Old SEO Methods That Are For The Birds

Old SEO Methods

If you are still running on SEO time dating back to the early 2000′s you could be doing more harm than good for yourself. There are many search marketing firms in the industry that enjoy praying on those which have not educated themselves on what it...

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The SEO Puzzle: Do You Have the Pieces?

SEO is like a puzzle. Without all of the necessary pieces located in the right place and doing their job, it just doesn’t work. Sometimes SEO can be challenging and frustrating to piece together to figure out what works and what doesn’t. But, like putting together a puzzle, when it all comes together you will feel a sense of accomplishment. Not to mention, you’ll improve your web presence and increase traffic and visitors to your website. SEO is a puzzle that’s worth the time...

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Tips for Conducting a Link Audit

A link audit is the first step in developing any link building strategy. Before you can start doing any new link building, you need to have a clear picture of what has been done. Even if you have never engaged in any intentional link building before now, chances are you still have some amount of one-way links pointing to your site. These natural links develop over time as other sites link to your. A blog review of one of your products, for instance. Or an article quoting your VP of Marketing from an interview...

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B2B Article Marketing is About Quality

There are numerous link building strategies to choose from when implementing an SEO campaign. The best campaigns are diverse and include a variety of links from many sources. A popular SEO and marketing strategy for many B2B companies was to write helpful articles and submit them to article and document sharing websites. Often, companies would submit the same article to numerous sites. The thought was that submitting the same content to multiple sites would increase the chances of a target audience member...

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How to Localize Your Keyword Research

Keyword research is undoubtedly one of the most important components of SEO. Forming the basis for your on-site optimization, keyword research will eventually determine who can find your website. Missing out on important keywords means you’ll be losing targeted traffic. The less traffic you have coming to your site, the lower your chances of conversion. Most keyword research tools are going to provide you with national search volume information. But let’s say you own a small business, like an...

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Blog Posts to Read for June 9, 2011

Below you will find our favorite blog posts that are related to SEO, search engine marketing and social media marketing from this past week. Please feel free to visit each, we hope you find them as helpful as we do! 3 Keys to Creating Social Media Content That Converts According to a recent study, the top B2B marketing priority for 2011 is lead generation. This post provides tips for creating social media content that converts....

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Preparing for Your SEO Consultation

Maybe you’re looking to handle the SEO for your website in-house, but none of your current employees (including you) have any real background in SEO. Since you may not have the available budget to commit to hiring an SEO agency full-time, you decide to start with an SEO consultant and see what you can learn. If that’s the course of action you decide to take, then you need to make sure you are prepared for your SEO consultation....

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Embedded ad sitelinks now appearing within Google AdWords PPC ads

Today Google has introduced a new feature of Ad Sitelinks - embedded ad sitelinks - which brings targeted links to within the advert itself. e.g...

How does it work? There are no additional lines available for the ad text. Alternatively, text in your advert that exactly matches one or more of your existing sitelink extensions in that campaign will automatically be linked with that sitelink’s URL....

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SEO Checklist for Re Designing a B2B Website

A B2B website is the foundation of the entire online marketing strategy of a B2B company. Every marketing initiative directs visitors to the website and it’s an important lead generation tool. Therefore, the look of the site is very important. It should be professional looking, have clean navigation, be easy to use, have call to actions strategically placed, and provide any information that a visitor might want. In a competitive industry, a B2B company needs to stay relevant and the website needs to...

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What is Inbound Marketing?

According to Wikipedia (which we all know is the most trusted source for college students everywhere), inbound marketing is defined as “…a marketing strategy that focuses on getting found by customers.” Instead of outbound marketing that incorporates traditional forms of marketing like newspaper or television advertising where a company is reaching out to the consumer, inbound marketing is all about getting the customer to come to you. The term “inbound marketing” is relatively new jargon and...

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Video Lesson – Creating Online PR for SEO Link Building

Online PR is no substitute for offline PR, but it is an important part of online marketing and SEO. Your company has plenty of newsworthy topics that can make great press releases. Online press releases are also a great place for targeting various keywords as anchor text and creating inbound links to different pages of your site. The most important thing to remember when it comes to online PR is that it has to be a newsworthy topic!

Watch this week’s SEO video lesson here!


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Why an SEO Client Needs to be a Team Player

The relationship between an SEO agency or consultant and a client needs to be viewed as a partnership. An SEO client can’t sign a contract and then disappear for 6 months. It doesn’t work like that. It’s important for the client to communicate with the SEO specialist on a regular basis and at least once a month. The client plays a vital role in the development and execution of an SEO campaign and needs to be involved throughout the process in order to generate the best results. Why, you...

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Is Google’s +1 “Pretty Cool”?

As you’ve probably heard, Google has officially released the +1 button for websites. It rolled out to a smaller audience in March within search results and ads and continues to be seen by a larger English-language search audience on Google.com. +1 shows up next to the title of a search result in Google and going forward this button will also be popping up on websites. Google has partnered with sites including Mashable, The Huffington Post, Nordstrom, The Washington Post, Best Buy, and TechCrunch...

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4 Types of Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a relatively new term that refers to marketing that is opt-in. Unlike outbound marketing, which consists of push techniques like TV, print, and radio advertising, public relations, direct mail, and telemarketing, inbound marketing is about joining the conversation that a prospective client or customer is already having with themselves. It’s not about trying to create a want or a need; it’s about satisfying a want or a need that already exists. So what exactly constitutes...

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What Liberty learnt this week at Google UK HQ

As Liberty is on the Google’s Engage for Agencies programme, on Wednesday, our Pay Per Click manager Chris had the pleasure of attending an event at their UK HQ.

The main focus of the event was to understand how best to improve the visibility of small businesses online. There were some very interesting topics discussed and some great insight into search trends. Here are the highlights from Chris’s notes on what Google was saying:Changes to AdWordsThere are quite a few changes in AdWords ad extensions this week. You will soon be charged for...

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Wooing search engines with fresh content

Wake up and smell the fresh coffee! Or in this case, the fresh content…

Whenever I look at search engine optimisation (the art of getting search engines to like you), I always come back to creating original content. Yes, I know that there are many other ways to achieve better search engine placement – like article directories, back linking campaigns and a host of other clever linking strategies – but not one of these can give you both long- and short-term growth in your website traffic.

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Minus keywords in search queries affect in-bound links as well as on-page text

Yesterday we made a discovery regarding one of Google's advanced search parameters. When you do a Google search, if you exclude a keyword by putting a minus sign in front of it (e.g. -keyword), you are not only excluding results that contain that particular word in their on-page copy, but we also now believe that it also excludes any webpage with at least one link pointing to it with that word in the anchor text.

Liberty team member Steve made this discovery when he responded to a

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Google AdWords showing URLs in top 3 advert headlines

Something we noticed this morning is Google AdWords showing a URL in the headline of an advert:

It looks like Google is:

1. Only adding the URL to the headings of the top 3 adverts2. Not adding the URL if the advert is taking advantage of the recent 'top ad' layout (where the first line of the body becomes the second half of the heading)3. Not taking space or characters away from the headline to add the...

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