Why brands should protect good copywriting

Brands have a responsibility to protect, nurture and encourage its copywriters because when they do their job well, then your brand is better, stronger, and more credible.

According to the father of modern advertising Bill Bernbach: “It may well be that creativity is the last unfair advantage we're legally allowed to take over our competitors.”

What he meant was that good copywriting elevates good brands into great brands.

Quality copywriting is being buried by client fear, tickbox reviews, and the...

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Marketing takeaways from the Leave and Trump campaigns


It is safe to say that Trump’s election win will have triggered all kinds of emotions, and I’m guessing a considerable chunk of them will be negative. 

But from a marketing perspective there is much we can learn from the Trump campaign, as although many were strongly opposed to what he said, his ability to rile people up and make them feel something has proved to be very divisive. 

Quite unsurprisingly, many people across social media have drawn parallels to what...

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Video: How to win the content race

Content providers are in a race to be first to market and first in the hearts, minds, and wallets of their audiences. To remain ahead of the pack they must maximise content output and achieve the greatest possible return on investment from their video.

So far, the result of this competition has been a raft of innovation, changing the video market rapidly.

It’s hard to recall a time when video streaming wasn’t commonplace, which makes it all the more incredible that this is a technology barely in...

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What is content as a service, and why should you care?


Social media is like a newborn puppy that demands attention and to be fed constantly. The battle for visual content is one of marketing's biggest struggles and investments this year with 66% of marketers surveyed intending to spend more on visual content. 

The result? A massive shift in recent years in the way we connect with one another and how brands tell their brand stories.

We have entered a new social media era dominated by platforms that are visual in nature. Brands and...

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How can brands ensure they deliver engaging content?

The marketing landscape changed significantly with the introduction of social media – new avenues that didn’t exist a few years ago have presented marketers with a spectrum of powerful tools to support and strengthen their marketing strategies.

Every day, there are 500 million tweets, 52 million Instagram posts and 10 billion daily video views on Snapchat  – these figures clearly illustrate how enormous the social noise ratio is at the moment; social media is no longer simply about...

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The reinvention of brand storytelling in a VR, AR, and AI age


The last few weeks have been abuzz with news stories across the digital and marketing technology industries, as Dmexco 2016 and the ninth annual Social Media Week London has snatched the headlines of the marketing trade press. From Twitter reclassifying its 140-character limit to Facebook Live taking centre stage at Burberry’s SS17 catwalk show and UAE-based bank, Emirates NBD launching AI robot in-branch assistants, one thing is certainly clear – the way we communicate...

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How Generation C is turning marketing upside down

Picture credit: Lobster

Cast your mind way back into the past, when segmentation was easy. A time when marketers would safely assume a whole array of collective traits based on something as a simple as an age group. Baby boomers valued individual choice, Generation X were results-driven and Generation Y craved changed.

Compare that with today, where consumer data is seemingly everywhere. We know where our customers are, what they’re eating, what they buy and who they know. And perhaps most importantly,...

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Six realistic ways to beef up your content marketing


Love it, hate it or loathe it, content marketing is pretty essential these days, especially when it comes to differentiating yourself from the herd.

Of course, you could push your budget at advertising, hold events and buy shinier product packaging; but if your words and messaging aren’t right and connect with your customers, then what is it worth?

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Why you should put people first with branded content

Nowadays the world is awash with publishers. News and entertainment broadcasters generate content to be disseminated across TV, print, and online; friends and family post personal histories on our social platforms, and of course brands have looked to connect with their audiences in a similar way.

This took the form of advertisements originally, but more recently brands have looked to grow audiences by marketing to the public through content production.

Naturally we react to these different publishers in a...

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Why your content should have 'purpose'

All marketers know that it isn't enough to simply push any old content out into the ether and hope for the best. All content that represents your brand or company needs to have something to resonate with your customer base; and that something is 'purpose'.

At the recent Together We’re Better (TWB) Conference in London, Bea Karol Burks, CDO of Tinder Foundation, spoke about generating content with purpose, drawing on her experience from working with Citizens...

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Yahoo launches content marketing studio 'Storytellers' in the UK


After its US launch at Cannes Lions this year, Yahoo has also revealed it's opening a full content marketing studio for brands and agencies in the UK, too.

Yahoo Storytellers will provide content consulting services, develop premium video and a full range of editorial content, as well as carry out influencer activations acorss social platforms and partnership extensions. 

Yahoo says its Storytellers offering "leverages Yahoo’s editorial expertise, extensive data, native...

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It's no longer about traditional or digital: It's all marketing

MarketingTech spotted an interesting post on LinkedIn this week questioning the use of the word ‘digital’ before marketing.

The poster argued that digital’s now just business as usual, so why is there a need to differentiate the two?

And a recent study by Millward Brown has echoed that sentiment. The organisation recently asked 300 senior executives from advertisers, agencies and media companies for their thoughts on digital marketing for the third year in a row.

By Rachael Power, 06 September 2016, 1 comment. Categories: Content Marketing.

How to fix a content marketing strategy problem

To address content strategy, the first step is of course to understand that you have a content problem.

Odds are that your content presents several challenges:

  • It’s often underutilised
  • It isn’t always easy to access
  • The time from creation to consumption is too long
  • Creating and maintaining it costs too much and therefore it’s neglected, out of date, and out of sync, so its quality drops with time
  • It isn’t developed in a way that lends it to working across different media types and channels

Within your organisation you might hear phrases like: 'why does it take us...

By Gavin Drake, 31 August 2016, 2 comments. Categories: Content Marketing.

The importance of omnichannel marketing in bridging the 'isthmus'


The brand and the consumer sit on either side of the 'isthmus of marketing'. This separation between the two can seem like a wide barrier or a narrow, slim, space.

It keeps the brand from reaching the consumer and the consumer from reaching the brand, and keeps them both from joining forces and both benefiting from the convergence of their needs and desires.

Brands need to build a marketing canal across the 'isthmus' to allow consumers to select the lane or lanes that best fit their needs...

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What's in store for the future of B2B marketing?


Companies treat websites as billboards. Customers want them to be real-time conversations.

This is where B2B marketing is heading; marketers grew accustomed to saying the same things to everyone at once because there has historically been no good alternative. 

Today, however, analytics platforms dominate the digital space. For example, this website puts nine trackers on my computer, according to Ghostery, the browser plugin I...

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Why engagement is key to building lasting relationships

(c)iStock.com/Jacob Ammentorp Lund

Brands are built on relationships. If you’re not developing real, meaningful relationships with your prospects and customers, you’re going to have a tough time achieving and maintaining success.

The challenge is that engaging with your audience—and keeping them engaged over time—is harder than ever. While people are consuming more content online year over year, there’s been a huge increase in the amount of digital content available from brands,...

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Influencer marketing: Tips on creating your best content

Influencer marketing is on the rise, with a broad range of celebrities and personalities providing brands with opportunities for exposure to their followings on various digital platforms.

Influencers essentially become brand spokespeople, but in a natural and organic way that feels more like a normal social share or blog post and less like an in-your-face paid testimonial.

This is a key aspect of influencer marketing,

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Content marketing: Some basic tips and advice

Content marketing opens an avenue for brands to reach and engage with their audiences. However, many marketers can get stuck in front of the same audience, which can create stagnant growth and inconsequential leads.

The good news is that expanding your audience isn’t as challenging as it may seem.

With a few simple steps, targeting and connecting with new audiences using insightful and valuable content will result in increased sharing and audience growth.

Create content people want to read and share

If you’re...

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Unlocking content strategy to drive superior customer experience

Content is all around us. Look inside any business, at any digital project and in every marketing campaign - content has a significant part to play in decision making.

Strategically it’s the foundation of how brands articulate their customer promise. It provides shape and flavour to brand and consumer conversations, thereby informing the effectiveness of so much of the customer experience.

While operationally, it influences decisions across an ecosystem of channels, commands big investments in...

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Marketers need to contextualise Instagram and FB posts, new research says


Marketers should consider the context of their posts on Facebook and Instagram, according to new research by Facebook IQ.

The study, which looks at how people use Facebook versus Instagram, surveyed 5,500 adults in six countries: Australia, Brazil, France, Japan, UK and the US.

It found that while people visit both Facebook and Instagram at similar times of the day, how they use the various platforms are different on each feed.

Marketers need to understand how and why different...

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