Four steps to reaching the holy grail of research marketing: Actionable insights

Clients demand them. Vendors promise them. But actionable insights seem like the most difficult things to find. Insights don’t just happen and aren’t automatically generated.

Looking back at past attempts at gathering insights that really delivered content that could be acted upon – what was the winning ingredient? Similarly, what elements resulted in a pile of unusable data?

While there is no easy or consistent recipe for insight success, understanding the critical ingredients can allow...

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Why we should embrace the human element of digital marketing

The term “digital marketing” may seem like a recent development. However, with digital marketing increasingly becoming a heavily data-focused discipline, it has already evolved through three distinct ‘waves’ of consumer online experiences.

The first wave saw the movement from physical materials (business cards, brochures) to the digital (a website).

The second wave focused on consumers getting direct access to brands through mediums such as social media. While the third wave focuses on...

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How to market to million touch point millennials


Kantar WorldPanel recently released research looking at the lives of UK millennials. Besides revealing everything from their favourite movies to their levels of alcohol consumption, the findings featured some interesting gems for marketers around the distinctions between online and offline browsing and purchasing habits.

For example, 25% of millennials often use their smartphone while in-store to check online prices and...

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How CMOs can fix the disconnect between IT and marketing


Companies today are confronted with an ever-evolving IT landscape, which brings opportunity and risk in equal measure.

For every new device which enables enhanced productivity and the ability to work from anywhere, there is also one more potential security loophole within the business.

Managing this balance between embracing workflow-enhancing innovations and ensuring strong security defenses is crucial, and so companies look to the senior IT team to help workers safely transition...

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These two new marketing roles are vital for business

It is no secret that digital has arrived and it is changing the way businesses operate, market themselves and communicate with customers.

What is surprising though is that many organisations are still failing to adapt to this shift. In fact, according to research from the annual Russell Reynolds Associates survey, 10% of c-suite executives confessed to still not having a digital strategy in place.

So why is this...

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Slow delivery leads to online basket abandonment in 60% of cases

For retailers desperate to control their whole online customer journey, the issue of delivery has always been a stumbling block where retailers face basket abandonment and potential damage to their brand.  

But a new survey shows that 60% of consumers in the US said they had abandoned their shopping cart because the retailer offered slow delivery options.

The study, of 650 respondents in the US and carried out by same-day delivery firm Dropoff, showed that 97% of customers said speed is at least...

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Body aims to tackle ad fraud with independent verification


Ad intermediaries can now be verified through new a new process and guidelines from an independent industry body to reduce the risk of ad fraud.

The UK’s Joint Industry Committee for Web Standards (JICWEBS) published the Good Practice Principles today, against which companies can be audited to reduce the risk of fraudulent ads being served.

It’s estimated that ad fraud cost $6.3bn in 2015 and is set to increase this year. 

The new principles are based on...

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The future of marketing tech is 'account based everything'


According to Jon Miller, CEO of Engagio, the secret sauce and the future of marketing technology is - wait for it - account based everything (ABE). 

As the keynote speaker for the recently held MarcomCentral Marketing Tech Roadshow, Miller outlined in an exciting, determined, informative, and illustrative PowerPoint the new concept of ABE. 

Miller’s presentation headlined the MarcomCentral mini-conference, a three-hour event...

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Why excellent customer service goes beyond having a ‘fancy app’


Businesses of all sizes need must have unified, defined customer experience and digital strategies to properly cater for the modern day customer’s needs, according to a recent report from Forrester Consulting.

The paper, commissioned by SugarCRM and Squiz, outlines how digitally mature businesses are succeeding...

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Why marketers are still struggling to measure the ROI of content


Marketers are still struggling with both measuring the impact of content and in personalising content, according to a new report from Rapt Media.

The report, The future of Content: Measuring Content Performance, showed that more than half (59%) of the 500 marketers surveyed said that gaining deeper insights is their biggest concern when investing in content.

Similarly 60% said that they were unable to measure ROI on the content that they produce.

The desire to measure is there however...

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SMEs see digital marketing is important – yet don’t practice what they preach


More than three quarters (82%) of small businesses believe that digital marketing is critical to success and yet most don’t actually yet use the channel to drive their business, according to a new survey by research firm Clutch.

The survey showed that only 27% had begun a digital marketing strategy prior to 2015 and 17% began last year.

The survey showed that two key reasons held back small businesses’ adoption of digital marketing. They included the associated expense and...

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The positive aspects of a downward marketing spiral

(c) Shuvaeva

We nearly always think that a downward spiral is a negative, a downturn, and a disaster. Not always. I disagree and make an exception when it comes to marketing and developing a ‘go to market’ digital cross-media or integrated strategy, selecting the media, and determining when to use that media to support your strategy.

I often explain to clients and students that a useful image to visualise when discussing the development of an integrated marketing program is a...

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Lessons for brands at MWC16: Creating compelling, tech-driven experiences

Picture credit: Jack Morton

Mobile World Congress (MWC) can be a strange and inhospitable environment for the uninitiated, with its cavernous aircraft hangers, huge crowds, and endless aisles of things to see. It’s also a huge challenge for the companies that attend: everyone is competing for attention, and there’s only so much of it to go around. 

For brands, the secret of success is to resist the temptation to just talk about their products, and to instead seize the opportunity to...

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Marketing moving ahead of IT in software spend decision making


It used to be the domain of the IT manager, but new research suggests that two thirds of marketing managers are now making the call on purchasing new marketing software.

The study, by digital transformation business Squiz, seems to show that both marketing manager and IT manager agree that the shift in decision making has needed to happen with only 45% saying that they believed that such a purchase decision lay with the IT manager.

When it comes to where marketers are investing, the...

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Why it is more important than ever for marketing and compliance to stick together


Forget the EU – the big harmonious union we all need to be thinking about is marketing and compliance.

Historically, the two have mixed a bit like oil and water, but in today’s digital world, there is an even greater need for pulling together. In financial services, especially with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) monitoring companies and their electronic communications more closely than ever, the two are set to be even more closely linked. Perhaps with this in mind,...

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Why senior leaders need to do more to embrace marketing and brand values


Business leaders need to do much more to get the most out of their brand with marketers frustrated at their bosses’ failure to maximise their brand efforts, according to a new report from the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM).

Releasing its Brand Experience report at the CIM Brand Summit this week the report showed that two-thirds (67%) of marketers believe that senior leaders fail to gain the maximum value from their brand by failing to embed brand values throughout their...

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Marketers not focusing enough on content creation technology, research argues


Marketers are focusing too much on content distribution and management rather than better content creation technology, according to a new survey.

In a study of marketing creatives by interactive video technology company Rapt Media respondents were asked about the challenges, priorities and technology investments that they faced when it comes to the evolving content marketing ecosystem. It also looked at whether measurement of the content they produce was a priority for them.

The results...

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How millennial CMOs are the key to driving business change


Not so long ago, Gartner predicted that by 2017, CMOs will spend more on IT than CIOs have ever done. Whilst vice president Jennifer Beck, made it clear that this does not mean the CMO will take over the CIO’s role, it does mean that those in control of marketing will become more data driven and will inevitably grow more technically minded. With this in mind, CEOs will come to support the CMO’s ability to utilise new technologies to generate faster ROI for marketing spend.

It is clear that digital...

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Why preparing lasagne is like developing a digital marketing plan


If you think about it, lasagne is not only a perfect food – well, maybe pizza is better – but also a perfect analogy to assist you in developing a near perfect marketing plan.

Consider the following. When developing your marketing plan, you need to first envision the scope, the universe, the market that supports your goals and objectives. Budget, cost outlay, and market spend must also be serious considerations. Marketing demographics, personas, diversification,...

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