Social media companies provide the most secure email, says Agari

Any emails you receive from social media companies are least likely to be targeted by cybercriminals.

This is according to email security provider Agari, whose second quarter report involved the analysis of over a trillion emails and using its own metrics – a TrustScore and a ThreatScore.

As a result, electronic correspondence from social media organisations – the category leader in this instance being Facebook – is the most secure, with a TrustScore of 73.1. Logistics firms (58.8) came...

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Udozi: Linking e- and m-commerce with the traditional high street

MarketingTech spoke with Alan Gabbay, CEO of commerce technology provider Udozi, on his mobile and social strategy, how his company differs from the rest and making sure the high street doesn’t die

The death of the high street has long been predicted. With 20 stores being shut per day in the UK, the rise of e-commerce and, more recently, m-commerce is largely seen as the stake through the high street’s heart.

Not so, according to Alan Gabbay. The effusive CEO of up-and-coming product search finder...

By James Bourne, 24 July 2013, 0 comments. Categories: E-Commerce, Social Media Marketing.’s Rocky Mirza: We’re more of an “anti-social network”

This week I got to speak with Rocky Mirza, the co-founder of an ambitious search engine called “” which can allow you to get your message to anyone – yes, anyone.

Occasionally you come across projects which could potentially revolutionise how we get in touch with people, and this is exactly one of these types of startups.

The core idea is to place a “Bounty” on someone you’d like to get in touch with, and how much you’re willing to pay. This can then either...

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Responsive advertising: The breakthrough the industry has been waiting for

Cameron Hulett, EMEA Executive Director, Undertone

Multi-screen content has exploded, with more than 30 million smartphones and nearly 10 million tablets in the UK generating a third of the total online traffic. However, even with statistics like these, brands and publishers are still struggling to make digital ads cost-efficient across the plethora of screens, formats and sites.

According to eMarketer, mobile advertising spend in the UK is expected to reach almost £1bn this year. While that is up by 90...

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Looking to improve your commercial performance? Get FTSE 350 Social.

We can probably all think of times we’ve received great customer service; moments which stand-out, will be remembered, and walked away feeling our opinion matters, has influence, and has been dealt with to the best of a third party’s ability.

A new study by Sitecore, a leading web content and customer experience management software company, shows those companies which employ a “personal touch” perform better commercially.

The report looks into FTSE 350 companies and shows evidence of...

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Marketing the intangible: Why some tech stories are born smart

How do you market something that your consumer can’t touch, taste, or smell? This is the question that tech marketers have to answer daily.

The most successful do it by creating a story that stars their customers in the role of the hero. As a tech marketer, if you learn the principles of better storytelling, you can transport your potential clients “magically” into the world of your technology and share an experience with them — all through a story.

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Which is the best e-commerce platform for you? [infographic]

A new graphic from business management software provider Brightpearl has offered opinion as to the best e-commerce solution your company should choose, based on a wide variety of options.

Many businesses need an online store in order to maximise revenue and increase marketing push, and being in the market for an e-commerce platform isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Each main vendor has different strengths, and would perform differently dependent on which development stage your organisation...

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eCommerce and challenges of interpreting big data in 2013

Whether you’re selling socks or smartphones, running an eCommerce store these days is about much more than just posting up some content every now and again, keeping an eye on your bottom line and checking your visitor numbers once a month. Conversion bottlenecks, landing page A/B testing, customer journeys, user-experience, online and offline marketing campaigns – there are so many things to try and keep track of that it can be easy to feel a bit overwhelmed.

From social media and analytics to...

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Is China’s Singles Day bigger than US Cyber Monday?

“Cyber Monday” sales in the United States have been hailed and a landmark moment in e-commerce, with online holiday sales expected to pass US$2 billion.

This certainly seems impressive, until you see what happened this month in China already in relation to “Singles Day”.

My colleague Michele Fan gathered some interesting facts and details about the event, which celebrates bachelorhood.

Singles Day, a self-declared holiday on November 11, inspired 213 million...

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Beyond the dot Brand and creating a better online experience

This year, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) launched a round to apply for new “dot Brand” top-level domains (TLDs).

For the first time, ICANN allowed brands, organisations, and geographic regions to apply for their own TLDs such as “.NIKE” and “.PARIS” to go alongside existing TLDs like “.COM” and “.INFO”.

There were almost 2,000 applications submitted,...

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3 factors to increase online sales conversions

Selling online is a science and with the cutthroat competition between online businesses to reel in customers and secure transactions, it is vital that a business that wants to enhance its online presence does so intelligently, by understanding the customer base and thinking rationally about pricing.

So, how does an online business turn ‘interested clicks’ into completed transactions?

  • Price
  • Ease of purchase
  • Trust
  • Price

    The success of online selling, in essence, comes down to price or originality....

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    E-commerce: The move beyond page-based to product-based analytics

    The limitations of page-based analysis

    Perhaps the most striking development in the growing sophistication of e-commerce sites and shoppers has been the dramatic increase in the importance of product aisle and product search pages.

    These pages now do most of the heavy lifting when it comes to merchandising and often contain a rich mix of products, merchandising drives, and customer offers.

    Remarkably, almost nothing interesting from a merchandising perspective is captured in the view of the page itself. The effectiveness of...

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    How to get the most out of your email marketing campaign

    Marketing Tech caught up with Emailvision’s Henry Smith at Ad:Tech to discuss best practices in terms of email marketing for e-retailers

    Research from cloud-based e-commerce marketers Emailvision has revealed that many top UK e-retailers don’t ask for such data as gender, date of birth and phone number for their marketing campaigns.

    The first UK Retail Email Benchmark Study, entitled “Leaping Over the Subscribe Hurdle” and commissioned by Emailvision, reviewed the top 100 UK...

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    Analysing the growing importance of M-commerce

    Spending on Internet advertising continues to grow faster than all other forms of advertising. According to Nielsen’s quarterly Global AdView Pulse report, advertisers spent 12.1% more on Internet advertising than they did 12 months ago.

    Overall global spending on advertising was £81.8 billion in Q1 2012, up 3.1% on the same period last year. Interestingly, the biggest increase came from Internet advertising,...

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    Why customer experience is key to improve conversion

    E-commerce has fast become a core component of virtually every business model. But how many organisations have developed sites that truly reflect the needs of the customers?

    Whilst it is tempting to exploit tools that make the site look fantastic, the reality is that many still fall down on the essential features required to deliver ease of use. 

    How many sites, for example, would meet the key requirements outlined by e-buyers in a recent study undertaken by University of Southampton and Yell, namely:

    • easy to find information
    • clear address and location information about...

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    How can retail become truly omni-channel?

    When a customer is presented with the myriad of buying options likely to be available today, two distinct factors come into play – time and money. The crucial question is ‘how much time is the customer willing to spend to save money?’

    Retailers need to understand this often fine balance. By offering a seamless, convenient customer experience that leads to a hassle-free purchase, less price-competitive outlets can prevail.

    The current retail setup is full of hassle. Consider that, despite the...

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    Five ways Ghostbusters can improve your online marketing

    “Ghostbusters” is one of my all-time favourite movies. It has everything: ghosts, a giant marshmallow man and a song from Ray Parker Jr. that sounds suspiciously like a Huey Lewis song. The film was certainly ahead of its time, but not just in terms of combining special effects and comedy. If you look a little closer, you can see that Peter, Ray, Egon and Winston also gave examples on how to improve your online marketing performance. That’s pretty impressive, considering the movie came...

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    5 Things All Ecommerce Websites Must Have

    It’s easy to rush into an ecommerce website as any retailer, understandably so, is eager to get their website online and start selling products. Whilst this is understandable, it is also foolish and it is important to make sure that your ecommerce website has all the necessary features which will help it to prosper and convert traffic to sales.

    Generally speaking, most retailers looking to enhance or begin their online presence through the creation or improvement of an ecommerce website will seek out...

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    How to win back your email subscribers

    Reengagement programmes seem to have a number of definitions and suggestions on how to approach it are infinite. But no matter how you look at it, the fact is that it’s less expensive to maintain an existing customer than it is to acquire a new one. The prospect of reengagement, therefore, should appeal to any marketer.

    Historically, the prevailing attitude among email marketers was that since sending email is so inexpensive, it's not worth the trouble to suppress inactive users. Not too long ago it was...

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    18 Ways To Add Trust To Your Website

    Trust Building

    Trust is something that is very important in today’s online business world. People no longer make purchases on impulse like they once did years ago from random ranking web pages. The game has changed folks and having an outdated website with...

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