Social Media Crisis Management

What if it hits the fan?

This fear is one of the main reasons why companies don’t get in social media. Companies are worried that if they enter the social media space, they will generate bad PR. The problem is that this bad PR, if it exists, is on those social media channels already. In other words, the conversation is already happening, you may as well join it.

Yoav Tchelet, from AVIS, had the following suggestions to be ready to handle a crisis in your social media channels.

3 building blocks of crises...

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The biggest benefit to monitoring online reputation and sentiment

Standard Bank did a detailed presentation around their listening strategies online. The presentation was very interesting and went into detail about crunching the stats in such a way to get valuable, workable results. Now for a few of the key points:

Tailoring your offering on different social media platforms

This was spoken about in the previous article but it deserves being repeated. Different networks have different environments. Standard Bank has spent time listening to their audience and have found that...

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Five steps to successful social media monitoring

Why should I bother monitoring social media?

Quite simply, monitoring social media allows you to track what the public is saying about you, analyse the comments and then identify opportunities to engage the public better with your products and services.

Here are Meltwaters “Five steps to successful social media monitoring”

Step 1: Start listening in

Start listening to social media sites to find out where your customers are and what their needs are. Hold back on the desire to respond straight away....

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Can social media attract customers and have they changed

Listening to the first panel at the Social Media World Forum bought up a few interesting insights in the role of social media in marketing plans.

The panel consisted of:

Moderator: Michelle Atagana, Editor, memeburn Garth Rhoda, General Manager Media, Habari Media Group Siphelele Sixaso, Head of Marketing, SAfm Bellinder Carreira, Senior Manager Digital and Direct Marketing, Standard Bank

As you can see this is a great panel of experts so the insight gathered here should carry some clout. There were two main insights that were...

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#SMWF – First Impressions

As the saying goes “first impressions last” and so far I have a great impression of the Social Media World Forum (#SMWF). Walking into the venue makes me proud to be a part of such a dynamic industry that knows how to do things right.

The biggest technical detail at the conference is the tweet wall. You can check it out here. Basically the tweet wall, sponsored by Nokia, is an aggregation of all things twitter related at #SMWF. A very cool tool that helps people track...

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Twitter releases Follow buttons for your website

Twitter just launched a button that you can add to your website that allows twitter users to click follow from your website and follow your twitter profile.

To quote Mashable:

“Previously, website publishers had to redirect users to their respective accounts on before users could opt to follow them. The new feature will likely encourage publishers to increase the number of “follow us”...

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Marketers still spending on FB fans despite confusion over ROI

A new study has attempted to shed light on what people generally gain by becoming Facebook fans of brands, what marketers expect to achieve through this, and what the opportunities are for both groups in social media.

Millward Brown and Dynamic Logic in co-operation with the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) suggested key factors that drive a stronger response to fan pages.

It splits these into five basic, mainly unsurprising, expectations from fans, which apply to all brand pages, and five proposed...

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Android most popular smartphone platform in UK and US

Android phones are now more popular that iPhones in the UK, according to new research.

Around 28% of smartphone owners own an Android handset, narrowly edging out the 26% iPhone users for the first time, the study for digital banking provider Intelligent Environments found. Around 14% of smartphone users own a Blackberry, it said.

Over four million British people over the age of 18 own an Android handset. The greater variety of handsets available means that Android powered phones have a wider appeal, and...

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LinkedIn passes 100 million members

LinkedIn, the social networking site for professionals and job-seekers, has passed the 100 million member mark.

The company said its membership base was growing at a rate of roughly one million people a week, or one every second.

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner blogged about the milestone this week, revealing that Brazil and Mexico are the company’s fastest growing countries, with Brazil alone growing by over 428% year on year.

More than half of the new members are...

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UK brands pumping more cash into mobile advertising

The mobile advertising market in the UK grew dramatically in 2010 to £83m, according to a new report from the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB).

The adoption of smartphones has boosted traditional marketers’ confidence in the mobile space, it found, prompting the rapid 116% growth, compared to 32% growth in 2009.

While the market has been dominated by entertainment and media content, more recently, this position has begun to shift as financial, telecoms and consumer goods brands begin to take...

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F-word tweeter says TweetDeck to blame

Scott Bartosiewicz, the man who shot to fame earlier this month after mistakenly tweeting the F-word out on the official Chrysler Twitter account, has blamed the Twitter application TweetDeck for his unfortunate indiscretion.

Bartosiewicz, formally an employee of New Media Strategy, the social media agency formally employed by Chrysler, tweeted the unforgettable line, “I find it ironic that Detroit is known as the #motorcity and yet no one here knows how to f*cking drive”.

A statement from the...

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U2 and the mobile generation

So South Africa hosted U2′s 360 World Tour this past week and it was nothing short of spectacular, with the band breaking an attendance record for their Johannesburg show.

During their performance in Cape Town, Bono asked the crowd to turn on their cellphones to create some magic, the lights dimmed and this was the scene.



Thanks to Alan Hammond of The Skills...

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