Four reasons digital publishing brands should embrace the tablet

With the publishing industry in the midst of change, magazine proprietors are faced with a dilemma. Do you keep ploughing a furrow in print; do you throw everything into going digital; or do you go somewhere in between?

The answer, of course, is usually the latter. But there’s also plenty of evidence out there to suggest that publishing brands simply have to utilise the tablet effectively – and not just viewing the magazine’s site through a web browser.

For some magazines, of course, it’s too late....

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Marketing with Vine: Six tips for six second videos

As you’re probably well aware, Vine is a new mobile application that enables user generated 6-second video content that can be instantly shared on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

We previously took a look at a few great examples of the format here, through a contest held by this year’s Tribeca Film Festival.

Marketers have also sought to utilize the...

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The 5 characteristics of a successful business video

Guest blog by Joseph Forte, Jr. Co-owner of D-Mak Productions LLC, Video Production Phoenix

The benefits of using video marketing in promoting your business and brand seem to be growing by the day. Most business owners have already tuned in to the fact that video marketing helps lend credibility and trustworthiness to your audience and can attract a huge global and local audience. For that reason, I’m not going to be talking about the benefits of video in this post. What I do want...

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Abandonment issues: How long should your video be?

“How long should our video be?” This is a question that comes up early with nearly every one of our clients. The answer depends on a number of factors:

1) Shorter is Better. Research by Visible Measures indicates that viewership falls at a steady rate as a video progresses, with 20% of viewers dropping out within the first ten seconds. If you want viewers to see your whole video, keep it short.

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How to use YouTube as part of your blogging strategy

YouTube Strategy

There are many ways to use YouTube as part of your blogging. The most important way of course is to customise it so that it is similar to your website and then to regularly create and upload video content to the site. The content you create will depend largely on your business, but there are very few people, even if you have no video editing skills at all, that won’t...

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5 ways to make your explanatory video rock

People don’t consume or process information they way they used to. The rise of the internet and improvements in mobile communications has led to people wanting information in short, immediate bursts that are easily digested. Consequently ensuring your message is understood has never been more difficult. Short explanatory films perform a valuable role here and can help people communicate anything from a marketing message to training, to communicating change.

Many people are under the impression producing...

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The key to boosting engagement: Mobile video

Smartphone penetration in the US recently passed the 50% mark and it’s a similar story in Europe. There are now nearly 110 million smartphone owners in the US alone, according to comScore.

The tablet market is also growing fast and mobile devices are claiming an ever greater share of overall web traffic.

The average amount of content people consume on their smartphone or tablet every day is rising steadily. Wi-Fi...

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Amazing Getty Images short marketing film

Running a Digital Marketing Agency puts me in front of stock photography websites on a fairly often basis and a lot of the time when I can’t find something on iStock I’m not too sure which one to turn to next. Well, Getty Images have launched an awesome marketing video which will put them on my list next time I’m looking for some photographs.

Have a watch:

Let’s wait and see if the other stock photography houses will catch on and launch their own campaigns to try and stay ahead...

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LiveChat: The next customer communication channel?

With business revenue proving to be a struggle during the current economic climate, providing a good customer experience bolstered by good customer service is do-or-die. Recent statistics revealed that 62% of consumers would not do business with a firm again if their expectations were not met. Therefore, now is the time to solve those concerns by focusing your attention on your company’s most valued asset, the one that keeps the cogs turning: the customer.

Most industry figures estimate that e-commerce cart...

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Online video advertising – a digital marketing opportunity for SMEs in 2012

Online video advertising is  one of the fastest growing areas of digital marketing, with spend on video based display advertising nearly doubling between 2010 and 2011 to £45 million.

This is hardly a surprise given  the power of video to engage audiences and increase brand recognition and sales.  And most experts predict that growth in this area will continue in 2012, with opportunities for small businesses as well as major brands. 

But for many marketers, particularly those in...

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Will you be shelling out for a dot.brand?

The landscape of web domain names as we know it is about to undergo a massive shift as the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) prepares to launch a new breed of top level domains (TLD), imaginatively titled dot brands.

This allows a brand to become its own domain name, for instance, .pepsi, or .MarketingTech, to name a perhaps less well used example.

According to TLD expansion plans, orchestrated by ICANN, the dot Brand window is scheduled to open on 12th January 2012. However, the...

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How to Deal With a Cranky Commenter

We all know the importance of inbound marketing techniques and creating content that will educate target audience members. Blog posts, guest blog posts, articles, and video marketing can help build a brand and establish an individual or company as a thought leader in a particular industry.

Given that the Internet has become a social place, the majority of inbound marketing content serves to initiate a conversation in the comments section or on social media properties. While...

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The Engagement Power of Video

Video is an amazingly powerful tool to engage audiences, if used correctly. Just like the written word can stir the soul and conjure emotions, moving images and sound are just as powerful, and I would argue even more powerful. But just as you can’t expect an IRS form to engage audiences, you can’t expect a boring talking head interview to grab them emotionally. While on a video production in Switzerland the other day, I grabbed a little extra footage, some photos and edited them together with...

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Top 5 Video Marketing Myths

If you aren’t using video to improve your brand visibility online and boost your SEO efforts, you should be. Every business has a website and is fighting for a prominent search engine presence, but there aren’t nearly as many businesses fighting for a YouTube presence.

That means that creating and posting videos provides you with more opportunities to target specific keywords. Many businesses are hesitant to create videos. Hopefully by clearing up some video marketing myths, you will feel more confident and...

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Interactive Audi experience on YouTube

Audi’s launching the new A6 with a banging YouTube interactive experience campaign. The campaign uses a fancy indexing feature allowing you to control the video with your keypad, which jumps you around from section to section giving you the feeling that you’re actually driving the car.

It’s a sweet idea and all, but when I started trying it out, I quickly found that it was a little annoying. Big kudos’ to Audi for being the first to create a driving experience through social media...

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