Content marketers beware: Smartphone dominance for internet browsing is challenged


Tablet, smart TV and smartwatches are expected to eat into the dominance of mobile phones for internet browsing over the next year meaning that content marketing strategies need to continue to adapt to each device, according to a new report out this week.

The quarterly study of user behaviour by global mobile advertising network Buzzcity found that whilst mobile phones still dominated internet browsing amongst consumers – with 83% using the medium – the figure is actually...

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Getting the right hook: How a golf app developer is using wearables for retargeting


The American novelist Nicholas Sparks, in Dear John, writes: “No matter where you are in the world, the moon is never bigger than your thumb.” Let’s paraphrase that slightly: no matter where you are in the world, there will be someone, somewhere, writing a piece on wearable technology and how it can be deployed in marketing.

Some companies, however, are ahead of the game. Take Shotzoom. The company, by its own definition, “creates market...

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How mobile audiences are driving the growth of video


Mobile audiences are proving to be the most popular for the growth of video consumption and advertising growth, according to new figures.

The Q1 2015 Global Video Index from Telstra subsidiary Ooyala shows that mobile devices made up 42% of all online viewing during the first quarter of this year. Of those views it was smartphones that particularly drove the growth – accounting for four times as many plays than tablets during the period.

The report also showed that TV...

UK and US brands are failing to optimise for mobile, new study finds


Despite brands’ insistence that they are producing responsive sites that work across platforms, nearly half of UK and US respondees to a new survey said that the mobile websites that they visit regularly are not optimised for mobile devices.

And it seems brands that fail to comply are playing a dangerous game too since more than half of the respondents from the UK (51%) and US (62%) said that they would leave a website if such content wasn’t optimised for their device.


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Why your static display is getting left behind compared to swipe ads


Swipe mobile ads increase consumer engagement, according to a new study from mobile advertising agency Widespace, which shows that nearly a third (28%) more users remember a brand ad if it is a swipe compared to a static solution.

The company’s data also shows an increase in relevance of swipe ads of up to 100% when compared to static ads where brands are unable to read as much data about the user’s preferences. It was also found that users are 4.5 times more likely to seek...

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Dynatrace and Keynote merger creates world’s largest digital performance company


Digital performance software specialist Dynatrace is merging with Keynote to become what it claims will be the world’s most advanced user experience and behaviour monitoring business.

The deal will mean that Keynote customers will gain immediate access to Dynatrace cloud innovations such as Real User Experience Management as-a-Service, advanced third party analytics and PurePath technology, whilst Dynatrace customers will gain immediate access to Keynote’s exclusive Insights...

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Why retailers are missing opportunities to target consumers en-route


Retailers could do more to win sales from mobile in transit by better reaching out to consumers on this part of the customer journey, according to a new report from the Centre for Retail Research, commissioned by

The conclusions come from a study that shows mobile is becoming an ever more important part of the customer shopping journey with huge opportunities to engage with consumers en-route.

Although only 11% of those surveyed made purchases whilst travelling...

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Don’t believe all that you read: The top five myths why marketers avoid mobile ads


Mobile advertising is nothing new. In fact, ‘The year of the mobile’ has been used as a label for so long now that it feels like something your Grandad used to say.  

2015 is on track to be the tipping point at which more UK searches are performed on mobiles than on desktops; so, less ‘year of the mobile’ and more ‘year when you really, really, have to get your mobile strategy firing on all cylinders’ (admittedly not quite as catchy). ...

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Mobile marketing costs falling? Here's a second opinion


Mobile marketing costs are seeing unprecedented year on year growth, according to new research that analysed April’s cost per loyal user.

The research comes from the latest Fiksu Indexes, a monthly analysis of the market published by mobile marketing technology specialists Fiksu and released last week.

It shows that April's cost per loyal user (CPLU) was $2.74 which although 11% down on the previous month was an 80% increase on 2015 when the peak CPLU was $2.25.

In all six...

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Mobile marketing spend rockets as cost falls


Marketing spend on mobile continues to rocket, up by 132% on last year, according to a new report from digital marketing hub Turn.

The Advertising Intelligence Index report from the company covers global data driven marketing trends from April 2014 through to March 2015 and shows that spending is rocketing with advertisers embracing newer channels to engage audiences as the programmatic landscape becomes more mature. The study shows...

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Millennial Media: We’ll give you 100% viewability for in-app mobile advertising


The first pledge to offer a 100% viewability guarantee for in-app mobile advertising campaigns has been announced this week. Mobile ad marketplace Milliennial Media has made the promise claiming that the move ensures advertisers that its media is the most trusted source of mobile impressions in the ecosystem.

The company is partnering with measurement specialists Integral Ad Science to measure in-app viewability but will also continue to partner with the MRC, IAB and other marketing...

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Budvar boosts sales with mobile engagement campaign


A mobile marketing campaign by Budweiser Budvar, in conjunction with Shopitize, has helped raise brand awareness, drive sales and given the alcohol brand greater insight into its customers.

The campaign encouraged Budvar customers to download an offer on the Shopitize mobile couponing app platform. They could then snap their receipt enabling them to claim money back off the cost of a 500ml bottle of the beer without it mattering where they had bought it.

The campaign saw more men...

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Android steals top spot for mobile ad revenue share for first time


Android has, for the first time ever, beaten iOS for mobile ad revenue share, according to a new report from Opera Mediaworks.

The news comes a year after another landmark for the platform whe,n in the first quarter of 2014, Android overtook iOS as the top platform for traffic, as measured by mobile ad impressions served.

Android now has a 65.2% share of impressions – up from 42.8% a year ago and compared to a 22.3% share for iOS. Meanwhile Android’s revenue share is now...

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Christian Aid claims to be launching world’s first interactive television ad

Picture credit: wearechristianaid/YouTube

Charity Christian Aid claims to be launching the world’s first interactive television ad on Friday which will enable viewers to donate immediately via their smartphone.

Launching ahead of Christian Aid week, which begins on Sunday, the advert will encourage viewers to download the PowaTag app to make a one-off donation or sign up as regular donators to the cause.

Prompted by the PowaTag logo on-screen viewers simply activate the app, choose the amount to pay and...

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Brands seeking tailored mobile messaging solutions rather than one size fits all


Brands are increasingly looking for mobile messaging solutions that are tailored to them rather than a one size fits all approach according to new research from OpenMarket and IDC.

The study, Exploring the Impact of Mobile Messaging on Customers, Employees and Operations, suggests that with the greatest benefit of mobile messaging across many industries to be customer experience and employee relations mobile messaging that is tailored to each industry’s specific needs is the most...

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How authentic consumer content helps businesses deliver a highly personalised shopping experience


With the rise of new technologies and the growth of mobile usage worldwide, today’s consumers have plenty of tools to research a brand and its products and services before making a purchase decision. With increased opportunities to interact and connect, consumers have become more proactive and their expectations for brands to listen to their voice and meet their needs have risen.

At first, this might look like an overwhelming challenge to brands and retailers, but the shift in...

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How multi-device campaigns have been proven to be the most effective


For brand marketers deciding which platform to concentrate their efforts can be a challenge but a new report suggests that cross device brand advertising – focusing on two devices rather than just one – can increase ad awareness by as much as 60%.

The results come from a study by The Association of Online Publishers (AOP) in conjunction with PHD, Manning Gottlieb OMD and Celtra which looked at the impact of cross devices advertising using two recent campaigns from John...

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Lush goes mobile with its first iOS app

Picture credit: Flickr/Mike Mozart

For a brand such as Lush that relies heavily on the look - and more importantly smell - of its products to draw customers in, recreating the brand online and on mobile is a challenge. But the company hopes that the launch of its first mobile experience will be a success.

The company has launched its first mobile app for iOS in conjunction with digital product studio ustwo with a focus on both the company’s full product range and its environmental advocacy work to draw...

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Location-based services: How brands walk the fine line between clever and creepy

Picture credit: Flickr/Jose Manuel Rios Valiente

Imagine two people have ordered two products online and they’re being delivered today.  One gets a text from the provider which reads: “Your parcel will be delivered in the next hour. You do not appear to be at your home address. Would you like us to redeliver it or deliver to another address?” The other gets a text which reads: “Your parcel will be delivered in the next hour. We see that you are 15 miles away from your home...

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Report reveals how retail is lagging on mobile opt-in rates


Retail marketers need to do more to engage their customers in the mobile experience, according to a new report released by Urban Airship. The study, which looks at how consumers engage via mobile and apps, shows that of six industries analysed retail saw the steepest decline with average opt-in rates dropping from 46% to 37% year on year.

The report claims to be the industry’s largest study into notification opt-in rates and spans nearly 3,000 apps and 100 billion push...

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