Reputation analysis: UK operator O2's mobile network crash

UK mobile network O2 was yesterday battling to restore services to its customers nationwide after a massive outage.  The issues began Wednesday lunchtime with many users reporting that they were unable to make calls or use data services on their smartphones.  Subscribers to Tesco Mobile and GiffGaff services, which use the O2 network, were also affected, although O2 said that the issues were not geographical.

Consumers took to social networks like Facebook and Twitter to let friends, family and...

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How marketing can prosper in the 'Do Not Track' world

Microsoft’s recent announcement that ‘DO NOT TRACK’ would become the default setting in IE10 has been met with predictable dismay by most corners of the digital marketing industry. Understandable, given that cookie-based tracking mechanisms have, in the last five years, become the norm for marketers, publishers, and the technology providers that supply them.

The digital marketing process has become unsubtle and downright creepy in some cases, and it’s no wonder that we are seeing a...

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Advantages of using a minimum viable product approach

For small businesses that are looking to bring a new product to market, the concept around a minimum viable product is an excellent way to test your idea with your customers. A minimum viable product (MVP) is a design of a product that has the absolute least amount of features needed for testing purposes.

One of the cornerstone principles of the MVP process is to test on your ideal customers. These are people you can coach and observe while collecting information. As you release various iterations of your...

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How to harness the latest display ad technology

The online advertising market in Europe has risen to a total value of €20.9 billion annually with a year-on-year growth of 14.5 per cent[1]. It’s growing fast, but it could be growing faster. All of us in the online display advertising industry will tell you the same; as innovation within display continues to evolve at such a rate of...

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How big is the SEO industry? [infographic]

Everywhere you turn on the web these days someone is ranting about how important SEO is to online growth — they are right.

It is also important to understand that not all SEO is the right SEO. There are many individuals and providers offering search engine optimization efforts which is why this infographic should not surprise you too much.

The folks over at bluecaribu recently put this infographic together showcasing the raw...

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Best practices for using LinkedIn to grow your startup

Growing your startup using LinkedIn is a “practice makes perfect” recipe. The key ingredient is, and always will be, to be helpful and useful to others first.

Once you present yourself and your product, infuse yourself into the mix of LinkedIn. Study others. Spy their business needs and wants, and blend in with the following ingredients:

Help yourself by helping others

As the old saying goes: "If you want friends, you have to be friendly". If you are an expert in an area, provide some of your...

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Twitter Vs LinkedIn: Is this a new direction for social?

Social media. It’s all about sharing. Isn’t it? For the users maybe, but the news this week suggests otherwise – with Twitter and LinkedIn announcing the end of their partnership that started in 2009. The bad news is Twitter has pulled the plug on its Application Programming Interface (API) for LinkedIn – which in simple terms means your Tweets will no longer show as status updates in...

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Email: where knowledge goes to die?

I am no DIY professional; in fact I am the opposite.

The other day I found myself tring to rewire a household plug using a kitchen knife as a screwdriver. Half the problem with my DIY skills is that I don’t have the right tools to do the job so I end up ‘making a plan’ to get the job done.

In much the same way, I have begun to recognise that in business we often are found making a plan with tools that are not...

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Five ways Ghostbusters can improve your online marketing

“Ghostbusters” is one of my all-time favourite movies. It has everything: ghosts, a giant marshmallow man and a song from Ray Parker Jr. that sounds suspiciously like a Huey Lewis song. The film was certainly ahead of its time, but not just in terms of combining special effects and comedy. If you look a little closer, you can see that Peter, Ray, Egon and Winston also gave examples on how to improve your online marketing performance. That’s pretty impressive, considering the movie came...

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Should you be scared of negative SEO?

Should You Be Scared of Negative SEO? 5 Red Alert Warnings

The Google Panda update has led to many a webmaster calling their local SEO agency in a panic.  Since Panda, Google has decided that it's OK to let webmasters know if sites that have linked to them are ones that Google would consider to be part of a "link scheme".  The idea behind this initiative is that it might discourage webmasters from using paid links to manipulate search rankings.

This has caused some people, especially those that know about

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How can social media marketers take advantage of Twizgrid?

Social networking and photo sharing have proven to be a perfect match. It is the reason people are flocking to sites like Pinterest, and the reason companies like Facebook are snatching up popular services like Instagram. The visual era is in full effect, and tools like Twizgrid are coming out of nowhere to join the party. Here is a closer look at this handy new service and what it has to offer to the social media marketer. Inside the Twizgrid Created by AJP Apps, a software company based in San Francisco, Twizgrid is an app that allows iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch...

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How eSignatures can align marketing & sales

Marketing and sales departments exist to make it easier for customers to bring their business to an organization. From studying the impact of specific marketing messages to crafting personalized sales packages, sales and marketing professionals work hard to move customers closer to the brand and to earn their loyalty.

So why do so many teams drop this customer-centric philosophy at the most critical moment of the relationship – the contract process? Traditional, paper-based contracting is cumbersome,...

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How to shoot down a brand dissenter with style [infographic]

Here’s an effective way to draw positive attention to your brand and maintain a sense of humour, as shown by @smartcarusa.

Smart cars have never traditionally received the best press, and Twitter user Clayton Hove couldn’t resist a sly dig at the company’s supposedly brittle exterior.

Presumably not expecting any response in particular – a quick look on his page shows his tweets are frequent and far reaching at a variety of targets – Hove would...

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