Is there really a skills gap in digital marketing?


The UK Digital Skills Gap remains a blistering topic, this crisis affects organisations across all sectors – no one is safe, including marketing, and yet many sectors are unconscious to the issue, because these ‘digital skills’ sometimes come in the shape of periphery tactics, such as website monitoring, CRM management and search knowledge.

Despite people thinking that digital marketing would be the industry that remedied this skills gap a long time ago, sadly figures show that...

By Michael O' Flynn, 01 December 2016, 3 comments. Categories: Best Practice.

The traditional industry event: What’s its role in the modern customer journey?


At Salesforce our mission is all about driving the success of our customers. As a B2B company it’s something we can all easily identify with. And it’s very clear how to do this with products and services. However, as a marketer it’s not always so obvious.

For me, I think one way that marketing can help drive our customers’ success is by enabling a journey that provides truly valuable insights.

Valuable in terms of helping them engage with their own customers more...

By Guillaume Roques, 29 November 2016, 1 comment. Categories: Best Practice.

Five practical use cases for dynamic predictive marketing


The use of predictive analytics has increased steadily over the past few years as marketers see the value in investing in this trend.

A study by Forrester Consulting reported that predictive marketers are 2.9x more likely to report revenue rate at a higher than industry average. These marketers are also 2.1x more likely to hold a commanding leadership position and 1.8x more likely to exceed...

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What is mystery shopping and how can you measure it?


New data-driven insights and management tools have transformed our understanding of the power of delivering exceptional customer experience (CX). In fact, customer experience is now gaining the recognition it has long deserved as a key tool for differentiation and driving growth.

Mystery shopping programmes have enjoyed increasing popularity in the UK with total annual spend now surpassing £1.1bn. 

Used by retailers and marketers alike, mystery shopping programmes offer...

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Dating apps: Are marketers missing an opportunity?


Dating applications have become a key part of the technology ecosystem. Online dating was previously restricted to a core set of internet users, developed and incubated at a similar pace to social media, however, it is quickly presenting a unique opportunity for marketers.

Sometimes the dating sector is painted with the same brush as the more risque adult entertainment industry, however, this has in some ways actually made it more interesting for traditional marketers to...

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Why you need to stop pitting marketing against IT


Working in marketing can feel like a never-ending cycle of demand, response and measurement. All the while, customer expectations shift to match trending market technologies—only to morph again seemingly without notice.

Marketers must now justify our value by showcasing successful results each and every day, while still crafting strategies to confront the latest complexity: digital transformation.

But doing so takes a healthy dose of collaboration from allies in the IT department,...

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Do you need a Black Friday marketing campaign?


With the surging popularity of Black Friday and Cyber Monday in recent years, it would be a mistake not to consider whether or not it’s worth your business pursuing a specialised marketing campaign.

No increase in demand

One of the primary concerns that many retailers have with running Black Friday campaigns is that there is no overall increase in demand.

The gains made in November are cancelled out by drop offs in December, as customers have already bought their Christmas presents...

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How to ensure leads don’t go cold this winter

Winter is a notoriously challenging period for marketers, for different reasons.

Yes, as we get closer to the Christmas holiday it can be a typically feel-good time for many people. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it is a time when they make business decisions and/or buy.

Why is that the case?

Whilst there are of course sector variations, B2B markets generally risk a lull in trade from November through to January.

Pre-Christmas, people often ease away from their ordinary working week as their diaries...

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Retailers: Why you need to jump on the retail tech bandwagon

(c)iStock/Eva Katalin Kondoro

Retailers are predicting challenging times in the wake of Brexit, but despite this uncertainty, shoppers are continuing to enjoy a fourth year of falling retail prices as intense competition for customers drives prices down.  

So what do retailers need to do to navigate this landscape over the next few months (or years) and ensure their brand...

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Why negative reviews don't have to be a bad thing


Today’s multi-platform marketplace allows consumers to share feedback; providing brands and retailers with unprecedented access to insights and precious consumer information, and marking the beginning of the most networked dialogue of information sharing between businesses and consumers in the history of retail.

As the volume of this feedback grows, it’s becoming trickier for consumers to decipher fact from fiction and identify legitimate customer reviews, and for businesses...

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Why you shouldn't be scared of marketing procurement


In the past month inflation in the UK has risen to 1% and this number is now expected to grow, meaning that over time your marketing budget is likely to get squeezed.

This gloomy outlook was echoed recently by Sir Martin Sorrell at WPP. He warned that the advertising market in the UK is softening, suggesting this is one of the first signs of Brexit anxiety taking hold of the economy.

Future proofing your marketing budget becomes vitally important and enlisting early help with marketing...

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What brands should learn from the US presidential election

However you feel about America's election results today, one thing is for sure: the instrumental role PR and marketing had to play in Trump's rise to victory, as outlined by Marketing Week.

The outspoken 'political outsider' businessman and his team would have been no stranger to either of these areas, having spent years in enterprise and as a celebrity before the US presidential election. Controversy as a tactic, if indeed it was one,...

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Visual marketing: What should we be focusing on in the age of digital empowerment?

On Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, WhatsApp and Snapchat alone, more than 22,000 images are uploaded per second by consumers the world over.

But few brands are making the most of the visuals relevant to their products, even though this benefits everything from brand trust to engagement and revenue.

The age of digital empowerment has brought about huge changes in consumer behaviour and consumer-generated photos are just one element of this.

But we know marketers can succeed and thrive if they adapt to these...

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#DMWF insights: How marketers can be more innovative


Innovation within marketing isn’t just done ‘from the top’. While it can be difficult to secure yourself time, resources and budget to be innovative with, there are steps you can take to jump on the right path.

This was the message being put out by vice president, solutions, of digital innovation agency Icreon Tech at day one of the Digital Marketing World Conference (#DMWF) in New York this week.

Steven Lamensdorf spoke to MarketingTech about his talk on...

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Stop sending us irrelevant marketing messages, say consumers


Brands are not making the best use of technology to engage with their customers according to a new study of more than 1,100 consumers across the UK.

Despite access to more physical and digital marketing channels and a greater amount of data than ever before, businesses continue to send communications that their customers deem irrelevant.

Today’s time-poor, marketing-savvy consumers find this unnecessary, irritating and frustrating.

With 59% of Britons in the survey discarding...

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Why subscription marketers need to embrace the prospect theory


Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) was originally defined as the art and science of increasing your website’s propensity to turn visitors into customers.

However, the expansion of the subscription model into our daily lives has now stretched that definition to include customer retention and reduction of churn rate.

So many of us use pay monthly or yearly subscriptions to services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. Boy, do I love Amazon Prime.

But you can also have subscriptions to...

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Over half of UK marketers anxious about pace of digital transformation


Digital transformation. Those two little words are fast becoming a buzzphrase that perhaps may yet find its way among the 'synergy' and 'millennial' blacklistings; but you can't deny that it'sa very real phenomenon.

As more and more companies move to digitise the way things work (there are still many firms yet to go paperless) marketers are feeling the brunt of the accelerated pace 

This is highlighted by a nwe study carried out by Adobe, the Digital Roadblock. Over 450...

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Lessons from a marketing startup: What we've learned

(c) Ltd

Starting your own business is hard. No amount of prior experience, training or optimism can prepare you for the realities of self-employment, especially in a field as dynamic as digital marketing.

Looking back, however, on how far 11:FiftyNine has come in such a short space of time, we couldn’t be happier with how the agency has developed; through perseverance, patience and a dogged desire to succeed, we successfully overcame the challenges associated with establishing a...

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Could your marketing strategy affect your overseas expansion?

Expanding into a new market can be a difficult endeavour for any company, regardless of their size, market share or level of brand recognition.

While expansion will include low risk efforts around product selection and leveraging existing distribution systems, there are much larger risks involved with strategic decisions such as how to approach brand activation across digital channels or defining what channels can be locally-driven vs centrally controlled.

Companies can overextend themselves or underestimate...

By Clint Poole, 07 October 2016, 0 comments. Categories: Best Practice.

Back to basics: What are chatbots and why do you need one?


Do you remember when it was enough for messaging apps to simply carry messages back and forth? That wasn’t actually too long ago, but these days, the programs used by billions across the world are quite literally developing minds of their own.  

With the rise of artificial intelligence has come a new dimension to online messaging services:...

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