 8 must practice social media techniques?

One billion.

That is approximately the number of people who use Facebook every month as of this October. That accounts for a seventh of the entire planet’s population.

Twitter, the next biggest social media platform, was reported to have half a billion users back in July this year. People from all over the world are creating and sharing pictures, stories, news, opinions and all sorts of information online on a scale that was never before seen in history.


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How is social media affecting the #Election2012?

Two pieces of research have uncovered intriguing social media trends relating to the US presidential elections.

Research from Pew has revealed that social media commenters were "relentlessly negative" about Barack Obama and Mitt Romney and far harsher than the mainstream media; while research from market analysts Mindshare reveals that Republicans are more likely to interact with social media.

Given that the 2008 contest was widely considered the first ‘digital election’, there has been a lot of...

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What is the difference between a CV and your LinkedIn profile?

What's the difference between a CV and your LinkedIn profile?

Usually your resumé or curriculum vitae (CV) wouldn’t be more than two pages and might only be viewed by potential employers that you’ve specifically sent it to. A LinkedIn profile however can be as long as you want and it’s in the public eye for everyone and/or anyone to see.

LinkedIn profiles are used primarily for networking, whereas resumés are used to land employment. LinkedIn profiles have headshots, whereas...

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SME marketing strategies from Steve Jobs


Could Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, head of a huge, multi-national technology company, teach an experienced small business owner a thing or two about marketing? Could he ever...

In fact, the tenets Jobs used to sell hundreds of millions of consumer electronics devices, billions of music downloads, and create one of the world's leading movies studios, apply just as well to Joe's Transmissions or South Coast Pizza as they do for any other business.

They should be required in every college...

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How much is inertia costing you and your business?

Today’s post is about the cost to small business owners of inertia.

I’m referring to those things we know we ‘should’ be doing for our businesses, but decide for whatever reason to keep putting off.

Dentists know all about the cost of inertia

Ask a dentist what happens if someone gets a cracked tooth and decides to leave it, rather than going...

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3 factors to increase online sales conversions

Selling online is a science and with the cutthroat competition between online businesses to reel in customers and secure transactions, it is vital that a business that wants to enhance its online presence does so intelligently, by understanding the customer base and thinking rationally about pricing.

So, how does an online business turn ‘interested clicks’ into completed transactions?

  • Price
  • Ease of purchase
  • Trust
  • Price

    The success of online selling, in essence, comes down to price or originality....

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    Social media: B2B gets Pinteresting

    The new contender

    Pinterest has rapidly shot up the rankings to become a major contender in the social media marketing world, ranked third behind only Facebook and Twitter in terms of popularity. B2C marketers have been the quickest to move into this previously uncharted territory by taking advantage of the channel’s emphasis on visual communication.

    As a result many B2B marketers have been...

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    How marketing can leverage customer intelligence

    Do you know your net promoter score? Most organisations do, and most organisations promote NPS as one of their key metrics. What most organisations fail to do is take NPS that step further and use the intelligence the NPS survey brings to drive business growth.

    Over and over again, I've seen businesses simply look at the top line: "what's our score?" is the question and "how can we improve it?" At this point, it's the responsibility of the marketing team to lead a deep-dive of the NPS data to uncover...

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    Adform: Increased support for mobile in online advertising

    Rich media and mobile the two key trends for online advertising

    According to research from online marketing specialists Adform, mobile is the area most likely area to fuel investment into online display marketing campaigns in the next 12 months.

    The responses came from digital marketers polled at the ad:tech conference in London, and the results showed the increasing part mobile has to play in marketing. Mobile topped the polls with 33% of respondents citing it, with social media (23%) and online video (8%)...

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    What every business owner needs to know about respect

    Today, I’d like to share a simple, yet powerful idea with you from the 1936 classic book; How to win friends and influence people.

    The book’s author, Dale Carnegie, said; ‘Show respect for the other person’s opinion. Never say, “you’re wrong!” to them.’

    You’re right and they may be too!

    If we fully believe that our opinion is correct, we need to be mindful that it is still just...

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    10 symptoms of unhealthy social media habits [infographic]

    Marketing automation software company Marketo recently published this infographic, The Social Sickness. Do you know someone with an unhealthy relationship with social media?

    If you’re the mayor of every place you drive by, and you tweet “lk ths cz vwls r so lst yr”, you may have a problem.

    And if you’re checking your cellphone every few minutes to see what total strangers have said...

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