How do you measure your social media ROI?

Social media is great for many things. It can help deal with your client’s queries, their issues and you can monitor what is going on in your industry.
However, social media takes an awful amount of effort to create a social buzz and get people interested. You need to build your likes and followers carefully and slowly, gaining good quality people that are ready to interact with you and are confident in your brand and your social presence. 
But all that time that it takes to get to this point, when done professionally is under the eye of management, wondering what the tweets about #FF are, considering, in this tight economy what the person is actually doing.
You need to be able to prove the return on investment of the exercise, and quickly.
And this is the problem. Ultimately, the social media needs to have a bearing on the business. Fortunately you can quantify this in varying...

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Should you be focusing on local SEO?

Should your online marketing campaign be focusing on local SEO? Here, Liberty’s new recruit Ben Magee offers some helpful hints and tips.With so many facets of online marketing out there, it can be hard to know whether to use local, organic or PPC optimisation to bring traffic to your website.

Ultimately the importance of local SEO depends on the size and type of your business, but it’s hard to dispute that it has a huge role to play in any optimisation campaign and...

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Why Internet Explorer 10 could change digital marketing forever

Do Not Track is a technology and policy proposal that enables users to opt out, by default or otherwise, of tracking by websites they do not visit, including analytics services, advertising networks, and social platforms.

This is something that has caused quite some controversy in our industry, but what is the background to this story and how did it come about?

In 2007, several US consumer advocacy groups asked the Federal Trade Commission to create a Do Not Track...

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How to convert big data into big returns

Does this scenario ring any bells?

A senior level, multi-channel marketer is asked by the board to tell them about ‘Big Data’. The typical response would be “It’s a good concept, one which has huge potential benefits – but it is extremely costly and would require a complete overhaul of marketing processes and IT infrastructure – put simply it is not realistic.”

A few years ago that particular statement would have been true, but nowadays many of the technical obstacles...

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5 ways to make your explanatory video rock

People don’t consume or process information they way they used to. The rise of the internet and improvements in mobile communications has led to people wanting information in short, immediate bursts that are easily digested. Consequently ensuring your message is understood has never been more difficult. Short explanatory films perform a valuable role here and can help people communicate anything from a marketing message to training, to communicating change.

Many people are under the impression producing...

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Topology: The critical forgotten factor in digital analytics

The Problem with Statistical Analysis in Web Analytics

The practice of Digital Analytics is built on a few simple, largely unquestioned assumptions. The first of these assumptions is “intentionality”. When a visitor looks at a page about a topic or product, we assume they have an interest in the product or topic – that the behavior was intentional.

The second key assumption is “influence”. When a visitor views a page and then subsequently does something we consider a success, we...

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Global mobile ad impression report shows 'two horse race'

Apple and Samsung are locked in a two horse race to dominate the smartphone advertising market, with nine of the top ten devices in terms of mobile ad impressions attributed to the two manufacturers.

Adfonic, which serves over 100 billion global ad impressions a month, drew the data from its global ad network, and claims in its latest Global AdMetrics report that both firms increased their market share over Q3.

Apple and Samsung devices accounted for nine of the top ten by share of ad impressions, and the...

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Which browser has the best advertising CTR? [infographic]

A new piece of research from Chitika Insights has given a surprising verdict: Opera browser users click on the most ads, with Safari in second place.

The research, which covered “hundreds of millions of U.S and Canadian online ad impressions”, found that Opera on average had a click through rate (CTR) of 2.12%, with Safari Mobile (1.54%) and Internet Explorer (1.14%) comprising the top three. Chrome came last with 0.54% CTR – 0.51% for iOS.

Perhaps surprisingly, the CTR acronym was only recognised by 77%...

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Responsive web design is the future

Responsive web design has taken the industry by storm.

Through the use of RWD, companies can develop a site which will work across the multiple platforms (iOS, Windows, Android etc). Everything is more flexible, layouts adapt to the resolution and screen size automatically, switching from horizontal to vertical, from large to small.

.net Magazine chose RWD as #2 on its list of Top Web Design Trends for 2012 and the term is regularly trending within the industry.

Although the evolution of the design is big...

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Lessons in social media: Why a sense of humour is essential

Few can argue that social media is not a great PR tool; it is – for the most part anyway. But there are times (see below) when it can also work against you, and in situations like these you will often lose out if you don’t try and see the funny side. If you do, social media can work to your advantage even when feedback or sentiment is negative.

The example below shows Thomas Cook missing out on what could have been an easy PR coup, and worse still, having that opportunity snatched from them by...

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Beyond the dot Brand and creating a better online experience

This year, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) launched a round to apply for new “dot Brand” top-level domains (TLDs).

For the first time, ICANN allowed brands, organisations, and geographic regions to apply for their own TLDs such as “.NIKE” and “.PARIS” to go alongside existing TLDs like “.COM” and “.INFO”.

There were almost 2,000 applications submitted,...

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