Guest blogging: Worth the risk?

Since Penguin 1.0 first exploded onto the scene last April, I think it’s fair to say that guest blogging has become the link building method of choice for many SEOs and online marketers in the industry. The process of creating (what should be unique) content and posting it on other people’s blog, guest blogging has two major benefits for any site; it helps to drive valuable traffic to the site and it also helps to up the number of links (and unique IP addresses) feeding back into the site.

Now, in...

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Technical know-how an essential element in online marketing

Be a Little Technical

When the online marketing industry was in its infancy, success came from simple link building campaigns for SEO. Today, that is just a little bit of what you need, to thrive. Technical know-how is now the most valuable thing in the industry, and it does not come easily. The industry is now diverse, and many factors influence success on all scales. Anyone with aspirations of succeeding as an online marketer now needs to embrace the following tools and features as well as understand their significance.

Data and Tracking Tools

Data is playing a huge role in determining...

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Why Google’s Content Experiments API is part of the larger plan

Many marketers who want to perform split or multivariate tests have little to no budget for it. That’s the nature of the space - companies are always looking to do more with less. So when Google shut down Google Website Optimizer and launched Content Experiments inside Google Analytics, many in the space were rightly concerned. The relatively full-featured tool was going away, replaced by a competent, but lacking, replacement.
The move drew considerable ire, and left many marketers...

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The handiest SEO tools for Firefox

According to W3school’s browser stats, Firefox is the second most popular browser today. So what makes Firefox so great?

·  Mozilla Firefox is a free, cross platform browser (it is available for windows, Mac OS & Linux platforms).

·  Firefox is equipped with a search bar that allows users to perform a web search directly from their browsers.

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It’s here: Penguin 2.0 shakes up SERPs

Wednesday was the day black-hat spammers and less than squeaky clean SEOs were dreading – the day Penguin 2.0 was unleashed on the SERPs.

Now, we knew the update was going to be big and we knew it was due any day now but the update still caught a lot of us off guard, especially here in the UK because it hit overnight, while we were sleeping peacefully – blissfully unaware of the aggressive attack that was taking place by our favourite...

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Should you be worried about Google’s upcoming Summer of Love?

By Amy@BubbleJobsUnless you’ve been living under a rock or you’ve been away from home for the last week or so, you’ll have already heard that the next Penguin update is officially on its way and Google has a whole host of changes planned that might/will affect the SEO industry in 2013.

I covered everything Matt Cutts mentioned in his webmaster video on Tuesday so I’m not going to go through all that again. Instead, I...

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Why you need to focus on Google+ to increase your rankings

More than half of all internet searches are completed through Google and some estimates put the figure even higher than that so if a business wants its website to be visible in search results it needs to use all of the tools and tactics at its disposal – and that includes Google+.

Often referred to as the poorer rival to the Facebook juggernaut, Google+ is actually a powerful and unique tool in the world of content marketing and search engine optimisation. As Google owns both the search engine and the social media network, it stands to reason the two will be closely linked. However, effectively using Google+ as part of a search engine optimisation strategy is still neglected by many brands and their social media agencies. Unlike...

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SEOs hold tight: Penguin 2.0 to hit this month and more changes to come

By Amy@BubbleJobs

It's the news the majority of SEOs have been waiting for...the next Penguin update (which is apparently going to be big!) is going to be rolled out by the end of this month. Time. To. Panic!The announcement came from Matt Cutts himself on Twitter at the end of last week on the back of speculation that a major update was currently taking place across the pond.Cutts announced that last week’s update wasn’t connected to a Penguin update, but did confirm they “expect to roll out Penguin 2.0 (next generation of...

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Big Data: Developing a 360 degree marketing plan

The face of marketing has completely changed over the past decade, shifting from simply broadcasting products and services to the world, to concentrating on inbound marketing solutions - with a focus on creating the relevant information to attract and retain customers.

In today's digital world, effective marketing plans need to be holistic and integrated online - a clever mix of SEO and social media - whilst still incorporating existing offline communications channels such as TV, radio and print, to create a...

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5 ways to write epic SEO copy

By Amy@BubbleJobs

Here at Bubble we like to write about what we know (after all, sharing is caring!) so today I thought I’d take you right back to the start and go through the ins and outs of writing SEO copy.

First up, SEO copy (or SEO-friendly copy) relates to the copy (aka words) used on your website. The copy on your website/blog is essential for educating visitors on your products/services and letting the search engines (like Google and Bing) know what your business and each page of your website is...

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Is organic link building really brand building?

Brand Building Links

Organic link building is an essential part of any business’s online presence. The process of building links will not only improve a company’s search ranking in browsers like Google, but it can also act as a promotional tool by triggering earned traffic for the company’s website.

Process of Link Building

The method of building organic links can, in many ways, be compared to playing dominoes. For instance, a web developer will craft a link that is meant to set off a chain reaction whereby other sites link to the original link, resulting in “ripple...

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Is link building the ugly sister of the SEO industry?

By Amy@BubbleJobsJust like any other SEO working in the industry today, my job is pretty varied to say the least – and no two days are ever the same. From creating new landing pages and onsite optimisation to researching the market and writing a daily blog, there are always a million and one things on my to-do list and while most things usually take a few hours, days or weeks to complete, there are some tasks that remain a constant feature of my to-do list, no matter what the time of year.

Now, I don’t mind things...

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5 SEO pitfalls that you still might be making

SEO Pitfalls

Whether you are optimizing your site alone or getting help from others, staying abreast of recent algorithm changes is a vital measure to take. You should be constantly overhauling your strategies and revising your campaigns to reflect new requirements. This is vital for avoiding costly penalties, but it will also help you to get better returns on your investments of money and time. Following are 5 SEO pitfalls that you still might be making, if you haven’t evolved your SEO.

1. On-Site Redundancies

Search engines have become far more

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5 reasons no one’s sharing your content

By Amy@BubbleJobsSo you’ve read all the SEO and online marketing blogs and you know that building dodgy links that are spammier than that awful processed meat is not an option anymore. You know these days it’s all about creating “quality content” and you know social sharing is pretty important too.

With the good old “Content is King” mantra ringing in your ear, you get down to business and start blogging away, pitching for guest blogs like your life depends on it, sending out...

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Who are the top 10 must-follow SEO pros?

By Amy@BubbleJobsWhether you work directly in the digital industry or you just have a passing interest, these days there’s no getting away from SEO. From the way you set up your website to the content you publish and the products you sell, SEO now affects more business owners than ever before so staying on top of the latest trends, updates and changes is crucial – if you don’t, you could end up in a whole pile of trouble, not just with Google but with your investors and customers too!

Needless to say just like any other...

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Visual marketing: Getting your prospects to see the bigger picture

Visual narratives suit our busy lifestyles. Faced with a constant state of information overload, we’ve learned to digest information quickly, so brands are increasingly turning to infographics, videos and slideshows to help rise above the noise and offer their audience a richer media experience.

The shift from ‘read-write web’ to ‘visual web’ was confirmed this month when

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Analysing the impact of Google+ on SEO

How are you going to ever get traffic to your website, if you don’t have a Google+ profile? Sounds a little extreme, I know, but read on.

Ever since Eric Schmidt (Google’s CEO) was quoted as saying “Information tied to verified online profiles will be ranked higher than content without such verification“, it has had site owners rushing to their local SEOs to make sure they don’t get hit.

It’s when he says “The true cost of remaining anonymous, then, might be irrelevance” that...

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SEOs stand by: More Google updates on the way

If you’re an SEO you’re probably having a relaxing time at the moment. I mean, the last major Panda update was more than seven weeks ago and the last Penguin update was nearly five months ago, so apart from a link network update a couple of weeks ago you’ve not really had all that much to worry about… until now!

Yep, I’m sorry to say your period of R&R is about to come to an end because (drum roll please!)… more Google updates are on the way. Yep, you read that right...

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Why content marketing wins on mobile

For traditional advertisers, mobile is a bit of a head-scratcher. Display advertising is in decline generally, but with the restricted screen real estate on mobile devices, there's not a lot of space for advertising.

Forms of advertising that rely on spatial dimensions, like banner ads, are not well suited to mobile platforms. Temporal advertising is more successful. That is, advertising that takes advantage of a viewer's time, using the whole of the mobile display. Examples include interstitial ads in text (as seen in...

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