How to Optimize an E-Commerce Site

An e-commerce site could have thousands upon thousands of pages of products. Just look at the online shopping giant Amazon; they probably have millions of product pages. E-commerce sites that only sell one kind of product (cameras, shoes, furniture, etc) might have fewer pages overall, but by no means is it a small amount. On-site optimization is the process of going through you site, page by page, and tweaking each page so it is more search engine friendly. Many e-commerce sites fail to fully optimize their...

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SEO Video Tip- Build Your Site to Generate Business

While design may be subjective, the actual structure of your site shouldn’t be. Your site should be built to generate business for you, not just be an informational brochure for your visitors. The structure of your site needs to support your various goals by leading visitors down a predetermined path based on your audience.

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Android most popular smartphone platform in UK and US

Android phones are now more popular that iPhones in the UK, according to new research.

Around 28% of smartphone owners own an Android handset, narrowly edging out the 26% iPhone users for the first time, the study for digital banking provider Intelligent Environments found. Around 14% of smartphone users own a Blackberry, it said.

Over four million British people over the age of 18 own an Android handset. The greater variety of handsets available means that Android powered phones have a wider appeal, and...

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