Influencer marketing: Tips on creating your best content

Influencer marketing is on the rise, with a broad range of celebrities and personalities providing brands with opportunities for exposure to their followings on various digital platforms.

Influencers essentially become brand spokespeople, but in a natural and organic way that feels more like a normal social share or blog post and less like an in-your-face paid testimonial.

This is a key aspect of influencer marketing,

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Content marketing: Some basic tips and advice

Content marketing opens an avenue for brands to reach and engage with their audiences. However, many marketers can get stuck in front of the same audience, which can create stagnant growth and inconsequential leads.

The good news is that expanding your audience isn’t as challenging as it may seem.

With a few simple steps, targeting and connecting with new audiences using insightful and valuable content will result in increased sharing and audience growth.

Create content people want to read and share

If you’re...

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Unlocking content strategy to drive superior customer experience

Content is all around us. Look inside any business, at any digital project and in every marketing campaign - content has a significant part to play in decision making.

Strategically it’s the foundation of how brands articulate their customer promise. It provides shape and flavour to brand and consumer conversations, thereby informing the effectiveness of so much of the customer experience.

While operationally, it influences decisions across an ecosystem of channels, commands big investments in...

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Marketers need to contextualise Instagram and FB posts, new research says


Marketers should consider the context of their posts on Facebook and Instagram, according to new research by Facebook IQ.

The study, which looks at how people use Facebook versus Instagram, surveyed 5,500 adults in six countries: Australia, Brazil, France, Japan, UK and the US.

It found that while people visit both Facebook and Instagram at similar times of the day, how they use the various platforms are different on each feed.

Marketers need to understand how and why different...

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The maturation of content marketing: What’s next?

It’s no secret content marketing is ‘growing up’. Simply waiting for a piece of your own-hosted brand content to go viral isn’t an option anymore, and with the myriad of tools available right now in addition to 77% of companies willing to increase spend in this area, there’s no reason not to innovate.

And a new report from

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Meet microinfluencers: The next generation of influencer marketing

Influencer marketing - using bloggers and social media aficionados to promote your service in an authentic way - is on the rise.

Consumers are tired of being ‘advertised to’, we all know that - just like we know they’d rather hear from their peers than from a faceless brand.

In fact, two-thirds of eCommerce retailers recently said they were planning to use social media influencers in...

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Why we should embrace the human element of digital marketing

The term “digital marketing” may seem like a recent development. However, with digital marketing increasingly becoming a heavily data-focused discipline, it has already evolved through three distinct ‘waves’ of consumer online experiences.

The first wave saw the movement from physical materials (business cards, brochures) to the digital (a website).

The second wave focused on consumers getting direct access to brands through mediums such as social media. While the third wave focuses on...

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Tech marketers missing a trick with IT content, report says

There's a significant gap between what IT buyers want and what types of content marketers are providing, according to Spiceworks research.

After the professional IT network surveyed over 700 IT buyers and marketers, it found "clear disconnects" between both. 

Social media remains a key channel for marketers to push their content through, but only 25% of IT buyers use this medium to learn about products and services....

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Marketo to be bought by private equity firm for $1.79bn

Marketing automation software company Marketo has entered into a definitive agreement to be acquired by Vista Equity Partners for $1.79bn (£1.22bn) in cash.

Shareholders can expect to received $35.25 in cash per share from the transaction, which is set to close in the third quarter of this year. 

Marketo has over 4,600 customers worldwide. It'll keep its...

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ABC launches report examining content verification tools for online ads

ABC has launched the latest edition of its Content Verification (CV) Certification report, designed to provide unbiased results on the ability of tools to block or report online ads "defined as inappropriate to a campaign".

This is especially important given the increased risks for brands advertising online thanks to the growth of programmatic advertising.

Content verification remains a key focus for buyers and sellers in today's quickly evolving digital ecosystem

The report uses controlled tests by ABC to...

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Adobe launches new visual story tool for small businesses

Adobe has launched a new free service, Adobe Spark, which it claims is the only integrated web and mobile solution for creating and sharing visual stories. It has been aimed to appeal to anyone from small businesses to social marketers and students.

The new service is part of Creative Cloud and includes a number of rebranded associated apps from Adobe that allow users to create, edit and share their story from wherever they are.

They include the Adobe Spark web app, a browser-based...

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Millennials most valuable audience for relevant, authentic video ads

(c) Cheranev

They are already known as one of the most fickle generations when it comes to online content but get video ad content right and millennials are 112% more likely to share it than any other demographic.

The conclusion comes from Unruly’s Future Video Survey, which canvassed the views of 3,200 people worldwide and showed that millennials are also 23% more likely to enjoy ads they find relevant.

43.1% said that they were creeped out by ads following them around the web

But get...

Pushing content at consumers doesn’t work, report finds

Pushing content at consumers doesn’t work, says a new report from Rapt Media. It says that consumers want to discover content on their own rather than have it forced upon them and can even resent brands that do.

In a survey of more than 1,000 consumers in the US, the analyis showed that 95% of consumers take action to avoid seeing or receiving ads and two-thirds do so regularly.

57% of millennials blocked ad content because it was too pushy

More than half (55%) of consumers say such content is not...

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Adblocking to cost £27 billion - 10% of advertising revenues - by 2020


Adblocking remains a persistent thorn in the side of the digital advertising industry and is estimated to be set to cost publishers $27bn in lost revenues by 2020, according to a new study from Juniper Research released today.

The company’s Worldwide Digital Advertising: 2016-2020 report estimates that the losses will account for nearly 10% of the total digital advertising market.

And it’s a problem that will only increase for marketers since users are increasingly...

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Mobile top for grabbing branded content attention


There’s no denying the increasing adoption of branded content in today’s marketing environment but understanding its real power is in mobile, according to a new report from content technology platform provider Polar.

Its recent report, The State of Branded Content Benchmarks and Insights, shows that engagement with branded content on smartphones is significantly higher than on desktop and tablet with a 127% higher CTR on...

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Yahoo report finds content marketing spend set to rise by 186%


Content marketing spend is set to increase by 186% in 2020 according to a new report, which shows that the predicted spend will be €2.12bn (£1.6bn) across Europe, more than double the €1bn (£700m) projected for 2016.

An increase in the maturity of brand advertising on the internet, alongside decreasing distribution and production costs are helping to drive the rise in spend.

This is helped along as publishers are jumping on content as...

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Consumer generated content driving sales, conversion and order values

(c) Keating 

Half of retailers and 91% of brands plan to increase their use of consumer generated content (CGC) across the consumer journey in the next twelve months, according to a report from Bazaarvoice.

It found that revenue increased by 106% on retail sites when users see CGC before purchase and by 75% on brand websites. Average order value increased by 10% on retail sites and 8% on brand websites and conversion increased by 97% for retailers and 78% for brands.

The figures comes...

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Meltwater takes aim at making PR more targeted with new database


Media intelligence agency Meltwater has launched a new Influencer Contacts Database, featuring more than 350,000 international media contacts across 23 countries, 28,000 of whom are based in the UK and Ireland.

The database allows users to search by publication, journalist, channel, job role or keywords and comes as figures from the Office of National Statistics show that the number of PR professionals has risen by nearly 50% in the last two years.

The increase comes as the number of...

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HCL Technologies CMO Matt Preschern: On content marketing and keeping the C-suite sweet

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Seth Godin, in his acclaimed 2003 book Purple Cow, succinctly described the biggest issue marketing departments around the world face. If an audience doesn’t have the money to buy what you’re selling, you have no market. If an audience has no time to appreciate your pitch, you’re invisible. And if they do have time but decide they don’t want it, you’re in even more trouble.

The book may be approaching its teenage years, but the situation today is more...

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Why service-based messaging is more important than you may think


Whilst consumers can often feel overwhelmed by marketing messages service-based messaging can be a deciding factor in choosing a business to deal with according to a new report. 84% of consumers said that service-based messaging had an impact on their decision to choose one company over another.

The study showed that two thirds of consumers said that shipping alerts for online orders, delivery alerts and payment confirmations would increase their likelihood of making a purchase. It also...

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